The Bio-Invasion of the human body on Third-Dimensional planet Earth by the Draco Reptilians and the Zeta Reticuli Grey races / Celeste Solum: “It’s ready to ‘clean up like a fish’ your physical body, turning your body into a dwelling place, a container, for demons, fallen angels, aliens… You could actually call it hybrid life.” / Nanotech with Celeste Solum / The Smallest-Ever Injectable Chip Hints at a New Cybernetic Medicine / Superparamagnetic nanoparticle delivery of DNA

The Bio-Invasion of the human body on Third-Dimensional planet Earth by the Draco Reptilians and the Zeta Reticuli Grey races

VSF: What we are currently experiencing is not as depicted in our sci-fi movies. We have not been invaded by space ships shooting laser-rays. We are in the midst of a bio-invasion. The kill-shot injection is in fact being used to alter our human DNA to suit the needs of the invaders, in particular the Zeta Greys who desperately need a need vehicle to house their souls — because they have destroyed the own home world by manipulating their DNA and through wars. The Zetas are very advanced in genetic sciences. The Reptilians have been incarnating into human bodies for centuries — thus the careful guarding of the bloodlines that have kept this planet under their control.

We have been invaded. We are at war! The variety of results is due to the fact that the Zetas are experimenting with different mixes to find out what works with what racial groups around the planet. They are exploring potentials to serve their needs. The inoculated will be antennas controlled remotely, filled with nano-bots and other devices to generate the hive-mind. None of this is intended to ever benefit the human being. Ever. We will be turned into a slave race or dead, cycled off the planet.

The mRNA injections are gene therapy and are not what we have been told. They have nothing to do with a cure, as we can now plainly see. Most of those who have succumbed to the jab are now coming down with the illness. So where was the protection?

E.M. Nicolay: Those … who laugh off the Zetas’ efforts to keep Earth at second and third density have no understanding of the betrayal they are serving on the human Soul matrices.”

E.M. Nicolay says that we in fact have been invaded, but not from outer space as we have often seen in science fiction films. The alien conquest of Earth is being attempted from within the human form itself — a Bio-Invasion. “The potential exists for alien Souls and Souls not related to Human Angelic to incarnate into physical human bodies through the use of emerging hybrid genetics and DNA manipulation.”

Nicolay: “Unbeknownst to their ‘human’ associates … these extraterrestrials … principle objective [is] the hampering of your universal Ascension and even the permanent isolation of your world together with the Souls experiencing incarnation cycles within it. Their efforts are geared toward potentially trapping your world and the Souls that inhabit it in universal third dimensional density without the possibility of Ascension at this juncture in order to exploit your realm for their own species and purposes.”

“… the Zetas need to have a genetic Earth race into which its Soul matrices can incarnate, and therefore it is necessary for them to genetically engineer a human being that can accommodate the Zetas’ Soul matrices.”

Nicolay warns us that “the continued existence of Earth as it is today in the Third Dimension does remain in question … the potential exists … for Human Angelic to become extinct on Third Dimensional Earth” This is why your own consciousness is so vital at this time. Those who know, who have been moving towards Home, towards the God-within us all, have the key capacity to raise the resonant frequency waveform in consciousness of this planet. Without our efforts, the truth is that “a bio invasion of alien Souls into human form could ultimately replace Human Angelic incarnates on Earth.” If we cannot create the protective Refuge and canopy of God-Consciousness on our beloved planet, then according to Nicolay between the 26th and 27th centuries on the current timeline, “Third Dimensional Earth will act to rid itself of these invaders by eliminating all life upon it.” These will be earth-changes of catastrophic proportions. Those who have not reached their own Enlightenment, or who have not Ascended to a higher dimension, will wait in the many astral planes that are connected with this dimensional realm.

