Clif High: The Mantids and Mastery Woo – “[The Mantids] have the ability to manipulate consciousness… the Mantids are behind it all” / Dr. David Jacobs & the Hybrids: “Taking over another planet is standard practice throughout the galaxy and hybridization is at least one method of accomplishing it. … planetary acquisition via hybridization has happened many times before. … It is common. It is routine. It is happening to us.”

“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”  — Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras

“Consciousness shines in various external and internal forms.
There is no existence of objects apart from consciousness.
Therefore the world is simply a form of consciousness.”

 — Kalikakrama, as quoted in the Shiva Sutras translated by Jaideva Singh

VSF: This is an interesting video from Clif High, who has a patent on computer-assisted reading technology which allows reading from computer screens at up to 2000 words per minute. Reaching into other areas of hidden potential within language use by humans, he has been developing a system of software internet agents (like search engines use) and other proprietary processing methods to predict future events. The software project, begun in 1997, captures near-real-time changes in language patterns within internet discussions. Then, employing radical linguistic techniques of his own devising, he develops a model which anticipates future events with some seeming accuracy. The processing has, at its core, a method of assigning emotional values to complex content and time carry-values to predict changes in future behavior based on how people are using language now.

This Clif High video concerns what he terms the ‘Mantids’ which I believe are the same beings that Dr. David M. Jacobs term the ‘Insectalins’ in his book “Walking Among Us, The Alien Plan to Control Humanity” [2015].
Dr. Jacobs describes the Insectalins as leaders, the ones in command with superior intellects and breadth of understanding. Jacobs has regressed hundreds of abductees.

Dr. Jacobs: “They appear to have more knowledge of the abduction program than other aliens. Insectalins are supremely logical and appear to lack a human-like emotional life. … they care little about human civilization. To them humans are an inferior species … whom they can manipulate, not only individually, but societally as well.”

This correlates with what Clif High says about his Mantids. They consider it their right to suppress civilizations and races throughout the galaxies [in the Third Dimensional Realm]. As I have said many times, it is absurd to think we are alone in a universe with literally billions of galaxies!

What we are experiencing now is a planetary takeover! An invasion of human consciousness — a bio-invasion!

Dr. Jacobs: “Insectalins have no sense of human morality or ethics … abducting people is a logical means to an end. … Insectalins care little about the people whom they use to create hybrids. They express no guilt or regret … They do, however, express a strong entitlement to do whatever they want to humans.”

As you will see, Clif High says that these beings operate on a level of consciousness — a lower level of consciousness that is entirely tyrannical. He also says that they control others, for [my] example the Dracos and the Greys! They control it all! They have penetrated the consciousness of our leaders through mind control, and infused our world with the fumes of tyrannical manipulation and the dictatorships we are now becoming painfully aware of.

Whatever you choose to term these creatures — Archons, demons, worshippers of Satan, Mantids, Insectalins — the frequency waveforms of their consciousness is the same. They hate individual freedom and all feelings of compassion. They cannot conceive of any other way beyond the hive-mind.

Clif High is very optimistic!

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Clif High

Excerpts from the video on Forbidden Knowledge website:

… Clif then proceeds to describe his encounters with mantid beings and with a member of a humanoid race that had problems with Mantids and had kicked them off their planet.
He says, “The Mantids may be what we call ‘archons’, here on Earth in ancient times. Because these guys don’t work by walking around here physically, even thought they are physical and they may, indeed be able to come here physically. They work through this media of consciousness and to them, the perfect society, the perfect order is what they have.

“And they fear – and that’s really the only emotion that they have – they have irritation, they have sort-of placid satisfaction but they don’t have any big ups and they don’t have any big lows in emotions, because they don’t have a central nervous system, the way we do and beyond that, they don’t have a vagus nerve…

“Communism is exactly the way that the Mantids work. The Mantids are insects. And they’re a very predictable kind of an insect. So, this Mantid that I was…interacting with, at first was this big fer. And the older they are, the bigger they get. They physically have to shed their body and keep growing. But their minds don’t grow.

