Scalar Wave technology in the freak cloud forms over the Olympic Peninsula WA. / “Compared to a normal wave, a time-reversed TR wave has startlingly different weapon capabilities. Time Reverse waves precisely retraces the path of the ordinary wave that stimulated it to be formed. So it possesses an ‘invisible wire’ through space, back to the original position of whatever emitted its stimulus wave. 
 Further, the time-reversed wave continually converges upon its invisible ‘back- tracking’ path. It does not diverge and spread its energy, in contradistinction to normal waves.”

VSF: Look what is in my sky today Jan.14, 2021 over the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Scalar wave radiation produced by the Electronic Warfare operations conducted out here. These weird completely unnatural clouds covered the entire sky!

‘They’ will say scalar wave tecnology does not exist — but this technology was part of the Deal made with the Draco Reptilians and the Zeta Greys in exchange for human abductions, our hormones & DNA. These heinous treasonous acts have been going on for 70 years now.

Scalar wave technology is also part of the Alien Invasion terraforming our planet by geoengineering the atmosphere, controlling the jetstream to create weather warfare, disaster capitalism, and tyranny across the globe. Perhaps distributing more than aluminum, barium, lithium, strontium. My photos. Worse to come!

The three different ‘directions’ in the cloud forms indicate three different transmitters active..

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