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This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”   – Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras

VSF: My ‘inner guidance’ revealed to me this morning that the Oxygen levels on our planet are continuing to decrease. Many have stated this fact. Not having enough oxygen to breathe is contributing to the state of general confusion, forgetfulness/dementia, and people feeling tired & depressed. The masks exacerbate the effects. Intentionally.

The Draco & Zeta Grey invaders don’t miss any opportunity to implement slow creeping genocide and control. This lack of the necessary oxygen also explains the crazy behavior of those in power (lying politicians) and the incomprehensible public reactions. Lack of oxygen facilitates the use of microwave & r/f emitter frequencies to control populations and instigate violence. “Active Denial System” weapons. Madness.

They will never stop geoengineering the planet, because they are TERRA-FORMING our Earth to make it more habitable for them. If they stopped, the Earth would eventually return to her natural state. This would not be conducive to their alien life-forms. The Dracos & Zetas like heat, methane, radiation, etc.. Thus their heinous world-wide geoengineering operations will go on… and on…

The insanely irrational political election circus show is merely a distraction. The minions of tyrannical power are fighting among themselves for the scraps of a collapsing empire. More lock-downs, masks, and vaccinations are part of the plan. They are searching through our DNA for their own incarnates & hybrids – and for better ways to silently genocide us. Slow kill. Disclosure of the alien presence does not serve their agenda and will not occur.

OSHA: Confined or Enclosed Spaces and Other Dangerous Atmospheres » Oxygen-Deficient or Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres

Oxygen-deficient atmospheres are the leading cause of confined space fatalities in the shipyard. While normal atmosphere contains between 20.8 and 21 percent oxygen, OSHA defines as oxygen deficient any atmosphere that contains less than 19.5 percent oxygen, and as oxygen enriched, any atmosphere that contains more than 22 percent.

Oxygen-deficient atmospheres may be created when oxygen is displaced by inerting gases, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon, or the ship’s inert gas system or firefighting system. Oxygen can also be consumed by rusting metal, ripening fruits, drying paint, or coatings, combustion, or bacterial activities.

Tuesday, November 03, 2020
Our Imperial Presidency
Charles Hugh Smith
Regardless of who holds the office, America’s Imperial Project and its Imperial Presidency are due for a grand reckoning. 

While elections and party politics generate the emotions and headlines, the truly consequential change in American governance has been the ascendancy of the Imperial Presidency over the past 75 years, since the end of World War II.  

As commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the Constitution grants the President extraordinary but temporary powers in wartime. With the power to declare war granted solely to Congress, this dangerous (in the Founders’ view) expansion of Executive power was tolerated because it was temporary and necessary in the fast-moving emergency of war. 

Congress has declared war a total of five times, while U.S. armed forces have been deployed in conflicts 300 times. So in 295 conflicts out of 300, the president had sole discretion. Various stamps of Congressional approval of these wartime powers have been given over the decades, but these are more for show than actual limits on presidential powers. 

The extraordinary powers granted to President Roosevelt in World War II did not expire at the end of the war. Rather, the powers of the presidency expanded along with the National Security agencies which rose to unprecedented power in the Cold War era of 1945 – 1991. The entire alphabet soup of the National Security State–CIA, NSA, DIA, etc.–serve the president, not Congress, which has been relegated the role of toothless oversight. 

Historian Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.’s 1973 book, The Imperial Presidency , introduced the term Imperial Presidency into the American lexicon.
While historians have documented the rise of Executive power at the expense of the legislative branch and pundits have wrung their hands over this concentration of vast, often secret power in the presidency, nobody within the status quo has addressed the core reason behind the rise of the Imperial Presidency: America’s Empire requires a CEO/Emperor as a simple operational reality. 

You can’t run a global military / commercial / diplomatic empire with a slow-moving legislative body; you need a dynamic CEO (chief executive officer) with essentially unlimited powers to do whatever it takes to run the empire. 