“They fear. And they fear us….They fear all species, all beings that can individually learn. And so their social order is entirely Communistic. It is entirely a dictatorship. And it is entirely a scientific dictatorship. And it is entirely structured and it is bred into them and they could not rebel against it, if they tried… 

“This [Mantid] scientist, who was very old had basically learned no more stuff. He’s done lots of experiments and so forth but here’s the weird part about it…The old scientist was doing the work for the young Mantid, because the young Mantid had just hatched. And in Mantid World, that meant that the young Mantid knew more than the old Mantid did and knew more than the old Mantid ever would. Because here’s the thing with these insects: they literally put their brains and their knowledge into them while they are in the egg. And when they hatch, they have all of that knowledge, instantly.

“Their strategy doesn’t involve being an infant, doesn’t require going to school or any of that. They don’t do any of those kinds of things. It’s a huge…savings of time to do it this way, but it has this very fatal flaw. And this very fatal flaw is, in order to learn anything new, which is just excruciatingly difficult for any of the adults – they can…but it is not easy, nor native nor natural for them and there’s no mechanism within their ability to connect to – we don’t store our memories and stuff in our brain, it’s an antenna that connects to the larger consciousness. The Mantids don’t have that. They have no ability to have neuroplasticity and make new connections…because of the rigidity and the nature of their body, mainly.

“Anyway, so the Mantids operate on this dominance hierarchy that’s all power and its all-powerful scientists that are instantly all-powerful as soon as they’re hatched. Now, they have to go through a ‘hardening of the body’ stage…but they start barking out orders as soon as these fers are out of that egg case.

“And all the other Mantids just accept it; just pick up on it and that’s the nature of the Mantid society and so, if they need to learn something, if they collectively go through this process, and decide that they needed to learn something, basically…they program themselves…they can program new knowledge into other Mantids without having to know what that knowledge is…

“Basically, they do a chemical bath on the eggs, they give knowledge to the being that way and the being hatches and it’s in charge. And it’s the new Joe Biden, it’s the new head Communist. And so, it runs around and it gives you orders.

“This is the ultimate in authoritarian, structured, non-changing societies. And the Mantids fear beings like us…It was freaked out by me because instantly, it knew I learned…This is their big fear. They know sht. These things are ancient. Beyond our ability to understand ancient. And they know sht beyond our ability to grasp. But they’re afraid, because every time they do something, we can learn from it. They know we can learn from it, they can’t stop us from learning from it but they still must react, knowing we’re going to learn from it and do something different and then, they’ll have to struggle and struggle and struggle to try to react to our something different. They don’t do well with different. They don’t do well with change.

These are the beings that instruct all the other fers in the pantheon of UFO World’s ‘alien horrors’. And all the other fers are controlled by the Mantids.

The Reptiles are controlled, because they have such a crude, very, very crude vagus nervous system, that you can just tap into it with your mind and tell ’em, ‘Turn left, turn right…
“But the Mantids are behind it all and they’re hugely ancient. And they really are afraid. And fear is growing. They have as much fear in them as the Deep State does, because the Deep State can’t control us and it is exactly the same thing. Every move the Deep State makes exposes them more and we learn more….
“The Mantids have Communism down pat. It’s built into their bodies. When they hatch eggs, they hatch ’em into this system. And they’re trying to impose this system on all other species.”

Clif says the humanoid he met in hyperspace told him that they had thrown the Mantids off their planet a long time ago and that they had been progressing ever since. It was he who had explained the importance of the vagus nervous system and how key it was, especially the ‘X’ nerve, Nerve Ten.
“Nine and Ten of the cranial nerves are tied into the vagus system and are very unique in a specific way. Again, the details are not meaningful to you at this point. 
“We have the ability, because of the way the vagus nervous system is built within us, to be very superior to the Mantids and they are very much afraid of this. Because we have the capability of mastery. Mastery is an interesting thing. I consider myself a master of Aikido…I’ve done Aikido for 30 years and I’m a White Belt. And I’m a very, very, very good White Belt.  I am a master of Aikido. I am a master of Aiki-jujutsu.
“Once you get mastery in one thing, some people will tumble to the idea of becoming ‘masters of mastery’. And then, they’ll take that ability to master something and they’ll aim it at something else, shrink the time, because they know how to do that, because they’re a master at this other thing and you apply these same principles and they become a master at this thing. The more things you master, as you go forward in your life, the more things it becomes easier to master…

“Bear in mind, that the Mantids are born with knowledge and will never, ever, ever know mastery. And to them, mastery is the ultimate prize. This is because, mastery, to them – and to us – is true magic. It’s a response of the physical environment and the…people executing the mastery, the sensei, the master; it is their body, their emotions, their knowledge, their thinking, in that moment that demonstrates mastery.

