My reflections on the Ribhu Gita / The Obstacles to Liberation are Self-Created! / This entire universe is an endless array of opportunities to come Home — to Recognize the God-within you / Ribhu Gita – Chapter 26

VSF: I have been reading the Ribhu Gita every day, morning & evening. Here are some of the insights I have gained and a few quotes from the Sanskrit-to-Tamil-to-English version. Ramana Maharshi recommended that we read the Ribhu Gita daily and contemplate its subtle meaning with a fierce intense focus.

While this text may not be for everyone — and perhaps it is true that it will resonate with those who are more advanced and have studied the other traditional sacred Sanskrit texts — nevertheless the Ribhu Gita has an amazing power to take us directly to the “CORE” of our Source, Brahman, the God-within All.

All thoughts are temporal evanescent evaporating waveforms — ripples that rise and subside on the Ocean of Consciousness.

Thoughts create generate magnetic frequency waveforms that respond to their input. Thus forms coagulate and become appearances.

How do we stop these temporal waveforms when they have so much power to invade out synaptic pathways? The Ribhu Gita reveals that when we understand that our human bicameral brain, which is continually receiving patterns of information through five-sense perception and the three GUNAS (rajas-sattva-tamas), is part of the illusory holographic appearances we are creating — then we acquire the ability to know that we are not the mechanism, the apparatus of mind & five-sense perception.

We are the eternal One that is observing the actions of our data-collecting vehicle as we move through Time & Space. Thus we shift the focus of identity from the temporal illusory self and these evanescent waveforms we mistake as the real — back into our Being, the Core, Source Self.

After that shift, that sacred transition, as we find our consciousness in harmony with God-Consciousness — our life and even our Dharma becomes effortless. We are in a subtle Bliss. We are Happy, regardless of what is occurring in the external world. We know that everything and everyone is God, is Consciousness — even those we consider to be evil. God is everywhere, ubiquitous. We are in a Dissolution, Pralaya in Sanskrit and everything, all the corrupted structures of the Kali Yuga are collapsing, as they should.

The endless activities of the mind are unreal, temporal, evanescent. We place too much energy and overly identify with these often repeating meanderings. They are merely the residual firings of various synaptic pathways. Move quickly into the great imperishable Silence, into your own SELF, your eternal Soul, the God-within you. Shiva is said to be the Force that Dissolves Time.

The true battle is in overcoming the Cosmogonic Forces of Shakti-mAyA — those powers we in fact have created, the power that generates those ephemeral illusions and delusions we use to Veil our Mind from our Real SELF.

We are at war with our own Power! All of this is only the One. All is Consciousness.

“Consciousness shines in various external and internal forms. There is no existence of objects apart from consciousness. Therefore the world is simply a form of consciousness.”                                  

  • Kalikakrama, as quoted in the Shiva Sutras translated by Jaideva Singh

The RIBHU GITA – Chapter 15: The Means for Conquest of the Mind

Setting aside all and becoming the Void is the renunciation of all. By all is meant only the mind.

The renunciation of the mind is the great success — the great Liberation.

It is thought that is the great delusion — thought that is the body [ego identity self] and senses and life.
It is thought that is the world and beings — thought that is worldly bondage.
It is thought that is the Veda-s and scriptures.

When thought is not there,
There is not, in the least, the world and its beings.
If it is there, they are there.

There is never such a thing as thought at all.
There is only the Supreme Brahman,
Which is all Consciousness,
Established as eternal and perfectly full.
This permanent certitude is the unfailing means!
For victory over thought,
By this destruction of the mind will truly result.
If that results, all will shine as Consciousness.

If we think for a moment that there is such a thing as thought,
Consciousness itself will appear as thought.
That itself will appear as the world and jiva-s [individuals] and the Supreme.
There will be misery arising out of it.
Hence! Conquer thought easily
By the certitude that there is no such thing as thought
And all is Consciousness,
And thereby attain Bliss.

VSF: When you revert to thinking that there is thought and mind — you are already in the outer layers of the Cosmic Onion. An onion is an excellent metaphor for the universe which is made up of infinite layers of thought that were projected overtime by those beings, the individual entities manifested by our Source.

Each layer reflects a particular time in space, a belief system, a body of scientific or religious theories. All such theories are merely the projections of clever individuals who are able to convince their fellow beings of their worth in that particular time. The Source has no need or reason to adhere to any particular one such belief system. The Source, God is ubiquitous, is eternal, immeasurable, immutable, imperishable — and beyond all such theories. God is playful. We are That!

Some theories may apply to one dimensional realm but not to another. This is why science here in the Third Dimension cannot understand space travel — their theories don’t apply or produce results in the higher dimensional realms. If they did, we would soon detonate, destroy, blow-up the entire universe!

Your Dharma is to express that part of the great Consciousness which is unique to you and to your Way Home. Find your own Way. All theories, beliefs, and religions are the various expressions of our eternal Source, that ‘Core’ Creator Force that we all are and have always been. Enlightenment means Realizing the God-within you and coming Home.

We meet in the Heart,
V. Susan Ferguson

The Obstacles to Liberation are Self-Created!

“May Shiva [the Oneness] who has entered into us as the Subject [us] make obeisance by Himself, to Shiva who is extended as the universe, by means of para [the Highest, the Absolute] who is his own Shakti in order to remove all obstacles which are but Himself.”
 – Somananda in Shivadrsti (S.D. I, 1); quoted in Abhinavagupta: Paratrisika-Vivarana, The Secret of Tantric Mysticism.
In other words, meaning in my words:
May the Oneness  

  • who in the spirit of ‘play’ has become us (the Subject)
  • and is projecting the hologram, the universe, as the appearance of differentiation within the Illusion of Separation
  • may the Oneness honor Its own Self/Being/Existence through the requisite waveform in consciousness, that purifying vibrational-frequency, that humble surrender of the small identity ego which arises from Knowing the Truth
  • and as that very same Oneness (as us) by means of that aspect of the Oneness, which is the Matrix-Shakti-Maya (which offers us the endless opportunities for Self-Recognition in the external manifested world)
  • in order to remove all obstacles, the Veil of Forgetting, which are     created by the Oneness and are in fact nothing other than the Oneness!

You are worshipping, praying to, asking for help and liberation from that which you always are!
In the first Cycle of Time, the Golden Age or Satya Yuga, we all know this — we all know that we are the Oneness. There is nothing else. There is only the One. You are That!

This entire universe is an endless array of opportunities to come Home — to Recognize the God-within you, Self-Recognition (Pratyabhijna). This is why there are so many ways to adore and revere God, so many paths to enlightenment. At every point there exists the possibility of Remembrance and Return to the eternal Oneness within — that which you have always been and will always be.
We are playing. You can choose to Forget, to struggle, to suffer — until you are weary, bored, and ready to Remember. At that moment when you cry out to your real Self, you will begin the Journey Home.

Abhinavagupta: Paratrisika-Vivarana, The Secret of Tantric Mysticism; English Translation with notes and running exposition by Jaideva Singh; Sanskrit text corrected, notes on technical points and charts dictated by Swami Lakshmanjee (Laskhmanjoo); Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, Delhi, 2000

Samaneri Jayasara

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