Evidence of Extraterrestrial Life in the Ancient Sanskrit Texts / Our progenitors, the ‘Pitaram’ orbit the Moon / “One deed destroyed 90 cities by heat!” – Indrâgnî Rig Veda III.12 / The Draco Reptilians are the RAKSHASAS in the Sanskrit Epics ‘The Ramayana’ and ‘The Mahabharata’ : They disappear, become invisible … Sometimes Rakshasas had appearance of ordinary people, including seductive women… Children born from Rakshasas and people, could have a human appearance… Vimanas …

Extraterrestrial Life in the Ancient Sanskrit Texts:

VSF: The Rig Veda, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and the Puranas are full of tales and descriptions of other worlds, amazing weaponry, & aerial ships. These links are a collection of a few excerpts from my research on advanced technology found in the Rig Veda and others.

The Fuel that Powers Circular Aerial Ships – Rig Veda Mandala III.44.5
The conqueror of the atmosphere and sky


in the circular metallic disc,
a mighty lightning producing weapon,
is borne, elevated [powered air borne]
by the precious silver milk [plasma]
lightning [electromagnetic radiation],
pleasing and longed for [the most efficient fuel],
extracted out of the fire-bright
resplendent pure essence Aethers-Soma

[particles charged with zero-point energy
existing everywhere in the universe,
a.k.a. prana, prakasha, brahman]

that by augmenting, increasing,  and elevating
from centrifugal energy [torus], turning,
setting into motion the wheels [engine]
of the supporting part of the chariot [aerial ship],
in the knowledge [technology]
revealed in the resounding fire-crackle
which splits, breaks open [the atoms], divides,
rends in a fluid murmur
the pressed out yellow [cake],
the split mineral [uranium].

Soma was never anything material. “He who has drunk thinks that the herb which men crush is the Soma; (but) that which the Brahmanas know to be Soma, of that no one partakes.” – Rig Veda X.85.3

The above verse comes from Mandala III (mandala = section), and is said to be is one of the oldest. The other “oldest” is Mandala VI.  [THE RIGVEDA, A Historical Analysis, by Shrikant G. Talageri; Aditya Prakashan, New Delhi, 2000, 2004.]

Sanskrit word translations for this verse were found in and chosen, to the best of my intuitive ability, from the Sanskrit-English Dictionary, M. Monier-Williams; Two volumes, Recomposed and improved edition; Indica Books and Parimal Publications, New Delhi, 2008.


Our progenitors, the ‘Pitaram’ orbit the Moon

The Pitaram, our ancient progenitors — those ‘forefather’ colonizing beings, who came to this planet and took part in the creation and hybridization of the human races — are described by the Seer Rishi Dîrgatamas, who composed the following verse in the Rig Veda I.164.18. The Pitaram are said to inhabit the Bhuvas region of the air and orbit the Moon.

The progenitors were far more advanced than we are today both in technology and metaphysical Wisdom-Knowledge. They manipulated the spectrum of wave-form frequencies, plasma physics, cosmic rays, magnetic fields, etc. through sound modulation in order to coagulate and produce various forms. My intuitive rendering:

Rig Veda I.164.18
The progenitors of mankind, beyond in the heavens,
our forefathers, ancestors far distant remote in space,

[The ‘Pitaram’ are the progenitors of mankind and are said to inhabit the Bhuvas region of the air and orbit the Moon as regents of the Naksatras Maghâ (29˚Sagittarius to 9˚Capricorn) and Mûla (29˚Leo – 9˚Virgo) in the heavens above us.   —  M. Monier-Williams Sanskrit to English Dictionary, Vol. 1, page 911-12.]

Its Mouth [moving ‘jaws’ that speak the frequencies of sound potent with] atomic Knowledge [the metaphysics of atoms (anu), quantum particle physics] below, [here] in succeeding [Earth] time.

The enlightened, the ancient & alien [not from Earth],
wise, knowing, poet-seers, arrived here they say
prior to, beyond past future [our earth time],
thus [from] far beyond, in the remote constellation Capricorn [enâ],


who gifted with the Insight of regulated tones of utterance,


Mind thought-idea [as √vac] Sound-Light,
whence, out of which produced the born, here in this world.