“And it is done without a conscious application. That is to say, the master doesn’t go out there and say, ‘OK, right now, in this moment, I’m going to demonstrate this particular mastery.’ No. You just go and you do it…It’s the flow. You get into the groove and it’s the peak experience. The Mantids…will never, ever, ever have any of this. Really, I feel very sad, whenever I think about them and I feel sorry for them.

“They are as they are and they are my enemy, because of what they want to do to me but they don’t do it out of malice, only doing it out of their own fear. Nonetheless, they shall not do it to me and I must fight them on this. And so they are the enemy and the ultimate head of the enemy class. But they are to be pitied, because their experience in this life is so – in my opinion – so shallow and so sad and doomed. 

“So, the Mantids fear the master of anything… They recognize that that acquisition of mastery has demonstrated the actual movement of that individual from one level to a higher level. Now, bear in mind, they’re born to the best they’re ever going to be. Their first day is the best they’re ever going to be, they’re going to live a monstrously long life and deteriorate the entire time! Truly sad beings. But they are our enemy and they’re trying to oppress us with Communism.

[The Mantids] have the ability to manipulate consciousness… [The humanoid] told me that the Mantids were physically repulsed from their complex of planets. These [humanoids] lived on a string of planets in a solar system and they actually had to physically fight the Mantids. They had to destroy the bugs and it was not a good time for anyone and it took a horrible toll on their social order across all three planets. And they were successful…

“I know this guy celebrates – they celebrate all the time getting the Mantids thrown out of their system and it was at a cost of 100% death of the enemy. The Mantids. They don’t surrender. You can’t reform them, they can’t be jailed, because they have this ability to do things in consciousness…and so, you simply must eradicate them.

“And that, alone, to this very intelligent, highly-emotional species – one of the things he told me was their entire species changed color from the agony of having to kill all of the Mantids to get them off the planet…and so, humanity is at this point, now. We’re having to throw off the Mantids.
“We can’t see them, because they’re hidden from us but…they’re manipulating the enemy class to do their will – not the enemy’s will but the Mantids’ will. And it is their goal that we shall never have mastery, that we shall be one of the species that they keep perpetually under their – I don’t know what you would call their digits they’re certainly not thumbs!
“And they fight all the time. Mantids constantly engage, all around the Materium, all around the Universe, trying to suppress species capable of learning. And because we can, many of us gain mastery and they fear mastery. And they fear the woo…

“So we have the echo of that here on our planet, because it makes no sense, all of the actions of the Fascists…at the top and that’s because those actions are not necessarily intended to make sense. They’re not necessarily a sensical thing to do. And they’re only happening because the Mantids are fing with us. We’re being fed with at a very deep level…
“Any human can be recovered, in my opinion, because we can all learn. And some humans will present themselves and demonstrate that they’re not redeemable and we’re going to have to figure out what we’re going to do with ’em but in the meantime, in this irregular war, that we’re fighting against Communism here, in the United States against the global elitist Communism, all across the Western Hemisphere, the Western Republics and against the Mantids, who are probably deep in the Earth, or somewhere in consciousness where they’re they’re looking down and they’re controlling this, as we fight this war, remember we can learn, we can do things, we can acquire knowledge. The enemy cannot.

“The enemy is rigid. The enemy must always react within specific parameters, even though, at times, they will be trepidatious about those reactions, about doing those things, because they know we’re going to learn from them and we’ll figure out something else for them to have to figure out how to try and react to them. And this is causing them a great deal of trouble.
“So, this is for all of the people that are waking up and getting the itch…You’re not going to slug anybody. You’re not going to use your own poor emotion control and take it out on some other human. You’ve got to be smarter than that. Our goal is to harry, to drive the Deep State in ways that it would not go, simply because we’re down there, gnawing at its feet, every time it steps down. We’re poking at it with little sticks…we’re gonna keep doing this…we’re gonna wear the bastards down…”

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