Microsoft telling you how they will use the 5G grid along with the Covid19 jab to kill you / Nanobots in our Bodies: a nano-filament replication inhibitor / Our human Matrix is being covertly transformed into a Matrix compatible with the service-to-self hive-mind tyrant consciousness of the Dracos & the Zetas. / Suffering from VAX-CLOT? New blood-clotting disorder is sweeping the globe / Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticle /

This is Microsoft telling you how they will use the 5G grid along with the Covid19 jab to kill you

Suffering from VAX-CLOT? New blood-clotting disorder is sweeping the globe

Scientists around the world are discovering that the Covid-19 vaccines are causing the recipients to develop deadly blood clots, and all three inoculation manufacturers are getting “thrown under the bus” for this worldwide epidemic. One blood expert in Germany says a preservative in the AstraZeneca jab, EDTA, when it combines with stray proteins, is directly responsible for causing deadly blood clots. A 17-year-old basketball player from Utah suffered deadly blood clots on the inside and outside of his BRAIN almost immediately after getting a Covid inoculation, which doctors discovered when his parents brought him to the hospital with severe neck swelling and intolerable headaches. The boy could not even move his neck without using his hands. His mother said he was perfectly healthy before that vaccine. A man in Colorado said the Moderna vaccine made him develop two blood clots in his left leg. Many European countries have suspended the use of AstraZeneca’s vax-clot jab after charting so many blood clot cases.

This blood clotting disorder caused by vaccines is already at epidemic proportions, and could soon be the next pandemic. Instead of dying from the Black Plague, all the vaccinated sheeple will suffer from the injected mRNA protein/prion-creating “Blood Clot Plague.” The FDA announced Johnson & Johnson jabs must now carry a warning about blood clotting risks and low platelet count. Yes, the FDA is outright telling everyone that vaccines are clotting blood. That has to be the most dangerous side effect ever. They’re calling them “clotting events” because the word ‘event’ sounds fun, like some sporting event or a concert. Recipients and caregivers are supposed to read these vaccine warnings that are printed on the vaccine insert, but nobody ever does.

The 2nd and 3rd round doses of Covid vaccines will only exacerbate VAX-CLOT DISORDER possibly killing everyone who gets the full series of inoculations

Scientists have discovered ‘rare’ blood clots happening after humans get the J&J “Janssen” vaccine. These are rare blood clots called CVST – cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, as these clots obstruct the sinus channels of the brain, and this can cause deadly hemorrhages. Already nine patients suffered from sudden CVST after getting the Janssen jab, one of whom has passed away and two others are in critical condition.

Scientists in Israel have now linked the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine to heart inflammation, most likely due to blood clots clogging arteries, veins and or capillaries. If the heart gets overworked too much, these folks will suffer severe myocardial infarction. All of this is happening from the first (or second) of a series of Covid jabs that will certainly be followed up with booster shots and shots to address all the new, more virulent strains that have morphed and developed around the world. The question looms: How many million or billion people will suffer massive vax-clot blood plague from MORE mRNA medical experiment inoculations?

Any of these vaccinations that are suspended, recalled or declared too deadly for humans, are simply sold to another country (at wholesale pricing) that is unaware of the dangers. Bill Gates loves to send dirty vaccines to Africa and pretend he’s trying to help Black people with medical care, but he hates Blacks and targets teen girls for sterilization, so there’s that (tetanus vaccinations). These vaccines today are absolutely NOT safe and NOT effective, and the world must come to grips with that fast, or pay the ultimate price.

Covid vaccines instruct human cells to manufacture spike proteins uncontrollably, warns top virologist who helped create mRNA “technology”
“What has been discovered by the scientific community, is the spike protein, on its own, is almost entirely responsible for the damage to the cardiovascular system, if it gets in the circulation.” – Dr. Byram W. Bridle, PHD.

For years, scientists have said that when you get a vaccine, the concoction (this time add mRNA proteins) would stay in the (shoulder) muscle tissue, and do their immune system conjuring work from there, but now, they’ve discovered these proteins getting into the blood and even crossing the blood/brain barrier. This scientist is clarifying that the assumption of the scientific community, up until now, was that mRNA did not enter the blood or cross the blood/brain barrier, knowing that if they did, it could cause blood clots and brain damage. Have a careful listen to the most IMPORTANT whistleblower possibly ever. Introducing virus researcher and Covid-19 vaccine expert virologist, Dr. Byram Bridle, who may just be responsible for saving millions (or even billions) of lives by telling the truth about blood clotting caused directly by mRNA inoculations. You wanted scientific proof that the Covid vaccines are dirty, dangerous and deadly? You got it. Listen to this nine minute mind-blowing interview: 

Dr. Byram Bridle

ATTENTION anyone who has not been jabbed with dirty Covid jabs yet, realize that VCD (Vax-Clot Disorder) is sweeping the globe and there’s scientific proof that it’s real. Tune your internet frequency to for updates on these crimes against humanity being delivered under the guise of inoculation.

Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticle
Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) are a type of MNP that show magnetic properties in the presence of an external magnetic field.
From: Advanced 3D-Printed Systems and Nanosystems for Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering, 2020
Antimicrobial Applications of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
Amedea B. Seabra, … Paula S. Haddad, in Nanostructures for Antimicrobial Therapy, 2017

Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) have drawn attention because of their excellent superparamagnetic properties such as controllable size, large surface area-to-volume ratio, and nontoxicity. Surface functionalization of SPIONs with therapeutic molecules, including antimicrobial agents, has been successfully used in nanomedicine. Through application of an external magnetic field, antimicrobial-loaded SPIONs can be guided to the desired infection site allowing a direct and specific therapeutic effect with minimum side effects. The great advantage of SPIONs is their magnetic properties that allow direct delivery of matter into the pathogen zone without influencing the whole organism, which incites an increasing interest in the development of antimicrobial SPIONs. This approach is interesting because of emerging problems such as the increase of resistant bacterial strains, biofilm formation, and the possibility of treating and diagnosing parasitic diseases. In this context, this chapter presents and discusses what makes SPIONs so unique, showing recent progress, drawbacks, and challenges in the design of SPIONs as nanocarriers for antimicrobial agents. This chapter is intended to be a source of inspiration for new developments in this promising field.

Drug delivery nanosystems for musculoskeletal regeneration
Maryam Ghaffari, … Saeid Mollazadeh-Bajestani, in Nanoengineering in Musculoskeletal Regeneration, 2020
3.2.4 Magnetic nanoparticles

Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) have been studied for various biomedical applications, such as contrast agents, iron replacement therapies, drug delivery, tissue repair, hyperthermia, cell and tissue targeting, and transfection. SPIONs have an iron oxide core that is coated by an organic or inorganic layer. Bare SPIONs may be toxic because there is chemical reactive, so the coating layer prevents aggregation and agglomeration of the nanoparticles and reduces iron oxide oxidation. SPIONs are largely studied for magnetic resonance imaging and targeted delivery of drug and antigen to the required sites. Vismara et al. [118] designed a new theranostic SPION system loaded with paclitaxel as a drug and coated with bovine serum albumin (BSA) and hyaluronic acid. BSA protein was used to improve the colloidal stability of the SPIONs.

Hyaluronic acid can specifically bind to CD44 receptors on various cancer cells and also provide biocompatibility and biodegradability. Not only the results showed that the SPIONs have a great potential for targeted imaging, but also IV injection of the SPION system to mice showed that the drug is diluted in blood steam and concentrated in the tumor. The protective shells that are used against degradation of SPIONs and enhanced biocompatibility of the nanoparticles might result in reducing magnetization and pharmacological activity of the loaded drug. In this way, Gaspar et al. [119] used polyethylene glycol sorbitan monooleate nonionic surfactant to obtain a stable water-based suspension. The obtained SPIONs showed high magnetic content (93% of iron sites) and a high saturation magnetization value.

The protein loading on these nanoparticles indicated good loading efficacy and capacity of SPIONs for a lower concentration of protein. A novel drug delivery material for treating bone diseases has been studied by Tran et al. [120]. They coated the synthesized magnetite and maghemite nanoparticles with calcium phosphate. The results showed that calcium phosphate coating could improve bone cell function. Magnetic nanoparticles have also been investigated as carriers of the oligonucleotides to regulate gene expression. To prevent corrosion of the nanoparticles and avoiding the leaching of potentially toxic species into the body, the magnetic nanoparticles must be coated. Natural polymers like carbohydrates and proteins, besides synthetic polymers like PEG and polyvinyl alcohol, are popular coating materials for magnetic nanoparticles [121].

Methods of Analysis
S.H. Crayton, … Z. Cheng, in Comprehensive Biomaterials II, 2017 Other disease applications
SPIONs have also begun to be used for imaging in other disease applications. For example, folate-tagged SPIONs have been shown to be more rapidly endocytosed by macrophages in vitro, and have been shown to produce a hypointense signal in affected joints when injected intravenously into an in vivo antigen-induced arthritis model.313 Meanwhile, in vitro studies have shown that mannan-labeled SPIONs are more rapidly taken up by lipopolysaccharide-treated neutrophils, demonstrating the potential use for SPIONs in identifying the uncontrolled immune response that leads to sepsis.314 Finally, anti-rhodopsin-labeled SPIONs have also shown promise for detecting retinopathy in mice.315,their%20unique%20physical%2C%20chemical%2C%20magnetic%20and%20biocompatibility%20properties.

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