The colonizers of our planet Earth did not use combustion engines to traverse space or even atomic energy. Their technologies were far more advanced that anything we have yet to imagine and include the warping of time. For example plasma is the most abundant form of matter in the Universe, thus there can be no plasma cartel. Using sound frequencies, our progenitors directed the Solar wind’s plasma and other sources of plasma that continually flow through space, including gamma ray bursts and the explosion of stars. Plasma has infinite conductivity and was concentrated to their use.

The Polar Regions, such as the Arctic Circle, receive the greatest intensity of solar plasma energy. Planet Earth’s dipole magnetic field acts as a natural concentrating conductor. In confluence with planet Earth’s dipole magnetic field, the concentrated plasma was funneled through the Polar Regions, through the earth’s core, and into the pyramids located around the planet. In that era, pyramids served as collectors and transducers, to create the torus and concentrate the resulting energies from plasma into an intense coherent path. [reference Inanna Returns, chapter X, The Ekur]


The spacecraft rushes everywhere, down a precipice, whirls & flies like the tempest.
“The Ribhus control the spacecrafts…”

We invoke respectfully these pioneers of roadways and space-crafts, to accept our reverential homage. O wise technicians, by your creative ability you design this never-erring, high rolling craft out of your genius workmanship.

  1. O leaders of physical, mental and spiritual realms, you have been very well known among the learned, that you can make your aged infirm parents young, so that they are able to walk and work again.
  2. You outline the details of the concept of dividing one globe into four quadrants, and by your toil and skill you change the barren crust of the earth to the fertile land, thereby quickly gaining immortal fame among the enlightened. …
  3. The food and wealth which have been created by the combined efforts of the pioneers [the Ribhus] of technology of roadways, waterways and airways has to be appreciated and acknowledged…
  4. Who has the patronage of experts in roadcraft, watercrafts and aircraft, becomes vigorous and skilled in war; he becomes a sage and eloquent, the brave and invincible in battles…blessed with excellent posterity.
  5. …you are master of wisdom, and therefore, O pioneers of roadways and aircraft…we call on you to come.
  6. O enlightened pioneers of technology having full knowledge of all…may you…fashion powerful and splendid machines.
    O pioneers of roadways, possessed of treasures, you have come here on a strong transport, mounted on a brilliant carriage, and having the jaws of iron.
  7. O pioneers of aircrafts, we invoke you, the possessor of war vehicles, devised by you as a result of team-work, of a great utility in war time, fast moving, highly priced, speedy and strong, complex in structure, and provided with sensitive and sensible components.
  8. O pioneers of the land and air transport, may you direct us on the way to the battlefield. O wise ones…may you traverse all the quarters of space.
    O pioneer of land and air transport, powerful and magnificent, terror to the enemies, you have been bestowing such rewards from earliest times, as belong to you only. You have given formidable and fierce weapons to the speedy vehicle for the destruction of infidels.
  9. And you too have given swift spacecraft, the repeller of rebels, the defender of all men, the straight-going like eagle, gracefully moving, the resplendent, the rapid, the destroyer of enemies…
  10. All men praise this spacecraft which rushes everywhere, down a precipice, springs with his feet like a hero eager for war, and whirls like the car and flies like the tempest.
  11. The spacecraft gains precious gifts in the battles and rushes fast, passing through the regions, whose vigour is manifest in all directions; and who undoubtedly as we know puts to shame the adversary of the pious man.
  12. And the space-craft, willing to come forth first amid these encounters, rushes in various directions with other rows of space chariots…
  13. And it is a mighty space fighter, who keeps enduring in battle…rushing swiftly upon the quick moving host of the enemy…
  14. And at its thunder, like the roar of heaven, the assailants tremble…
  15. Men praise the overpowering rapidity of this spacecraft, the accomplisher of the aspirations of mankind. Soldiers going to battle, declare that the swift spacecraft has proceeded forward against adversaries laden with thousands of firing units.
    Verily we praise that swift flying spacecraft, which scatters the enemies all around on the land in the space. …
  16. I reiterate the admiration of this great spacecraft… The experts of solar and hydroelectric powers have fabricated this fast moving craft, brilliant as fire, for all and sundry.
  17. May the supreme authority in association with expert technologists of thermal and hydro-dynamic energy, render it flawless. …
  18. Whilst we glorify the auspicious name of the great space-craft…let us for our welfare invoke also the technologists of hydro-electricity, solar energy, and fire, and the bearer of thunder arms.
  19. …invoke the spacecraft, as if he is the resplendent sun. The technical experts of water and electricity have given to us this spacecraft…
    This spacecraft goes according to schedule, and is bright like the sun in the high effulgent region, and is like a planet in the inter space…the dweller in the most excellent orb, balanced in space. It moves without impediment through the clouds, on the land, and amongst the mountains, always abiding by the code of instructions [Rita].
  • The Four Vedas: Mantras in Sanskrit with Transliteration & English translation (Set of 22 Volumes); Rig Veda, complete in 12 volumes; translated by Swami Satya Prakash Saraswati and Satyakam Vidyalankar; DAV Publication Division, Delhi, 2008, 2011.


