Ribhu Gita / Part 1 / Sri Ramanasramam published this brilliant English abridgement of a monumental work which Bhagavan Ramana refers to often in His Talks. Bhagavan Ramana encouraged his disciples to study the Ribhu Gita as their sadhana. Text translated by Professor N.R. Krishnamoorthi Aiyer.

Samaneri Jayasara

VSF: The Cosmogonic Force that is termed SHIVA is the force that DISSOLVES TIME.

This is why we are all experiencing ‘time speeding up’ — because in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga, time does speed up as the Cosmogonic Force Shiva is dissolving the temporal illusory hologram, the illusion generated in this era to make room for the Satya Yuga, the era of Truth and Dharma.

Selection and English Translation


The following verses constitute the teachings of Siva to Ribhu. who in turn transmits those teachings to his disciple Nidaga – Rishi. The treatise goes by the name Ribhu Gita.

. 5  The universe was neither born, nor maintained, nor dissolved; this is the plain truth. The basic screen of pure Being-Awareness- Stillness devoid of all the moving shadow pictures of name and form of the universe is the sole, eternal Existance.(Chapter 2 Verse 33)
. 6  Some may argue that this universe of duality (multiple existences) is a factual second reality clearly seen by the senses operated by the mind. But then, are the senses anything apart from the mind? Can they function without the support of the mind in which they are imbedded? What is this mind except a bundle of thoughts? What are thoughts except evanescent ripples in the still, limitless ocean of pure Being – Awareness – Self which is the sole Existence without a second? (Ch. 2, v. 34)
. The Jivan-Mukta
. 15  The Jivan-Mukta is a person liberated during his life-time who continues to have consciousness of the body and world along with his firm abidance in his Siva-Self. He ever abides in the blissful peace of Sat-Chit- Ananda. He is poised rock firm in the conviction that he is not the body, and that his being is the sole existence, the sole alert-awareness-bliss of Siva-Self Supreme. (Ch. 8, v. 1)
. 16  The Jivan-Mukta has his consciousness completely dissolved beyond recognition in his Brahman – Self. Eternally alone in his self, he is ever lost in the enjoyment of the bliss of his Brahman – Self. (Ch. 8, v. 25)
. The Videha-Mukta
. 17 The Videha-Mukta* is free from the least trace of thought; he abides all along in his effulgent pure-Awareness-Self in intense unbroken bliss, totally oblivious of his body and environments, in a state of Maha-Mounam (stillness of body, speech and mind).(Ch. 9, v. 1)

The True Samadhi
. 28  To hold on to the conviction born of Self-Enquiry that “I am no doubt the Screen – Brahman-Self, and, the world picture thereon, though evanescent, is no doubt I – am self only”, and to abide still and blissful in that conviction is the acme of all sadhanas like divine worship charitable gifts, spiritual austerities, mantra-japa and samadhi as well. (Ch. 16, v. 41)
. 29  The Self alone is the spontaneous self effulgent Awareness; that alone is eternal bliss; that alone is Existence everlasting; that alone is all embracing perfection; the sole God-head without a rival and the sole primordial stuff of the Universe. In the conviction born of this experience, one should ever abide, as the sole I-AM, the Supreme Self. (Ch. 17, v. 29)
. 45  The Bhavana “I am Brahman-Self” swiftly takes one to Mukti. As the continued reading of the texts ‘generating that bhavana takes the aspirant unerringly to the goal, he should always dwell on the, written words dealing with the Brahman-Self: (Ch. 24, v. 27)
. 46  The illusion that one is the body and that the world is the basic reality has remained soaked over a Iong long time and cannot be got rid of by by the casual reading and mere understanding of the truth. The basic illusion can be effaced only by a long and unremitting practice of the bhavana that all this is “I am Brahman-Self. (Ch. 24, v. 28)
. 47  Everything is a concoction of time, space and energy only and else is the trite talk of people who dislike the effort of Sadhana which takes them to the Self. This talk is based on their dense ignorance of the Self. Only by persistent practice and experience of Sadhana can one arrive at the truth that all concepts of souls, world, and the cause thereof are just evanescent shadows on the screen of Siva-Self-Brahman. (Ch. 24, v. 31)

Sadhanas from Ribhu Gita [PDF]
This work is dedicated to the holy lotus feet of Bhagwan Ramana but for whose grace this Text would have remained unknown to the world of devotees

  • Swami Shantananda Puri

“If Ashtavakra Gita can be considered as several levels above all the orthodox texts of Advaita philosophy, Ribhu Gita can be considered as a few steps above Ashtavakra Gita.”


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