E.M. Nicolay: Safety Lies in the Eye of the Hurricane / Electromagnetics: The Draco Reptilian Race as Attenuation and the “foothold” Invasion of Earth


Remember that fear and anger, as well as all intense, negative emotions, deaden your connection to your Soul. Meditate daily as a way to monitor and revitalize your vibrational integrity, your cellular resonance and your level of consciousness, since these are protective to you. Do so even if it seems as though your physical biology and your person are in jeopardy or being compromised.

Now, more than ever, know that events in your reality will unfold and seek you out based on their compatibility with your vibrational state and your conscious intention. It is time to take responsibility for that state. Refrain from conclusions or judgments, and consider each side as equal, even if you do not agree with one or the other. Be flexible and neutral. Do not take sides, and see instead the futility in doing so. Banish anger, fear, loathing, contempt and any attempt to persuade, coerce or oblige others. Consider carefully which groups are worthy of your attention, and with whom you entrust your Truth when you create your inner beliefs structure.

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