Nicolay states clearly that it is the clandestine alien interventions that are responsible for recent genetic manipulations of our human DNA. The Draco Reptilians, the Zeta Reticuli Greys, and alien entities are the ultimate source of the more than fifty years of geoengineering our planet, the ‘metalizing’ and weaponizing of our atmosphere with toxic materials, the poisoning with radiation and chemicals of our oceans, water sources, foods that are synthetic & toxic with preservatives, GMO seeds, the polluted air we breathe, and our bodies — all of which takes place with the cooperation of the secret governments, the Deep State, the CIA, NSA, and the banks that fund them. These effects will eventually render the human body obsolete for incarnation by Human Angelic Souls.

“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”   – Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras

From Clif High

VSF: I have posted many of Celeste Solum’s information videos. What follows is a summation of her work that was originally written in German, also translated into English. I have not posted the entire article, so do click on the link for more.

Celeste Solum on what’s in the virus and the Gates vaccine

Graphene, the material of the future
Breaking news: Celeste Solum on what’s in the virus and the Gates vaccine (FULL TEXT)

From all the research Celeste has done, she believes Covid is a nano-fusion of biological life and a robotic construct. It has a hollow belly with load capacity. Depending on the frequency, it can deploy a toxin, a poison, a bacteria, a virus, a fungus, an explosive, a curse or other spiritual elements such as demons. It is important that you know that various virus particles have been released all over the world. We will go into the whys and all the specifics, you wanted to know, as well as the dangerous vaccine against this Coronavirus. 

Before I start “simplified” and clarifying translation of this important information, Celeste Solumn has worked for FEMA for 20 years, just like her father. Due to corruption, he left FEMA. Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the well-known French naval officer, explorer and researcher, visited regularly when Celeste was just a child. Her father shared a lot of information with her; both held important and diverse positions within FEMA. That’s why she’s familiar with her intelligence sources, and she’s putting out these warnings like a whistleblower, so to speak. It is no coincidence that Celeste has been working as a FEMA operator for so long, otherwise she would never have been able to bring all this to light.
The Truth Is Stranger Than Science Fiction 

Hello, this is Celeste and this is the Celestial Report, and a special broadcast, just for you, about the vaccines. And then I mention the following, which the military mentions is coming in 2025: ‘The Bots, Borgs and Humans welcome you to 2025 AD’, and of course I’m doing the presentation.

It is One Danger, One Health, One Medicine and One World (the New World Order with all the trimmings). That is why we are in the situation we are in today. The information Celeste Solum shares with you is very recent: about what Covid (the ‘virus’) is and the vaccine. You must realize that this is a ‘very sensitive and changeable situation’. Every day, moment by moment, I get new information!

Here I have an image in a recent magazine about nanoparticles… Here at the bottom you see conductive hydrogel, to create artificial nerves, and then the graphene, which we’re talking about, helical micro-motors, and of course as you can see in the image, they will infiltrate your brain, with a plethora of different nanoparticles and Syn-Bios.

Graphene, the material of the future
Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms; think of it as chicken wire the thickness of an atom. It is one of the strongest materials known, and is also one of the fastest semiconductors. Graphene is stronger than steel and 200 times more resistant to breaking.
Back to the magazine… Notice, in the left corner you see DNA. Note the yellow rectangles in this; they are called ‘The Golden Gate Bridge’. And that’s what I’m going to talk to you about.

And then on the right, under the letters NANO, I want you to pay attention to that particular formation in the sky. As I’ve been telling you for the past few months, the researchers, scientists and those in power (elite) are calling on the ‘sweethearts of the stars’, to amplify the vaccine, and to create synergy, which they are now applying. . Synergism is mutual reinforcement and cooperation, not only of nerves or muscles, for example, but also reinforcement of the effect of a synthetic medicine, poison, vaccine… you name it… by the presence of a second; and even aggravation of one disease due to the presence or outbreak of another disease. Think of both the virus and the vaccine in combination with a second factor: the stars (cosmology), or the medication you have to take,

So what do I believe Covid is?
From all the research I’ve done, I believe Covid is a Nano-Fusion of: Biological Life and Robotic Construction. So that’s a fusion of biology with robotics, micro-robots! The virus particle that no single could isolate doctor or scientist on earth, because it is not a ‘virus’ has a hollow belly with capacity. Depending on the frequency (WiFi, G5, G6) it can deploy a poison, a toxin, a bacteria, a virus, a fungus, an explosive, a curse or other spiritual elements such as demons.

