The Quickening: Part 1 & 2 by E.M. Nicolay / Graphene sensors read elusive low-frequency brain waves – Graphene Flagship / Vaccine Safety Advocate Tells RFK, Jr.: VAERS Protects Vaccine Makers, Not Kids / How to Operate a Human via Remote Control / Metaphysics of Invasion: “Their efforts are geared towards potentially trapping your world and the Souls that inhabit it in universal third dimensional density without the possibility of Ascension at this juncture in order to exploit your realm for their own species.”

Spirals formed by scalar wave radiation in clouds. Helical resonators carrying transmissions.

The Quickening: Part One / E.M. Nicolay


It is the next phase of the program that will allow activation of the hive-mindedness, scalar thought-control technology that has now been perfected and put in place. Time is of the essence for those implementing these plans, in order for the coming stages to be covertly deployed. Let us explain.

Many (not all, but many) who are being vaccinated currently will begin to experience auto immune and other biological and physical issues within one to five years of receiving the experimental mRNA vaccines. Those who already had compromised immune systems will be first to begin to feel those effects, and many, if not most, will ultimately pass from physical reality as a result over time. Because the adverse reactions are greater than expected and because more and more are becoming aware daily that something is amiss, the program’s expediency is being augmented.

Already, adverse effects are being relegated to other causes, such as old age or other preexisting conditions, many of which are originally said to be the reason these individuals were more at jeopardy in the first place, which in fact they are. Even so, warnings are already beginning to emerge. It’s one thing to write of an adverse reaction or death in someone aged, but quite another to write them off in a youngster that was previously healthy.

Because of this, agencies have reluctantly begun to place warnings on the vaccinations, while simultaneously assuring the public that the percentages are small enough as to be negligible. But what exactly is negligible, and is that truly the case?

As more and more people are made aware of the danger, the program falls into peril, and as we said, the next phase is useless without the current phase being complete. Thus, the quickening takes place.

… the experimental technology. As an example, heart failure, stroke, thrombosis, diabetes or brain damage, all long-term complications possible from the Virus, but also possible through a Spike Protein engineered by one’s own cells without the actual Virus attached, will most likely not be attributable to the experimental vaccines.

Nor will this be recognized as collateral damage by any but the most attuned. Naturally, that is assuming almost an entire population has been vaccinated, permitting scalar thought technology to be implemented in order to generate the hive mind and artificial thought guidance necessary to calm the masses. The irony, of course, is that for the most part the artificial thought guidance generated by implementation of this new technology will be interpreted by most as their own personal, inner most thoughts and feelings. Regardless of this, however, over the coming decade many compromised individuals will leave an inconvenient and compromised physical body, departing physical reality on your plane of reality. 

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Part 2: As we have said many times, the Transhumanism program, originated by extraterrestrials working with global governments without them understanding that a bio-invasion is occurring, will not be successful. … human bodies being used for hybrid Soul incarnations by extraterrestrial Soul races versus continuing incarnations by Human Angelic Souls into genetically manipulated human physical bodies.

Graphene sensors read elusive low-frequency brain waves | Graphene Flagship

A biocompatible implant based on graphene safely measures and predicts brain states.
Graphene Flagship scientists have developed a sensor based on CVD graphene that detects brain signals in a wide frequency band, from extremely low frequencies to high frequency oscillations. The sensor is biocompatible and could be used to measure and predict brain states. Furthermore, the graphene sensors could be used in chronic implants due to their high stability in the brain.
The study was conducted by scientists at Graphene Flagship partners the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2), the Microelectronics Institute of Barcelona (CSIC), CIBER-BBN and ICREA, Spain, Ludwig-Maximilians University, Germany, and the University of Manchester, UK, in collaboration with Graphene Flagship partner Multi Channel Systems GmbH, Germany.

The consortium showed that graphene-based sensors grant access to an elusive low-frequency region of brain activity. Current methods to detect brain waves use metallic electrodes, which are ineffective at measuring very low-frequency activity – known as the ‘infra-slow’ region. Thanks to graphene’s sensitivity, scientists can now easily gather information from this region and paint a better picture of animals’ brain activity. This could form the basis for new types of neurotherapeutic medical technology.

Using a technology developed by ICN2 and the Microelectronics Institute of Barcelona, in the framework of the Graphene Flagship and the BrainCom European projects, Graphene Flagship scientists built an array of transistors that record and transmit activity information when implanted into the brain. The sensor has small channels on the surface: when they make contact with brain tissue, the electrical signals within the brain cause small changes in conductivity. These changes produce a signal and are recorded to create a brain activity ‘fingerprint.’

