Descending through the Cycles of Time / Sin as ‘distance’ from God / The Last American Vagabond / and Pathogens from the Sky?

The photos are mine, taken from my home on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. I have hundreds of these photos and images from NASA Worldview. Can anyone imagine these to be ‘natural’ cloud forms?

VSF: In the first Cycle of Time, the Satya Yuga, we all Know that we are particles of God-Consciousness. We are fully connected and conscious of our true nature — which is the infinitely potent and absolutely pure One, All That Is, ATMA, Brahman. We manifest whatever we choose through the Mind. Our minds literally project whatever thoughts we desire to create and because we are in complete harmony with our own true Self, those manifestations are in harmony with Dharma, with eternal Righteousness, and are expressions of that consciousness.

As we descend through the Cycles of Time, we begin to lose our connection to the immutable imperishable One within us all. This is what ‘sin’ is. Sin is merely a measurement of the distance we have moved away from God-Consciousness, our real Being. Thus the manifestations become more and more disharmonius, distorted, unpleasant, ugly and evil.

By the time we arrive in the Fourth Cycle of Time, the Kali Yuga, most of us have forgotten our true Self. We have transferred our conscious awareness into an identity self we term the ego and this small identity self ego falsely imagines that it is the Doer! This is false.

You are not the Doer!

Everything is God, the immeasurable One, All That Is. Even the most harsh jarring disharmonious discordant cacophonies are still Brahman — because nothing else exists. There is no thing outside or separate from the eternal One. Ever.

No truly enlightened Being desires to control another. We understand and respect that the One is expressing Its SELF in multiplicity, in an infinite variety of names and forms – as us.

Those arrogant fools, the so-called elite entities who are now moving forward in their Agenda to control us and dominate our little blue-green planet have no awareness of their true nature. They imagine themselves to be so intellectually brilliant, so superior that they presume themselves to be as gods! Hubris.

The Christians term them as followers of Satan. However what they are in fact is a variety of lower states of consciousness, who have forgotten who they are and are operating in a dysfunctional and destructive mode of manifestation. Their creations cannot endure. Their tyranny will collapse on itself. They will turn on and devour each other.

This Cycle of Time will come to a close and eventually, inevitably the ‘pieces of God’ will Remember will begin again. World without end!

I continue to report the draconian efforts of the psychopathic tyrants in the hope that we will all be aware and prepare. Do not take the vaccine! Masks don’t work and can cause harm. Remember who you are and come Home.

We meet in the Heart!


Chinese CDC Says “Didn’t Isolate” COVID-19, GameStop Fiasco, Revisiting Masks & Bacterial Pneumonia [Takes a minute to load.]

Are masks safe?

Ask yourself what pathogens could be included in these nano-particulates of aluminum, barium, strontium, lithium, micro-plastics, and fungi that are falling down over our planet everyday, covering our skies, into the air we breathe, and thus into our lungs, there they pass through the blood-brain barrier and saturate our mental functions.

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