It is important that you know that various virus particles have been released all over the world.

See this December 2019 map. However, all of us were told by the mainstream media that the virus was not in the United States at the time, and that it was then that it first started in Washington State. But as you can clearly see from the map, the virus is in the heart of America in 2019! And do you know what lies in the heart of America?

It’s the ‘new Plum Island’.
If you don’t know Plum Island, it’s a Biological Warfare Center. They moved it from Plum Island, which is off the coast of New York, to Manhattan, Kansas. That ‘s where the particles were deployed in the United States! You can see that there are different colors of virus particles on the map. So what was deployed in North America is different from what was deployed in Ecuador, and it is different from what was deployed in Europe; and China, Australia and New Zealand have their own ‘brand’ virus particle, as does Africa. This particular slide came from Feel free to go to that site and have a look at it. They have all kinds of stats there for you to explore.

Covid is made up of:

  • Man
  • Bat
  • Civet cat
  • Pangolin or Pangolin. Pangolin is a bit of a weird animal; you can look it up yourself.
  • Snake. Original reports mentioned ‘snake’ in Covid. I do believe that the last iteration of the vaccine will contain snake.
  • Coronavirus
  • MERS, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome
  • SARS
    *SARS-like meaning it’s fully synthetic
  • HIV
  • unknown elements
    I believe the final construct of Covid will likely contain 21 different ingredients, elements, known and unknown.
    Here’s a look at the vaccine; this is the latest information.
    The vaccine contains:
  • Aborted fetal cells from Caucasian males. This is important because they are easier to work with than female cells. It also causes physiological stress in your body, it generates anxiety, and it compromises the immune system, and it will probably do more things, but these are the most important things to remember. If you are a Caucasian man, it will not cause as much stress in your body as if you are a woman, or a person of another race. Because then it will cause more stress. Because of our beliefs, we really shouldn’t believe that we will be blessed with health, through aborted fetal cells, and the use of aborted babies as parts of our health!
  • The mRNA messenger. The news makes it all sound very natural, and they lie, “It’s just a fat, lipid. You know, you have fats, lipids, in your body. Now, this is going to be a special lipid, just for you.” In this lipid – and I have the documentation for it – is hydrogel: mRNA messenger edits – so that will change your DNA – water bear material – which we’ll talk about in a moment – and a special delivery package. And I’ve got the chemical name for the hydrogel down here, just in case you start reading labels, which is what you really need to do.

Lipids are fats and fatty substances that play an important role in biochemistry. They are insoluble in water, but soluble in alcohol. This would explain that the governments want people not to drink alcohol for two months from the vaccination, because it will possibly inhibit the change of your DNA, among other things.

