The Essence of Ribhu Gita – Part 2 – Advaita – Ramana Maharshi / Message from Susan & link to the PDF

Samaneri Jayasara

VSF: While I will continue to endeavor to inform you of the endless heinous acts of tyranny that are being perpetrated on this world, I want to share the Ribhu Gita with you. As I have said, for me the Ribhu Gita is the perfect antidote to what is occurring now as we experience the collapse of the American Empire and the Alien Bio-Invasion in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga — in other words the closing of another cycle of time.

I have begun to read the Ribhu Gita both in the morning and at night before I retire. I also often read it when I have awakened in the very early hours, 5am.

Reading these verses has the power to take you out of the increasingly insane confusion that surrounds us — and place our consciousness closer, and even into the CORE, meaning our Source, the God-within us and All, God Consciousness. Beyond all multiplicity of differentiated perception. Beyond all delusion.
We are that God-Consciousness Core. We are THAT! You are That.

Here are a few excerpts from the video above and the PDF that is available for free. There are at least three translations. Perhaps the Ribhu Gita is only for the seemingly so-called ‘advanced’ seeker of Truth. It requires intense and repeated focused concentrated heroic effort! Perhaps that ‘advanced’ one is you.

We meet in the Heart!

Selection and English Translation

Having realised that the world picture on the screen-Self is evanescent and essentially non- existent, one should ever remain still and blissful in the firm conviction of ever being the sole Brahman-Self only. This conviction should be maintained even while functioning as an individual in the world of name and form. This matured state of abidance in the Self is called Sahaja-Nisftta (the natural state). (Ch. 26, v. 3)

Those who give heed to this message and abide in accordance with it will forthwith attain Mukti (Liberation). They will not suffer from the least particle of affliction; they will enjoy a bliss far greater than the bliss attained from this and all other worlds; they and their environments will be filled with the plenitude of auspicious events. Totally free from all trace of fear, they will never again enter the cycle of births and deaths. They will become the immutable Brahman- Self. All this we swear is the truth beyond doubt. By our Lord Siva, again and again we swear that this is the fundamental truth. (Ch. 29, v. 40) 

That state of still, pure, effulgent awareness is Moksha, the state beyond compare. Those who maintain an unbroken abidance in that supreme state will never more be touched by suffering or confusion, and will be absolved from all duties. Such duties if any will somehow be completed without any volition on their part. They will eternally abide as the sole supreme Self. (Ch. 30, v. 31)

Ignorance and indifference in regard to the enquiry of the truth about one-self is the store house of nescience and trouble, blocking the view of the Self, and creating in a split second all sorts of illusions and harassments of mental worry. Non-enquiry renders Bhavana impossible. (Ch. 32, v. 19)  

In short, non-enquiry will steep one forever in the ocean of samsara (earthly suffering). There is no greater enemy for one than non-enquiry. Therefore, this habit must be overcome in order to-fix the mind in the Bhavana which leads to abidance in the Self. (Ch. 32, v. 20)

The conscious introspective concentration of Self-Enquiry (“Who am I?”) kills all thoughts and destroys the dense darkness of nescience; it effaces all all worry; it illuminates the intellect with the radiance of pure awareness; it wipes out all conceptual confusions; it fixes one in Siva-Self; it transforms a host of impending disasters into auspicious events; and lastly, it destroys the ego-mind utterly with all its afflictions. (Ch. 32, v. 24)

 Only by those strong willed persons who make earnest and persistent Self-Enquiry will the turbulent mind be controlled and fixed still in the practice of firm Bhavana. In due course all thoughts and nescience will disappear, yielding place to the effulgent Awareness- Self of Mukti. (Ch. 32, v. 26)

There is no world apart from the mind. What appears, as the world is only the mind If this mind is investigated, it turns out to be nothing more than a bundle of thoughts based on the primary thought of “I am the body” called ego – I is enquired into and its identity searched, it gets swallowed up without a trace in the pure Awareness-Being- Siva-Self. One should maintain this firm Bhavana “I am Self~Siva”, until that state of being the Siva-Self – becomes the spontaneous experience free from the effort of Bhavana. (Ch. 32,- v. 34)

 In me, the pure Awareness-Self, the universe is born, maintained and dissolved as the mind. Therefore, there are no mind and thought forms of objects apart from me the Self. In this firm experience experience one should ever abide. (Ch. 32, v. 35)

 One should ever abide as pure Siva-Self by the firm experience that there are no thought forms of creature, world and creator apart from the mind which is just an array of ripples in me the still ocean of pure Awareness-Self and therefore I am the sole Being- Siva-Self only. (Ch. 32, v. 36)

The rock firm conviction of “I am the Self” is the sure mark of firm abidance in the Self. Abidance in that conviction under all conditions is, true divine worship, meditation on God, incantation of mantras, practice of right conduct in life, contemplation, integral yoga, wisdom of the Self and Moksha as well. (Ch. 33, v. 16)

 Whatever appears as Maya, creator, creature, mind, world, names and forms are the pure Brahman-Self only and not apart from that Self. (Ch.34,v. 15)

 Steady abidance in the rock-firm conviction born of the experience of “1 am the Self”, is the greatest Yoga, total dissolution of the mind, true renunciation, true wisdom, and.Jivan-Mukti as well. (Ch. 34, v. 46)”

 Whatever names and forms are seen by me in my dream are not anything apart from me. Even so, this world seen by me in my waking state is not anything apart from me, the Avareness-Self that I am. The wise one should give up all differentiation of Self and non-Self, and abide as pure Self only. (Ch. 35, v. 23)

All diversities of world, mind, maya (confusing power of Brahman), wakefulness, dream, sleep, talk of you and me are evanescent, and yet, not apart from the Self. This wise one should give up all thought of Self and non-Self and abide as Self only. (Ch. 35, v. 27)

From the Tamil version translated by Dr. H. Ramamoorthy:
Hence, all differences due to mental delusion
Should be demolished completely
And the state of the undivided nature established
By always practicing the bhava (conviction, attitude) of the undivided Absolute.
Tha bhava (conviction, attitude) itself will not arise in the minds
That are not of inquiring nature.
The non-inquiring mind is the enemy because of which
People get submerged in the ocean of the birth-death cycle.

Knowledgeless non-inquiry is the abode of ignorance.
It will hide from sight the Knowledge
That can confer endless blessings.

Instead, it will project an insurmountable imagination.
It will not let one abide in the perfectly full nature.
It is the seed, without a peer, for all overwhelming fear.
In a trice, it will accumulate sankalpa (concept, fixed idea) and vilkalpa (doubt, difference, imagination)
And a million modifications of the mind.

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