Self-Mastery: This universe is multi-dimensional. Adepts with mastery over consciousness move easily from one dimension to another without any vehicle.

VSF: In these days of madness, confusion and endless lies, I have taken Refuge in the sacred inspiring mysteries of the Rig Veda. I have been translating a few of the verses regarding the Ribhus, who are said to be the disciples and highly skilled technicians that work with Tvashta the ‘creator of living beings’ and the maker of Indra’s thunderbolt, the Vajra — among many other amazing deeds.

In doing so, I have come across some older writings that came from the God-within me in New Zealand 2011-12. I share these with you in the hope that their words will give you courage to face the increasingly dark days that are ahead of us all. I have added my own thoughts, as my understanding has been increased and enhanced over the years.

This universe is multi-dimensional. Adepts with mastery over consciousness move easily from one dimension to another without any vehicle.

This to me is confirmation that the demonic/archontic frequencies that are now being layered over our suffering planet cannot penetrate our consciousness, as long as we remain in what I term ‘higher ground’ — meaning in frequencies that are beyond them, vibrational waveforms of compassion, forgiveness, love and Knowledge, they have no ability to understand.

A Yuga is a cyclical period of time which yokes a soul to a specific frequency of consciousness. Therefore the DNA of unique races functions within that frequency spectrum …

The races that are invading our planet are trapped in a limited spectrum of understanding. Their capacities for feeling compassion, for a sense of individuality, and respect for others is confined by their DNA, their programming.

… until an individual becomes aware of the limited nature of expression available.

Thus Becoming aware, they experience Enlightenment, meaning the they Become the Light of the One they have always been. They are then liberated, free of the limitations of the yoke of all the Yugas — free from any and all cycles of time.

My understanding is that because we earth humans have the Chakra System, this experience of Enlightenment is available to us. And perhaps not for all races in the Third Dimension. It has been said that the Greys had this ability at one time, but through misuse and abuse, lost their access the higher realms. Perhaps this is one reason why they despise us!

Enlightened masters are free to move from one dimension — meaning one specific vibrational frequency — to another. Or they may return to the One, the imperishable, immeasurable, immutable, eternal ONE, their origin from whence they emerged.

The thousands of universes, space and all the galaxies exist in an ocean of consciousness.

Prakriti is the subtle cosmic fluid that takes on the ‘appearance’ of objects — stars, planets, trees, etc. — through endless cycles of creation and dissolution [PRALAYA]. Everything floats in this ocean of cosmic fluid, because everything is created from it and is therefore not separate distinct from it.

We perceive the universe as distinct separate manifestations only because we are limited to five-sense differentiated perceptions. The five senses send signals to our brain. Then each of us interprets these signals based on our accumulated collection of VASANAS, impressions in the mind from past experiences.

These Vasanas control our data-collection vehicle and are most often merely repeating compulsions that we are controlled by. At some point we begin to suspect repeating patterns in our lives and in the behavior of others. Clever tyrants know how to use these unconscious compulsions to manipulate and control us. Fear and shock are effective control mechanisms.

The only true Free Will we have is to Remember who we are!

The rest are endless repetitive compulsions that increase in density and misery as we descend through the Cycles of Time. This explains why here and now, in the Twilight of this Kali Yuga, so many remain in ignorance of their true nature.

Yet, many are also waking up to the God-within them that also resides in ALL — ubiquitous. Let that be you!

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