  • Hydrogel/Quantum Dot, with a minimum of 33 Classifications of robots. These are very, very small, and that’s what we’re going to talk about.
  • Humanized mice. What is a humanized mouse? It’s got human blood, it’s got human organs, it’s got a human immune system; it’s actually a ‘human in a mouse suit’.
  • Humanized plants. Plants have a circulatory system that is very similar to our circulatory system. So what they did is, they injected human proteins into these particular plants. Then they put it in their brew.
  • Luciferase enzyme; Luciferase is a generic name for a class of enzymes that provide light in nature. The name is derived from Lucifer (Satan), meaning ‘light-bearer’.
  • Sterilization chemicals according to UN mandate, which means that every man, woman and child on the planet who gets vaccinated will be sterilized. The result: The only way the ‘human race’ can progress is in a laboratory: Human 2.0!
  • UN mandated ‘drug cocktail’ to combat NCDs or non-communicable diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, obesity or diabetes. Each vaccine manufacturer will use a different combination or drug cocktail. They’re not going to specifically mention this because it’s labeled as “proprietary,” like a patent drug, which is protected by secrecy, patent. So it will be unique to that particular manufacturer. So you won’t know what drug cocktail is in it! And the problem question comes that if you ingest a cocktail for heart disease or obesity, and you don’t have heart disease or obesity… what’s it going to do to your body?
  • New: It may contain Tardigrada (Water Bears), or the Resurrection Plant for Biostasis in a thermal experiment in the lipid, which we’ll talk about later. The Resurrection Plant is a plant that can survive extreme weather conditions, both extreme heat and cold.
  • Various excipients that promote or influence the effect of the vaccine in a predictable way. Well-known examples are aluminum, thimerosal, and so on.
    Thiomersal or Thimerosal or Sodium ethylmercury thiosalicylate is an organomercury compound that has been used in, among other things, vaccines and antidotes. Thiomersal is used as a preservative in some vaccines, including the flu vaccine. The use of thiomersal in vaccines was controversial in the 20th century, because there was insufficient information available about its safety. Despite being the cause of the rising incidence of autism, it is still used today! In 1999, vaccine manufacturers were asked to stop using it in their childhood vaccines; however, this truth was ignored and covered up.
    Coronavirus Vaccines: in fact it is a ‘ special delivery’.
    This is a picture of the lipid, the fat bubble, that they’re talking about. They use fat bubbles, called lipid nanoparticles, in the vaccination to be able to transfer the messenger RNA to the cells. You can tell it has an enriched protein. You can see the hollow belly here with all the payload, as I call it. And this image only says it contains mRNA, but it contains much more than just mRNA! Like I said, it contains the hydrogel, the water bears… it has all kinds of ‘surprises’ for you.

Forbidden technology
So what is this all about in the end? It’s about using banned technology, technology that humanity should never have had! This technology is part of the vaccination against Covid. It’s ready to ‘clean up like a fish’ your physical body, turning your body into a dwelling place, a container, for demons, fallen angels, aliens… You could actually call it hybrid life.

So they will extinguish and remove the spiritual part (your mind) from you, ultimately leaving only your physical body. That won’t take too long, because the main goal of these vaccinations is depopulation: depopulation. But until then you will be a home for these entities.

When you take the vaccine…
Then anyone who has hydrogel and Quantum Dot in them, you should know that about a week ago I got a 232 page military document. For the most part, I used three sources for this PowerPoint presentation. One of these was this 232 page military document. It said that anyone who gets the vaccine will have an “AI Neural Attendant,” a sort of attendant, and we’ll talk about that later.

So however they put it, your mind is weakened, that is, hollowed out.
For any of you who’s ever carved a pumpkin…that’s pretty much what they do to your mind. Once you’ve taken the vaccine, your mind will already start to cave in with the various chemicals, neuro-weapons, and the PsyOps. Essentially, your mind and body will be a container, dreaming ‘the New World Order’ to life. And I’ll show you proof of that…

PsyOps are Psychological Operations, to convey selected information and indicators to the public, to influence their emotions, motives and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups and individuals.

The AI Neural facilitator captures, evaluates and reports data in a false book of life.
If you are familiar with the Bible, you know that every thought and every action is recorded in the Book of Life. And this is the satanic version! Trust me, I can tell you that with the technology we have now – and we haven’t taken the vaccine – everything we do is captured, recorded, evaluated and reported to those in power. But when you take the vaccine, you accept a transfer of ownership of your immortal soul, and you hand over your body to alien masters! You must understand that, and I’ll show you the proof…

NASA Strategic Issues Warfare 2025

This is from the NASA Strategic Issues Warfare 2025 document, which talks about this ‘Imagination Engine’ or ‘AI Guide’, and I’ll give you a moment to read that. Another thing you should know is that a virtual terrestrial domain is being set up. At this point in history, there is a military convergence of autonomy (self-government), robotics (robots), biotechnology (technology that uses life), AI (artificial intelligence), and neurotechnology (technology that studies how the brain works, and controlled and manipulated with technology), to create a digital twin architecture, which will create a virtual terrestrial domain.