“One deed destroyed 90 cities by heat!” / Indrâgnî
Rig Veda III.12

The external world is the mirror of the internal substratum that supports all temporal appearances. Everything that occurs in temporal apparent realms is a reflection of the substratum that exists within-beneath. The linear expression of these would be, “As above, so below.” However we do not exist in a linear world, rather our existence is nonlinear, with time being experiential and meaning layered according to states of consciousness.

The Progenitors who colonized our planet Earth would have been masters of metaphysics, which would never have been separate from their inter-dimensional sciences.

All the mantras in the Third Mandala of the Rig Veda are associated with the Rishi Vishvâmitra or his father and or his sons [RLK]. Vishvâmitra composed the 12th Mantra, which in verse 6 contains an intriguing description of ninety cities being destroyed simultaneously by one deed of Indra and Agni. The Sanskrit combines the words into Indrâgnî as if they are one entity. While I am certain that Indra is a cosmic force and also an individual person, Agni appears to be a cosmic force only.

The combination as one word implies a combined force. I am suggesting that Indrâgnî refers to an extreme type of thermoacoustic laser — a laser exponentially amplified by heat and sound that was used as a weapon to simultaneously disintegrate the 90 cities. It is the combined power of Indra and Agni that produce this weapon — and therefore the name Indrâgnî.

There are various weapons described in the epic Mahabharata, some that have the power to kill hundreds at once.

The Rig Veda really is all about the ultimate POWER, Cosmic Power, Shakti-Mâyâ Power — the power that pervades the universe as Soma (plasma), Indra (the force of kinetic energy that ignites, kindles), Agni (fire, thermonuclear & electric), Surya (radiation, not the Sun), and Rudra (primal sound) — because metaphysics is the underlying substructure of any true science of physics.

Rig Veda III.12.6 /R.L. Kashyap’s translation:

“By one deed, Indra and Agni shook down together, the ninety cities possessed by the destroyers.”

Other possible interpretations from multiple meanings:
Indrâgnî = Indra & Agni
navatim = ninety
puro = townships or strong holds.
dâsapatnîh = protected by the enemy or possessed by evil forces. The Dâsa or Dasyu are said to be the individual foes of Indra. Malati J. Shendge says they are Asuras and have individual names such as Pipru (VIII.32.2), Namuci (V.30.7-8), and Sambara (VI.47.21). They are clans; and Indra is called the ‘killer of Dasyus’ and ‘corded up the Dasyus without requiring any rope’ (II.13.9); patnîh means possessed by or protected by.
adhûnutam = dismantled, overthrow, “shook down together”; dhûnu = shaken, agitated; distressed by heat.
sâkamekena = simultaneously by one, one together; “with one united effort”; sâkam – at the same time.
karmanâ = by (one) action, by deed.

The verse is short concise and to the point. The Sanskrit word puro translated as townships or strongholds, not villages or grass huts. R.L. Kashyap translated puro as cities. So the description is of rather large settlements, not small rural villages. The phrase sâkamekena karmanâ implies that the 90 cities were destroyed by one act simultaneously.  Indrâgnî is credited with this deed.

Considering that the 90 cities were destroyed simultaneously by agitated shaken heat, our exploration of the electrolaser as a possible explanation seems to fall short in the sense that it is a directed beam. What kind of weapon could succeed in obliterating 90 cities simultaneously. Let us investigate the idea of thermoacoustics which have recently been found to be useful in imaging by a process known as photoacoustic spectroscopy, which is the measurement of the effect of absorbed electromagnetic energy (particularly of light) on matter by means of acoustic detection.

