“Into The Wild” Dane Wigington / West Coast Fires: The Forests Are Dying Due to Geoengineering – If the Forests Die, We Will Die

VSF: As I’m sure you all know the west coast of the United States has been experiencing terrible wildfires. Dane Wigington has made a video of him walking through his dying forest. His connection with the trees is emotional and tragic. Dane is an instinctively Spiritual intuitive being.

Make no mistake — this is war. We are under attack, an assault from the Invasion Agenda that is being carried out by the Draco Reptilian incarnates and the Zeta Grey hybrids. I feel that the smoke is a carrier for toxic particles that will further weaken our immune system and make us more vulnerable to the next wave of bio-weapons that Fauci has promised is coming this winter. We cannot know exactly what is in this smoke that millions of us on the western coast are breathing.

The local TV station in Seattle has warned people that the smoke they are breathing is toxic. Once it enters your lungs, it stays there. They have told us to remain indoors with air purifiers going – if you are lucky enough to have them! It was also announced that the masks do no good, do nothing to filter out the particles in the smoke.

West Coast Fires: The Forests Are Dying Due to Geoengineering – If the Forests Die, We Will Die

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

We are currently seeing unprecedented numbers of forest fires along the West Coast of the United States. The sheer volume of fires and acreage involved is something that has never been seen before.

And while some are starting to report that arsonists have been arrested in some locations which may point to a planned operation to start these forest fires, the real underlying cause for these fires is largely NOT being reported by the media.

The official government position is that we just have not been cutting down enough trees, and that most of these fires are “natural,” being ignited by lightning or other natural causes.

Others point to climate change, which fits into the UN New World Order sustainable goals.

And while both of these may be contributing factors, others, like Dane Wigington of Geoengineeringwatch.org in Shasta County, California, are claiming that these fires are the result of Geoengineering, the Globalists’ plan to modify weather patterns by creating artificial clouds, commonly known as “chemtrails.”

These shots have been enhanced with color saturation, contrast & brightness to reveal the structure of the smoke. I wonder if the yellow is due to sulphur?

Note the aerosol spray operations, the ‘chemtrails’ over the Pacific Ocean. The Olympic Peninsula was sprayed yesterday 9/11/2020. I could clearly see long thick trails even through the smoke. You tell me why.

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