A Digital Twin (Digital Twins in Dutch)
Digital Twins are virtual versions of both living and non-living organisms and objects, such as cells, plants, animals, people and ecosystems, and of inanimate objects, such as food and supply chains, systems, devices. It can be used for various purposes. What’s going to happen? We know that there is God’s earth and His Kingdom. And this digital twin is the kingdom of satan! And through technology – that’s the bridge! – we enter the domain, the kingdom of satan. The more we use technology, the more we are taken over into this realm of satan, until we take the final step that seals the ‘deal’. And then we can’t go back to God’s Kingdom. That way you can understand a little bit.

It is really important that you realize that there are ‘two worlds’.
What is currently being set up by the powers that be: we are being encouraged to ‘simply’ move into this digital, virtual augmented reality domain. What would be the goal? 
There are many different purposes for this technology.

Again, this is from the NASA document:

  • They want the downfall of the American ‘underclass’ (working class).
  • They want to create wealth through inventions, created out of thin air.
  • Stabilization of the world’s population: may sound good, but that means depopulation!
  • Rapid spread of technology, what we see now.
  • Alignment of the haves and have-nots: That sounds pretty good, but if you knew that means, a handful of people will be the haves, and everyone else will be the have-nots. Because the haves strictly apply the rules of the free market and refuse to organize society in such a way that everyone can participate. The have-nots are the victims of this and are constantly balancing along the edge of the abyss. This is confirmed by the military, and we will see that later in this presentation.
  • Changed political/military views worldwide, causing ‘everything’ to change.
    Magic Graphene material
    One of the things they will actually use is the magical Graphene material. Graphene connects, no matter what it’s in, with artificial intelligence. So AI will bind humanity using this magical graphene material. And what is it? What does it do? What is the danger of this that no one ever talks about?

  • It’s called a PNT, Positive Navigation and Timing for accurate aim and kill, which replaces GPS. This kill system is therefore based on your personal genome: your total hereditary predisposition. If you are tested, or if you get the vaccine, this kill system can attack you directly and thus kill you! Graphene plasmonics and devices, such as smart contact lenses, will enable new frontiers of computing, navigation, communication, nanosensors, and human-machine interactions in devices by 2025. A nanosensor collects and transmits information about nanoscale data.

  • Much of this was before 2030, but now they have already moved to 2025.
    This system will require a change from 5G to 6G quite soon.
    They are already installing 6G satellites. You have to understand that 5G is very short-lived, and then we go to 6G. It’s the only way they can keep this system together! Don’t invest too much in computers, because they are moving towards quantum computers.
    This quantum computing will become an AI human!
    So you are going to connect to the internet through your body. You no longer need a laptop or desktop. You no longer need wearables (smart computers and gadgets worn on the body). You will also no longer need a mobile phone in the future, very soon.

What are some other dangerous things this vaccine could do to you?

One thing is that they are establishing self-governing robot colonies based on networks. These very small robots come together in your body as soon as you take the vaccine. NASA was very concerned about this proposal; they said they were very concerned about the uncontrolled and uncontrollable. Understand this! Uncontrollable self-replication!

Now remember, when I’m talking about hydrogel, the first thing that happens when it’s injected into you is: it starts to assemble; that means self-replication, self-multiplication. So that’s what they’re talking about here. They also talk about ‘brilliant’ robots; those are the 33 Classifications. There could be more, because you should keep track of this on a daily basis… that’s how fast the development goes. Brilliant robots, not just ordinary robots, but brilliant robots! Like artificial light, they try to be ‘the light’, but there is only One Light, and that is Jesus Christ. NASA was also concerned about the Nano-Replicators, as it multiplies throughout the body.
It’s almost as if…
we watch science fiction movies about going to Mars and establishing colonies on Mars. Think about this in our body! And then Rampant Recombinant Biologicals: this means unbridled, uncontrolled, unbridled…