This was first discovered in 1880 by Alexander Graham Bell who found that the absorbed energy from a beam of light caused local heating and through thermal expansion a pressure wave or sound [WIKI].

Photoacoustic spectroscopy is used to study concentrations of gases at the part per billion or even part per trillion levels. By using intense lasers, instead of the sun, the intensity of the sound is increased in proportion to the light intensity. This technique is termed “laser photoacoustic spectroscopy” or “LPAS”. The sound signal is also amplified by enclosing the gaseous sample in a cyindrical chamber.

Our question is how much sound, meaning the power of sound waves is required to destroy 90 cities simultaneously. Sound propagates as a pressure wave and can be induced into virtually any material, including biologic tissue. This induction into matter occurs whenever time-varying electromagnetic energy is absorbed. Indrâgnî is electromagnetic energy, radiation, electric fire. The stimulating radiation which induces thermally generated acoustic waves into matter may lie anywhere in the electromagnetic spectrum, from high-energy ionizing particles to low-energy radio waves [paraphrased from WIKI].

On a small scale and a very pragmatic use is in thermoacoustic imaging which produces three-dimensional thermoacoustic images of biologic tissue and helps us see into our bodies to diagnose disease, etc. The source of the energy is said to typically consist of visible light, near inrared, radiowaves or microwaves.

If we consider the process by which thermoacoustic imaging works and expand it exponentially  in size, we may get some understanding of a weapon that could destroy 90 cities in one ‘deed’. Other waves may exist that we are not currently even aware of and that irradiate even more effectively, perhaps spreading spiraling out all around as the verse in III12.7 says: Indrâgnî, energy as electromagnetic fire moves forward, advances, rolling on, billowing, streaming, envelopes, surrounds and pervades.

In thermoacoustic imaging the biological tissue is irradiated by an energy source, which can be absorbed. In our case we are irradiating 90 cities. A massive spectrum of irradiation would be sourced high above the cities in the sky — even unseen invisible to the eye. In thermoacoustic imaging the absorbed energy then is converted into heat, and this increase in temperature of the tissue (or the 90 cities) is raised causing the tissue to expand. This mechanical expansion produces an acoustic wave that propagates outward in all directions from the sight of the energy absorption at the velocity of sound in biologic tissue.


A Torus in Rig Veda I.164.2

One [eko] chariot [aerial ship – ratham] carries, bears along [vahati],
allied, connected [yuñjanti] to the wheel [cakra – torus] having three axle-holes [trinâbhi – the axis of three geometric toroidal forms],

[which is fueled by]

the named seven powers [of the gaseous state of plasma – vâyu]
that generate velocity [ashvo – horse power],
that is un-decaying, unlimited [a source of perpetual energy].
All the worlds [bhuvana] stand and remain supported in these wheels [the torus geometric form].

The above verse I.164.2 contains the Sanskrit words trinâbhi-cakra defined by some scholars as three axle-holes. The verse is perplexing indeed and when I read Swami Amritananda’s statement that, “In fact no commentator is helpful in correctly understanding the meaning of trinâbhi-cakra – three axle-holes.” — I became more curious.

The Sanskrit root √nabh is defined as the navel, a navel-like cavity, the nave of a wheel; nâbhi means ‘to burst asunder or into a hole’. Suddenly it hit me that this eka-cakram ‘one wheeled’ source of power the Rishi Dîrgatamâ was writing about was a torus.
Like the Tokamat being developed by ‘Skunkworks’ and others, the ‘undecaying wheel’ that is not to be limited, not to be obstructed, irresistible, with its seven named powers, [saptanâmâ], was yoked to the aerial-ship, the chariot [ratham].

Therefore I am suggesting that ‘magnetic confinement fusion’ technology was around in the ancient days — and that it came with and from our progenitors who colonized planet Earth. Can we assume then that ‘magnetic confinement fusion’ technology is another so-called back-engineered gift from the extraterrestrials that our governments are allegedly in business with through the infamous ‘Deal’?