Empires need an emperor, and this is the history of post-WW2 America. As the victor, the U.S. emerged with a global reach and power that can only be described as imperial. While the USSR soon gained military parity with nuclear weapons and vast tank armies aimed at Western Europe, the commercial empire was solely American. 

While some cheered America’s global empire and others shouldered it as a necessary Cold war burden, the status quo relished the immense expansion of centralized bureaucratic and executive powers. 

An Imperial President requires the Imperial machinery of global hegemony, and so the National Security State replaced the elected government as the real power. For a peek behind the curtain of the Imperial Presidency’s powers, please read The Enemies Briefcase: Secret powers and the presidency. (via Cheryl A.) 

The last time the U.S. Congress pushed back against the Imperial Presidency and Security Agencies was 45 years ago, in 1975. In response to the domestic over-reach of the ImperialPresidency (Watergate) and the security agencies (COINTELPRO, etc.), the Church Committee undertook the first comprehensive review of the presidency’s expansive secret powers and the secret powers wielded by the National Security State. 

The domestic abuses of power by the FBI and CIA included the blatantly illegal COINTELPRO programs aimed at destroying the anti-war / civil rights movements in the 1960s and early 1970s.
We know from the Church Committee reports that the FBI and CIA broke numerous federal laws and violated every constitutional limit on their powers as a matter of daily policy. The abuses of power were not the work of rogue agents or even rogue agencies; the abuses were SOP (standard operating procedures) for the Imperial machinery of the presidency and the security agencies that served the essentially unlimited power of the Imperial presidency. 
For more on COINTELPRO, please read War at Home: Covert action against U.S. activists and what we can do about it and/or Cointelpro: The FBI’s Secret War on Political Freedom. 

Empires arise, evolve and collapse just like nations. Edward Luttwak’s insightful book The Grand Strategy of the Roman Empire: From the First Century CE to the Third outlines the three stages of Empire. 

Luttwak describes the first stage of expansion thusly: 

“With brutal simplicity, it might be said that with the first system the Romans of the republic conquered much to serve the interests of the few, those living in the city–and in fact still fewer, those best placed to control policy.” 

The second stage spread the benefits of Empire much more broadly: 

“During the first century A.D., Roman ideas evolved toward a much broader and altogether more benevolent conception of empire… men born in lands far from Rome could call themselves Roman and have their claim fully allowed, and the frontiers were efficiently defended to defend the growing prosperity of all, and not merely the privileged.”

The third stage is one of rising inequality: 

“In the wake of the great crisis of the third century, the provision of security became an increasingly heavy charge on society, a charge unevenly distributed, which could enrich the wealthy and ruin the poor. The machinery of empire now became increasingly self-serving, with its tax collectors, administrators and soldiers of much greater use to one another than to society at large.” 

That line describes the American state and central bank (the Federal Reserve) perfectly. As the Imperial Presidency’s powers have expanded to the top of the S-Curve, so too has self-serving greed supported by everyday abuses of power reached new heights. 

Who’s benefited mightily from Imperial over-reach? As the chart below indicates, the top 1% of America’s power elite has benefited to a degree that’s unmatched around the world. The military-industrial sector has prospered (see chart below) as have the agencies of the National Security State.

As for the bottom 99%: suck it up, debt-serfs and tax donkeys: yours is not to make a reply or reason why, yours is to do and die.

Regardless of who holds the office, America’s Imperial Project and its Imperial Presidency are due for a grand reckoning. Empires require an emperor, and perhaps America will finally tire of its self-serving Empire and its Imperial Presidency. 


VSF: This opinion piece sums up the last four years – and was written anonymously on the Hal Turner website.