“With our array of devices, based on CVD graphene, we can record signals from the infra-slow region with very high accuracy,” Jose Garrido, from Graphene Flagship partner ICN2, Spain, explains. “In the brain, there is a correlation between lower and higher frequencies of brain activity, so the lower frequencies tend to dictate what the higher frequencies look like. We demonstrated that, by measuring the infra-slow activity, with frequencies below a tenth of a hertz, we can decode the ‘brain states’ of an animal.” Garrido believes this technology could lead to new treatments for brain disorders like epilepsy, as certain characteristic signal patterns could reveal ‘brain states’ likely to lead to seizures.

Vaccine Safety Advocate Tells RFK, Jr.: VAERS Protects Vaccine Makers, Not Kids
Eileen Iorio told RFK, Jr. on the “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast” that while VAERS was created to protect children from vaccine injury by reporting adverse events to Congress, the government-funded reporting system has never followed through on that mission.
In a new episode of the “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast,” Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., vaccine safety advocate Eileen Iorio, Wayne Rohde, author of “The Vaccine Court,” and Stan Gotshall of the VaccineData project, discuss the failures of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, including why the system captures fewer than 1% of America’s vaccine injuries.
The government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S. was created to protect children from vaccine injury. “It was supposed to trigger alerts and warnings,” said Iorio, mother of a vaccine-injured child and author of “HPV Vaccine On Trial.”
But what VAERS really does, Iorio told Kennedy, is exonerate vaccine makers from civil liability.
VAERS was designed to submit bi-annual reports to Congress on vaccine injury in children, but that never really happened, according to Iorio, who said, “Very little has been reported there until 2020-2021” — when COVID vaccines were rolled out.
While it’s unclear if the spike in the number of COVID vaccine adverse events is due to an increase in injuries, or is the result of better reporting, Iorio said COVID vaccine injuries now account for 30% of total adverse event vaccine reports recorded since 1990.
Kennedy said one of the reasons VAERS is so flawed is that it’s a voluntary system that relies mostly on doctors to report vaccine injuries.
Kennedy said:
“Doctors are taught in medical school that vaccine injuries are mythology. They also are disincentivized from reporting too many. Doctors who do report them are punished by professional societies.”
Listen to the interview to hear how more than 99% of vaccine injuries are likely not being reported, and how doctors are discouraged from reporting vaccine injuries to VAERS.

How to Operate a Human via Remote Control

Dr. Charles Morgan speaks to cadets and faculty at West Point’s the Modern War Institute about a range of topics, including on psycho-neurobiology, and war.
As the person who uploaded this to YouTube commented, “For all we know, those who’ve had the deep brain biopsy swab could possibly, via nano-tattoo & subsequent forming of synthetic 3rd DNA-strand, be on ‘remote control’ already.”

“From the human drone technology standpoint, you can attach the human brain to another human brain, you can direct motor activity or you can send communication and information. Dr. Ventner’s work is, my my view, the equivalent of the development of nuclear weapons, when you realize that he created life in a cell; he programmed yeast cells to produce anything he wanted.
“These can be inserted into you through the hypospray needles. You put in a specific gene slicing, you program what you like, you put it in the cell and it can reproduce and make as much as you like. It sends a signal and tells which portion of the DNA should unwrap, unfold and produce a product.
“Related to this is an idea called “dreads”. These are designer receptors that can be remotely-controlled. You can create a cell, you can put it somewhere in the body and you can remotely activate it.
“So you have the capacity to create any product, as long as you know the DNA sequence, you can insert it into a living system and you can remotely control it.
“That may affect the way you think, the way you act, so once you know that the technology is there to edit, splice and program a cell and the technology currently exists to administer it to somebody and have it go park anywhere you program it to go park, proliferate and do its function, you can have things activated in other people’s brains.
“These people have figured out how to hide imagery in the DNA of bacteria you can have the information reproduced in a string form, as a form of a protein. The new way to hide information is going to be in DNA.
“This is the first experiment showing what imagery you can hide in bacteria. This is the latest. It’s a gif file.
“Well, this is what the Chinese are doing with DNA; merging DNA systems with quantum computing will be really quite an amazing and both lethal threat.
“The next thing I wanted to mention to you is memory. Can we erase memory? Can we modify memory? Can we change memory? Short answer is, ‘Yes’.”

Graphene Oxide

NASA Worldview screenshots of bizarre cloud forms generated by scalar wave radiation and toxic metal nanoparticles – on July 12, 2021. Similarities to graphene oxide?

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