10,000 year old rock paintings depicting aliens and UFOs found in India


VIMANAS: India’s ancient relationship with UFOs & ETs
The Sanskrit word VIMANA is sometimes translated as temple, but more often as aerial ship – meaning a craft that flies high in the sky. The ancient Sanskrit texts are full of references to these flying VIMANAS,
For example in the MAHABHARATA:
… they again took to their city and employing their…wizardry flew up to the sky, city and all…their celestial, divinely effulgent, airborne city, which could move about at will. Now it would go underground, then hover high in the sky, go diagonally with speed, or submerge in the ocean.
On this sun-like, divine, wonder-working chariot [Arjuna] flew joyously upward, while becoming invisible to the mortals who walked on earth, he saw wondrous airborne chariots by the thousands.
India never rejected the so-called paranormal because its holy’ men & women have been achieving these SIDDHIS – as these powers are termed in Sanskrit – for centuries, even today with India’s high-tech revolution. A similar case could be made for Russia, which has a long tradition of psychics and other paranormal achievers.
We here in the west were ‘cleansed’ of much of this ability – which lies in the DNA and is passed through the mother – by the witch-hunts primarily in Europe, but also in colonial America. The church literally killed off those who could ‘SEE’. A tyrannical priest-craft burned specific DNA. Many indigenous populations with their beliefs in the invisible worlds and their shamans have suffered similar fates.
As Ingo Swann, the father of remote viewing at the Stanford Research Center, said: “Psychics are their [the ETs] only enemies.”
The immense catastrophic problems our world is facing are in fact METAPHYSICAL in nature. As long as our blinded-by-science experts ignore the invisible-only-to-us realms, we will remain dupes – unconscious victims.

In the Vedic literature of India, there are many descriptions of flying machines that are generally called Vimanas.  India’s national epic, The Mahabharata, is a poem of vast length and complexity. According to Dr. Vyacheslav Zaitsev: “the holy Indian Sages, the Ramayana for one, tell of “Two storied celestial chariots with many windows” “They roar like off into the sky until they appear like comets.” The Mahabharata and various Sanskrit books describe at length these chariots, “powered by winged lighting…it was a ship that soared into the air, flying to both the solar and stellar regions.”
“The Ramayana even describes a beautiful chariot which ‘arrived shining, a wonderful divine car that sped through the air’. In another passage, there is mention of a chariot being seen ‘sailing overhead like a moon.’ “
“The references in the Mahabharata are no less astounding…”


VAYU Purana, Part I, Chapter 53 – Arrangement of Luminaries

  1. There are crores (1000s) of constellations and as many stars too.
  2. The stars occupy their own abodes. These luminaries are the abodes of pious persons.
  3. The abodes are created by the Self-born Deity at the beginning of the Kalpa. They stay up to the dissolution of all living beings.
  4. These are the abodes of the deities in all Manvantaras. These deities identify themselves with these abodes and stay till the final dissolution.
  5. The abodes of those who have gone have vanished.
  6. In this Manvantara, the planets reside in aerial cars.
    (This is a particularly intriguing verse because it suggests the idea of planets as space ships or a giant space station-mother ship that might not require an orbit.)
     83. Svarbhanu…being a demon, harasses all living creatures.
    (There are myriad demon worlds as well, perhaps Reptilian or Borg-like.)
    VAYU Purana, Part I, Ch. 1, Verse 93.
    The stars in the form of constellations are mentioned along with the planets wherein are situated the residences of the gods who have performed meritorious acts.

These Loka worlds are all contained within this universe – the Cosmic Golden Egg known as Hiranya-garbha. The Puranas say that there are seven higher worlds and seven lower, but within these divisions are contained thousands of cities of the Nagas (serpents), Danavas (giants), Pisacas (eaters of raw flesh), and Raksasas (demons), and a multitude of other beings in a variety of possible existences.

All of these temporal illusory realities would correlate to some frequency of consciousness that was once emitted here on third dimensional planet Earth. These worlds all seem to have their own code of life that they adhere to, their own dharma, and the gods are often fond of the demons and have respect for them – when they are not at war with them, which happens repeatedly. Thus the primordial idea of The War in the Heavens is a frequent subject in the Sanskrit texts. These wars are often reflected here on planet Earth.

The Puranas also say that there are thousands of crores (millions) of these Cosmic Eggs!


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