We are Being Indoctrinated to Accept the Zeta Reticuli Grey Hybrids / Dr. David Jacobs & the Hybrids: “Taking over another planet is standard practice throughout the galaxy and hybridization is at least one method of accomplishing it. … planetary acquisition via hybridization has happened many times before. … It is common. It is routine. It is happening to us.”

VSF: These are my comments to a friend on our indoctrination and acceptance of the ET hybrids. Also I include a collection of my articles on the hybrids, Dr. David Jacobs, and E.M. Nicolay.

We are Being Indoctrinated to Accept the Zeta Reticuli Grey Hybrids

Remember the “Indigo children”?
They were supposed to be the SPECIAL ones born into this time to save us…
I met a few of these who claimed to be — or worse, their New Age mothers had put this into their heads. “You are an Indigo child. Born from me (of course…ego based). You have a special destiny.” etc.
The New Age is a delusional misinterpretation of the Sanskrit Wisdom-Knowledge and especially the ancient doctrine of Sankhya.

Sankhya: A philosophy founded by the sage Kapila, author of the Sankhya Sutras. Sankhya is primarily concerned with the “25 categories of existence/evolution – tattvas” . The first two are purusha and primal nature, prakriti—the dual polarity, viewed as the foundation of all existence. Prakriti, out of which all things evolve, is the unity of the three gunas: sattva, rajas and tamas. Sankhya and Yoga are considered an inseparable pair whose principles permeate all of Hinduism.

These children had an exaggerated view of their ‘special-ness’!!!
They thought they knew everything and became part of groups of lonely bored New Age housewives to reinforce their ego trip — what I call ‘bloat-head’!

“I’m an Indigo child.”
No one is special — everyone is a portion of the eternal, immutable, immeasurable One.

I think M. Rodwell and others like her (there are more hybrid indoctrination books on amazon & videos on YouTube) are using this weakness in the human psyche to get people to accept the hybrids. Because there may come a time when out of fear groups of people want to kill them.

Consider how the WOKE movement is preparing the way for the acceptance of others — which would include the hybrids.
This is propaganda indoctrination.

Both Nicolay and Dr. David Jacobs say there are now millions of them walking among us.
Many are new young new recruits in the military and more that are coming across our southern border from third world countries.
God only knows how many are in China!
Is WA DC made up of hybrids?
Bezos? Musk?
New Zealand’s Jacinda doesn’t look human… …

Here’s some info on Jacobs.
His book ‘Walking Among Us’ is very informative.
Many videos of him on YouTube.


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