Former FEMA operative Celeste Solum on what she says is in the Gates vaccine / Iran Braces for US Israeli First Strike / A Bio Invasion of Alien Souls into Human Form: Our Chakras are portals and our individual DNA serves as antennae. / The crucial importance of geoengineering the planet as the major implementation of the Invasion agenda cannot be over emphasized. / “…crimes against Earth and humankind.”

Vitamin D could have prevented 90% of coronavirus deaths
The latest scientific research shows that nine out of 10 “COVID-19 deaths” could have been prevented if only the victims had supplemented with vitamin D3 or gotten out in the sun more rather than listening to Anthony Fauci and panicking.
Vitamin D deficiency, it turns out, significantly increases a person’s risk of dying with COVID-19, and most Americans are vitamin D deficient, sad to say.
The vitamin D prohormone helps to prevent the type of hyper-inflammation that comes about from a COVID-induced cytokine storm, the latest data shows. Vitamin D also helps to protect against the need for a ventilator, a high-risk Western medicine intervention that has been known to kill patients who are admitted to the hospital after testing positive for the novel virus.

E.M. Nicolay says that it is the work of misguided technicians, scientists, and governments who are in fact, perpetrating abuses within the framework of the planet’s energetic grid system.

Nicolay lists ongoing abuses as:

particle beam experimentation — electromagnetic technologies — indiscriminate microwave use around the globe — geophysical & weather re-engineering (geoengineering) — chemical altering of the environment or the human structure — technologies to entrap and spy on your neighbors — usury financial and political systems that enslave its participants — or simply the intense pressure & efforts of those at lower vibrational frequencies (service-to-self) to exploit Fear through war, profit, power and control.

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