My photographs of cloud formations generated by various types of radiation over the Olympic Peninsula, WA. – March 2021 / Invasion as the Intentional Alteration of Earth’s Electromagnetic Grid: “ELF and VLF radiation from all of the power lines on earth is reaching the ionosphere, and the magnetosphere above it, where it is being amplified up to one hundred thousand-fold by interaction with electrons. … The noise from 20,000 satellites that are plugged into the ionosphere will pollute the global electrical circuit that we are all plugged into. It will kill us and it must be stopped. …”

Contrast, etc. enhanced.

VSF: A recent collection of photographs I took from my home on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. I have altered the contrast, etc. in some of these to more clearly reveal the shapes of these bizarre cloud forms that are created by various kinds of radiation, microwave, radio frequencies r/f, and scalar wave radiation that is being used out here daily to facilitate EW Electronic Warfare operations.

This technology is a part of the geoengineering of our planet. Radiation is another factor in breaking down the immune system.

Contrast etc. enhanced to reveal scalar wave forms.
Contrast etc. enhanced.
No enhancements, ‘as is’ from the camera.

Sepia & contrast, etc. enhanced.
Very enhanced to reveal the geometric rectangular cloud form. Why?

Classic circular types. I saw these over Central Park in New York City, NY when I lived there.

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