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HAL TURNER: The citizens of New York and New Jersey are being snookered yet again by public officials and health experts, who are labelling persons dying from Influenza, as being “COVID-19” deaths. 
Governor Andrew Cuomo in New York and Governor Phil Murphy in New Jersey, have been publicly sounding the alarm, claiming that COVID hospitalizations and deaths are skyrocketing, and ordering various new “shutdowns” to battle the spread of this disease. The mass-media has been dutifully reporting what the Governor’s say, without ever investigating on their own or even verifying the claims.

Just one problem: It isn’t COVID killing people, it is seasonal influenza; doing this year, what it does at this time every year. 

“The claims of a new COVID outbreak are completely totally false.” say infectious disease specialist Doctors at Hackensack Meridian University Hospital in Hackensack,  Jersey City Medical Center in Jersey City, and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Paterson, NJ.   Their information is echoed by Doctors at New York – Presbyterian Medical Center and New York Health & Hospitals / Bellevue Medical Center in Manhattan.
The Flu season ranges from October to as late as May, with peak activity between December and February, said Dr. David Cennimo, an infectious disease expert with Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.
While there are no statistics released from the state Department of Health for the current flu season, Cennimo told New Jersey’s Courier News and Home News Tribune on October 3, he “saw a patient with the flu a week ago.”  (Story Here) 
He went on to tell those newspapers “That is not to say that flu season has officially started, but it is clearly in New Jersey sporadically at this point,” he said. “We really don’t know how the flu season will be this year. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) hasn’t released predictions. I’ve seen mixed data from Australia and East Asia. There have been concerns about severe flu in Australia this year. That may predict a bad year for us coming up.”
That was back on October 4.   We’re now into December, and the Flu is literally raging — as usual — throughout New Jersey and New York City.  But no one is calling it the Flu.  Instead, Doctors have been told by Hospital Administration to “label as many patients as possible as being infected with COVID because government is paying a lot of money to treat that.”
More interestingly, the demographics of admitted patients is suddenly leaning very hard to government-paid healthcare patients on Medicare and Medicaid. 
According to one billing manager at one of the hospitals named above “More than ninety-five percent (95%) of the admitted patients are on some type of government paid plan because private health insurance companies are all demanding blood tests for influenza.  When those tests return positive for influenza, the Insurance companies make clear that, absent certain life-threatening symptoms, there is no need to admit Flu patients.  When hospital administrators see private insurance cutting off coverage for admittance because of flu, they discharge the patient and await a public health charge who they can admit to get government money because if it is called COVID, the government just pays. No questions asked.”
In New York, flu activity typically peaks between December and February. Activity sometimes can last as late as May. For the week ending Sept. 26, flu activity was already taking place, but described as “minimal” in New York City.”  As one might imagine, if it was minimal as early as September 26, it may have grown considerably since then . . . but the state of New York STOPPED PUBLISHING FLU STATISTICS; now everything is suddenly “COVID.”
“What the public is seeing here is the greatest medical fraud ever perpetrated” Said Dr. Vincent Lisandrello.  “There is no spike in COVID sickness; there is only a spike in positive test results . . but people are NOT getting sick from it” he continued.  “Remember, according to the CDC, a positive test for COVID does NOT mean a person has that particular coronavirus; they may only have some OTHER type of coronavirus, like the one which causes the common cold” he said.
But politicians are exploiting the positive test results, and treating those results as if it is a continuation of a deadly public health crisis.  It is not.  Very few people are sick FROM COVID and almost none are dying FROM COVID.
According to Doctors at the hospitals above, all of whom earnestly asked for anonymity because they would be fired if they were named, this latest COVID spike is nothing more than a scheme to defraud. 

Said one infectious disease specialist, “The politicians get off being the center of attention and controlling people’s lives; the hospitals are making tons of money by keeping quiet about what’s really going on . . . which is nothing but Flu season.  Everyone has incentive to just play along with the hoax.”


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