OPINION: Election Day — The Farce is Over . . . and begins anew . . . …

The whole “Q” and “Q-Anon” thing turned out to be a total fraud.  “Trust the plan?” There was no plan.  The whole thing was a scam.  Drop vague crumbs to slow-walk the public into thinking something big was coming, and nothing big ever materialized. No big arrests. No big shake-ups.   
The 100,000 Sealed Indictments?  Another scam.  Oh, sure, there may be sealed Indictments, but they don’t matter a hill-of-beans because they weren’t acted upon.
The whole child-sex pervert rings take-down?  Claims of thousands of children “rescued.”  Lies.  All of it.   There were no kids in tunnels deep under New York City — or anywhere else — from which thousands of children were rescued and put aboard the Navy Hospital ship then-docked in NYC.  The pervs are still out there doing kids.Speaking of which, Epstein . . . the child sex provider to the rich and powerful . . . flat-out murdered inside a federal prison . . . . and we’re supposed to actually believe the internal cameras at MCC in Manhattan “didn’t work.”  Lies.  Cover-up.Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s right hand child sex pimp, locked away where she can do no harm to anyone powerful, and absolutely nothing taking place from all the info she has about child sex predators in Hollywood, politics, and law enforcement.   I wonder how long until she “kills herself in prison?”
After the totally phony “Russia Collusion” hoax, we were told that a real go-getter was finally on the case: Durham.  He was going to uncover the misuse of Constituted Authority which attempted to overthrow a duly elected President.  Durham turned out to be as useless as t___ on a bull.   A distraction prop of a US Attorney who accomplished nothing.The exact same type of useless piece of   as US Attorney Huber from Utah.  He was appointed by Jeff Sessions to investigate the Russia Collusion hoax.  The fat-a ignorant f___ did just about nothing. Completely ineffective.
Oh, and let’s not forget their boss, Attorney General William Barr.  Useless.  Did NOTHING to hold accountable anyone of consequence.  
Naturally, there’s FBI Director Chris Wray. That snake seems to think his role is to obstruct anyone and everyone seeking answers.  His agency is still, to this very day, obstructing inquiries into the Seth Rich murder, Benghazi and a host of other real crimes.   They sure as hell went after General Michael Flynn, though.When it came out the whole Flynn case was a set up, a useless House _ federal Judge, Emmett Sullivan, threw the rules out the window and kept the case alive despite a Justice Department decision to dismiss.  Judge Sullivan is nothing more than a  house on the Democrat Party Plantation.  And we’re supposed to respect people like him?  No thanks.  Let’s not forget the wars in Afghanistan, Syria and God only knows where else. Trump said he’d get us out of those places.  We’re still there.Yes, President Trump ORDERED the Pentagon to withdraw the troops.  They didn’t.  And no one is fired. No one is relieved of duty, no one is Charged, no one is in jail.Oh, and about Afghanistan, former CIA Director Leon Panetta knew that Osama Bin Laden was NOT in Afghanistan, because his agency helped move Bin Laden to Pakistan!  The ENTIRE 17, 18, 19 year “war” with all the injuries, deaths, and destruction, was a complete, total fraud.  Bin Laden . . .  who we were “looking for” wasn’t even in that country.  Our CIA knew, but the war went ahead anyway.  It continues to this very minute!How many tens of thousands of Afghanis are dead because of it? 

How many US military are dead? Wounded? Maimed?  All for nothing. 

Literally nothing.No one is in jail over that, either.Syria?  Oh, that’s a real gem.   They refused permission for a gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe.  So our State Department and DoD developed a plan to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad.  Buildings bombed. Tens of thousands of people killed. Hundreds of thousands displaced by years of war.  For what?  For nothing.  It was all a complete fraud.Who got held responsible? No one.  Why?Because we’ve been STEALING $30 – $50 MILLION A MONTH in Syrian Oil since this operation began.  That cash is lining the pockets of the people controlling the troops.   Outright, ongoing, theft and murder on an unparalleled scale, and not one person held to account.  And while you’ve been reading this, it is STILL going on.
So here we are, four entire years later, and absolutely nothing has changed.   Pardon me if I’m sick of it all.  

What a shame.  What a waste of time. But fret not, America.  The same people who brought us all these farcical wastes of time . . . are set to begin anew after the election is decided.   Four more years of lies, murder, bull___,  and no accountability no matter who gets elected.

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