Recent photographs of metal nanoparticles inside my home / The real Dangers of Aluminum from a doctor: “We have: 1 in 5 children with neurodevelopmental disabilities, 1 in 10 with ADD and ADHD, 1 in 35 with autism, 1 in 11 with asthma, and 1 in 20 under the age of five with seizures.” / Johns Hopkins Researchers engineer tiny machines that deliver medicine efficiently

VSF: These are recent photos [above] I took inside my house. What you are seeing is NOT ordinary dust. This is evidence of the nano-particles of various metals [aluminum, lithium, barium, etc.] that we are breathing in every moment. These nanoparticles are being dispersed in the skies above as as part of the covert geoengineering operations that have been going on for decades now. In my now 75 years, I have lived down many dusty roads and I know that ordinary earth dust is not silver-grey-white that actually reflects light. These particles really show up when the direct sunlight hits them.

With one actual feather escaped from a pillow.

VSF: The following testimony from a doctor reveals the dangers from aluminum our immune system is constantly being exposed to.

COVID Asymptomatic Illusion, Dangers of Pathogenic Priming & MSM Push For Vaccine Passports
The Last American Vagabond

@ 1:11:28

Dr. Larry Palevsky
Pediatrician / Northport Wellness Center

Aluminum … the kind of aluminum we put into vaccines is a different kind of aluminum than we see environmentally. This is called a nanoparticle. And nanoparticles bind really tightly to the bacteria antigens, the virus antigens, the food protein antigens, and any other contaminants that are in the vaccine we may not know about. And we about the bio-chemical properties of nanoparticles is that they are capable of entering the brain — and so we have not evaluated the safety of the aluminum nanoparticle and its injection and where it goes when it gets into the body.

Plural form of antigen, ăn′tĭ-jən / A substance that when introduced into the body stimulates the production of an antibody. Antigens include toxins, bacteria, foreign blood cells, and the cells of transplanted organs.A substance that induces an immune response, usually foreign.Any substance (as a toxin or enzyme) that stimulates an immune response in the body (especially the production of antibodies)

Typical aerosol spray pattern. Some contrast enhancement for clarity.

Do vaccine ingredients belong to the body? No! When they get into the brain, no one has ever studied it. But animal studies using the same vaccine ingredients we give to children, show that these ingredients do enter the brain. We are ignoring this information.

There are scientists in Europe who have actually done studies on the aluminum nanoparticle and have shown that it can persist in the brain for years and decades. What we are seeing is a large outbreak of neuro-developemental disabilities in adults including Alzheimers and one of the main factors they are finding in the brains of people with Alzheimers is the aluminum nanoparticle that is directly related to the vaccines that we are giving.

We have never studied whether the aluminum that we are giving in the vaccines gets into the brain and we’ve never measured what it does when it gets into the brain … but we do know that vaccines are supposed to cause inflammation in the body.

We have more than half of our children with chronic inflammed conditions and we’ve never allowed ourselves to ask the question: If the vaccines cause inflammation acutely, do they continue to create inflammation chronically?

We have:
one in five children with neurodevelopmental disabilities
one in ten with ADD and ADHD
one in thirty-five with autism
one in eleven with asthma
and one in 20 under the age of five with seizures

And autoimmune diseases are exponentially rising. We are finding that the viruses and bacteria that we are injecting into the body, along with the adjuvants, create something called ‘molecular mimicry’ — which means the body sees those viruses, thinking that it’s foreign, but actually finds pieces of those viruses that match the self. And the immune system doesn’t differentiate between what it has been told to reject and its self. So it will turn the immune system on itself, leading to an auto-immune condition. We know this about the flu vaccine and multiple other vaccines …



VSF: Consider that the so-called ‘deep state’ is being implemented by the various alphabet agencies — who even within the agencies all appear to be in conflict now [spy vs. spy] and at each others throats! This would be a natural continuation of the clandestine black projects that have been going on for decades. The invading ETs made their agreements with various traitors to the human race and these projects had to be carried out in secret — thus the agencies came to ever greater power. Using money hidden from the public by running drugs through Zapata Oil, Mena Arkansas (which is how the criminal Clintons rose to power), Viet Nam, and Afghanistan’s lucrative poppy fields.

