E.M. Nicolay’s new book: “Wheels of Creation: A Guide to Life After Death, Reincarnation & the Journey of Your Soul”

E.M. Nicolay

“It is the ultimate goal of each and every Soul to reunite with Source in the Twelfth Universal Dimension, since it is from here that all Souls originate and are first cast out. The Soul’s miraculous journey of consciousness growth, achieved through reincarnation, transmigration and Ascension, exemplifies the multidimensional and unified nature of All That Is – God if you prefer – and represents the very essence of universal purpose.”  

“Wheels of Creation: A Guide to Life After Death, Reincarnation & the Journey of Your Soul” re-establishes the Truth behind the journey of your Soul, beginning with its origins and following its progression from lifetime to lifetime, through the Astral realms after physical death and from dimension to dimension.  This book investigates how Soul growth is achieved through the process of Reincarnation, Transmigration and Ascension in each Universal Dimension. “Wheels” explores the unique nature of the Soul and the Wheels of Creation it generates, as well as each lifetime’s relationship to you and the many lifetimes, or reincarnations, that your Soul manifests.

Over two decades of telepathic work has led to the astounding revelations compiled in the EssencePath book series.  Book Six in the Series, “Wheels of Creation: A Guide to Life After Death, Reincarnation and the Journey of Your Soul” continues an extraordinary exploration into higher levels of spiritual guidance and awakening.  Join us as we tour the Human Angelic Soul’s experience; from its origins to its many life incarnations in physical reality; from the process of Third Dimensional physical birth, life and death to your own journey after physical life through the Astral planes to reach final reunification and reintegration with your Soul.  Understand once and for all how and why your Soul plans numerous lifetimes in each Universal Dimension through “Wheels of Creation” that it casts out on the dimensional timeline; and learn how growth is achieved under the guidance of Celestial Beings with access to the Akashic Records in order to ensure Ascension through karmic balancing, vibrational enlightenment and interdimensional experiences.


VSF: Below is my review of E.M. Nicolay’s new book:

“The Wheels of Creation” is a masterpiece that clarifies all previous understandings of metaphysical, spiritual, and occult (hidden) Wisdom-Knowledge. E.M. Nicolay is not only a telepathic remote-viewer, he is a Seer who embodies the highest states of consciousness. In the ancient days of the Sanskrit Rig Veda, such a being was called a Rishi. Over the centuries as we have descended through the cycles of time, the truth of our existence, our history has been lost, obfuscated and twisted to serve the priestcraft in their various forms for the purpose of control. Nicolay’s revelations will set you free from all such mischief and restore your understanding of your place in this universe, your journey Home to God-Consciousness — as Nicolay terms it ‘All that IS.’

We have been living in deep states of ignorance, confusion and self delusion for centuries. As this cycle of time is coming to its close, Nicolay opens the portals to higher consciousness and a complete Knowledge of the dimensional realms, the structure of this universe and its substratum. For those of you who have sought the truth about our origins and the actual structural mechanics of our return to higher consciousness, this book will resolve your quest.

For most of my 75 years of this life, I have been seeking answers and longing to return Home. Over the years I have read hundreds of books on spirituality, metaphysics, and even the occult. Reading the sacred Sanskrit texts in various translations led me to study Sanskrit and thus I realized how many interpretations of these ancient teachings from the ‘school-men’ have been given to us over the centuries. I studied Taoism, Buddhism, Sufism, and others — but always returned to the sacred Sanskrit especially the Bhagavad Gita and Kashmir Shaivism. Around ten years ago, I began to attempt an understanding of the Rig Veda through my humble translations of these mysterious verses composed by the ancient Rishis, which no Indian scholars agree on.

Due to my decades of metaphysical study, I immediately recognized the Truth in the simplicity of the superb subtle consciousness flowing in the writings of E.M. Nicolay. Most remote viewers do not have the reverence necessary to receive and perceive higher Truth (Satya). Many channels simply have not absorbed metaphysical Truth and thus wander in endless ‘delusion thickets’ — and though their insights are valuable, they are often not grounded in the multidimensional structural Wisdom that emanates throughout Nicolay. He has the profoundly deep Wisdom-Knowledge of primordial traditional spiritual and metaphysical Wisdom.

Along with his spiritual Knowledge, as a telepathic empath visionary Nicolay also has ‘seen’ the larger universe and its endless various inhabitants. Our earth science has now declared that there are billions of galaxies — making the idea that Earth is the only inhabited planet in this universe absolutely absurd! The existence of other life forms, of extraterrestrial beings has been another obsession of mine. In my life I have seen over 30 UFOs, multiple visions of the colonization of Earth, and many other off-world experiences that I could never deny. Nicolay’s insight into the interaction of the human race with other races from other dimensional realms is in complete agreement with everything I have experienced.

For those of you who are interested in the current bio-invasion interference of these entities, I highly recommend his books, ‘The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions: New Revelations Concerning the Dimensional Shift of 2012-2250’ and the ‘Evolution of Human Angelics and Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension: The Future of Third Dimensional Earth and Fifth Dimensional Terra’. The truth does set us free.

It has been said that in the latter days, what has been hidden in darkness, shall be revealed. Nicolay’s “The Wheels of Creation” is the revelation of esoteric Truth we have all been waiting for. I am assured that it will become a classic, the primary reference text for all those who have ‘the ears to hear’ — those who are ready to absorb the Truth, the Real. I offer my deepest gratitude to E.M. Nicolay for bringing this book forth in our ever darkening times. Nicolay sweeps away the delusions we have been laboring under and makes way for us to enter the portals of true Enlightenment as we return to our Light bodies, our natural state and Become God Consciousness, as we Return Home.

V.S. Ferguson

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