The secrecy involved in the ongoing interactions with the Draco Reptilians and the Zeta Reticuli Greys have completely corrupted our leaders and our country. Many if not most are either Draco incarnates or Zeta Hybrids. My guidance says that as of now 23% are non-human. Globalization is a criminal enterprise. This idea of plausible deniability — which virtually means an effort to deceive based on a lie! — is the seed of evil leading us to our destruction and collapse.

The Draco-Zeta Invasion Agenda is to genocide most of us. Be assured that geoengineering the planet and injecting us with vaccines is part of this evil invasion. These vaccines will alter your DNA and make you vulnerable to manipulation in the astral planes!

VSF: The above photo shows the metal particulates ‘raining’ down from the sky, soon to be in our houses, and with every breath we take entering our lungs and penetrating the blood brain barrier — where they remain to accomplish the destruction of our immune system.

Quotes from E.M. Nicolay

“… the Zetas need to have a genetic Earth race into which its Soul matrices can incarnate, and therefore it is necessary for them to genetically engineer a human being that can accommodate the Zetas’ Soul matrices.”

“In an interim period, it was further decided that the atmospheric, climatic and other planetary conditions of Earth would need to be slightly altered to be more compatible with their own … so that some of the existing Zeta population could inhabit your planet secretly while genetically engineering the physical bodies they need for their coming incarnation cycles to begin.”

“…changing Earth’s geophysical environment would require the slow process of creating a chemically altered, physically denser, warmer, drier and slightly more radioactive and methane-rich world.”

Scalar technology at work in the Navy’s Electronic Warfare Ops on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

VSF: Where do you imagine this micro technology and others originate from?

News Release 3-Nov-2020
Johns Hopkins Researchers engineer tiny machines that deliver medicine efficiently
“Theragrippers” are inspired by a parasitic worm that clamps onto its host’s intestines
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Inspired by a parasitic worm that digs its sharp teeth into its host’s intestines, Johns Hopkins researchers have designed tiny, star-shaped microdevices that can latch onto intestinal mucosa and release drugs into the body.
David Gracias, Ph.D., a professor in the Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering, and Johns Hopkins gastroenterologist Florin M. Selaru, M.D., director of the Johns Hopkins Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center, led a team of researchers and biomedical engineers that designed and tested shape-changing microdevices that mimic the way the parasitic hookworm affixes itself to an organism’s intestines.
Made of metal and thin, shape-changing film and coated in a heat-sensitive paraffin wax, “theragrippers,” each roughly the size of a dust speck, potentially can carry any drug and release it gradually into the body.
The team published results of an animal study this week as the cover article in the journal Science Advances.
Gradual or extended release of a drug is a long-sought goal in medicine. Selaru explains that a problem with extended-release drugs is they often make their way entirely through the gastrointestinal tract before they’ve finished dispensing their medication.
“Normal constriction and relaxation of GI tract muscles make it impossible for extended-release drugs to stay in the intestine long enough for the patient to receive the full dose,” says Selaru, who has collaborated with Gracias for more than 10 years. “We’ve been working to solve this problem by designing these small drug carriers that can autonomously latch onto the intestinal mucosa and keep the drug load inside the GI tract for a desired duration of time.”
Thousands of theragrippers can be deployed in the GI tract. When the paraffin wax coating on the grippers reaches the temperature inside the body, the devices close autonomously and clamp onto the colonic wall. The closing action causes the tiny, six-pointed devices to dig into the mucosa and remain attached to the colon, where they are retained and release their medicine payloads gradually into the body. Eventually, the theragrippers lose their hold on the tissue and are cleared from the intestine via normal gastrointestinal muscular function.
Gracias notes advances in the field of biomedical engineering in recent years.
“We have seen the introduction of dynamic, microfabricated smart devices that can be controlled by electrical or chemical signals,” he says. “But these grippers are so small that batteries, antennas and other components will not fit on them.”
Theragrippers, says Gracias, don’t rely on electricity, wireless signals or external controls. “Instead, they operate like small, compressed springs with a temperature-triggered coating on the devices that releases the stored energy autonomously at body temperature.”
The Johns Hopkins researchers fabricated the devices with about 6,000 theragrippers per 3-inch silicon wafer. In their animal experiments, they loaded a pain-relieving drug onto the grippers. The researchers’ studies found that the animals into which theragrippers were administered had higher concentrates of the pain reliever in their bloodstreams than did the control group. The drug stayed in the test subjects’ systems for nearly 12 hours versus two hours in the control group.

Contrast enhanced!
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