Autonomous, self-governing robot colonies
In principle, these self-governing robot colonies can live in very austere and hostile environments. The colony is scalable, so it can be scaled down to a single cell in your body, or it can be scaled up to a robotic colony on Mars, for example.There is also a development in biomimicry, self-driving swarm navigation; that’s a special from DARPA. They absolutely love their robot swarms! Those swarms are scalable, as I mentioned; it could be in your body, like in the 1966 movie ‘Fantastic Voyage’. The movie told you what they were going to do in real life; it was predictive programming. They also use swarming for under the sea surfaces, land, and water. You can think of these nanoparticles as super small self-driving vehicles. They can actually be light particles, like photons give light, or they can use dark light. The elite have developed a graphene battery, so these nanoparticles really come with their own battery pack, or they harvest it from the environment they are in.

These robot colonies are unmanned civilizations, which can even ‘live’ within your own bloodstream. And that’s what they intend to do, if you take a vaccine!

Some other things that are legal in the near future that you will see
You should really look into this:

  • Microwave and Radio Frequency Anti-Functional Weapons. What is anti-functional? It means: you will be disabled!
  • Anti-Personnel Weapons, which means: it can kill personnel, crew, people!
  • Chemical Anti-Functional Weapons. This means chemicals that make you sick, to the point that you can no longer be functional, mentally, mentally and physically.
  • Chemical ‘Physiological Effects’ via the Sensory Organ Weapons, as in smell.
    One of the things we are told about COVID-19
    It affects your sense of smell! dr. James Giordano already told us that we are dosed with psyop chemicals. These chemicals affect our smell.
    Chemical Disability Weapons
  • Then there are Chemical Disability Weapons (‘Non-Warfare’). However, now there is war everywhere: the psyop war. Anyone who thinks we’re not in a psyop war should see my two hour video on psychological manipulation (Gashlighting).
  • PSYWAR or Psychological Warfare
  • Acoustic Weapons. Many of you have tinnitus, ringing in the ears. Some hear ‘things’… This can also be achieved with Acoustic Weapons.
  • Mechanical Micro Dust, which many of you probably know as Smart Dust. We’ll get into that in a minute.
    LAWS: Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems

Secret robotic systems for robotic swarms will operate below the thresholds of detection by 2030, possibly as early as 2025. God forbid you took the vaccine. So if you have these robotic systems in your body, and you go to the doctor one day, because you’re sick… He does a blood test, for example, but even though you actually have swarms of them in your body, they work below the detection threshold. So your doctor could never see these swarms! And there is a good chance that you will then be referred for psychological help. This robotization of biological life, including you, will all be perfectly “legal.”

We now have people and machines working together.
And if there is a situation where someone has to be killed or killed, then a human makes that decision. However, Robotics is working more and more with Artificial Intelligence (AI) where the human beings are taken out so that a decision to kill can actually be made by an AI robot, or whatever! So no one has made a decision on this yet.

soft robots
Soft Robots were created on the basis of the convergence of nano- and bio-technology, enabling ’embodied intelligence’ (intelligence in a body) of synthetic life or humans.
This soft robotics can be combined with tissue engineering (tissue manipulation) and synthetic biology to create bio-hybrid systems.
Bio-inspired soft robots have the ability to accelerate ‘the evolution of humans into gods’.

What they are going to do…
They’ll “clean” you like a fish, and fill you with robots, robotics. Once you’re gutted, the human being, so your soul and your mind, and all the parts that make you human, are removed through vaccination and other processes!

They will also introduce synthetic technology, such as for soft robots, that will rewire and reshape your body, but you will no longer be human at that point. That’s why DARPA is currently experimenting with their ‘underground challenge’: they are perfecting their soft robotics technology.

… this technology will exploit and use all biological life on Earth and in the sea, to harvest the necessary resources, and that includes your body! If your body contains something that the elite want, it is harvested, disposed of and sold to them.

What you need to know is this: The fallen angels and the Nephilim came and were on Earth, to harvest the Earth’s resources, among other things. Precisely they were the ones who taught mankind various aspects of technology, mining, metallurgy, agriculture, how to use herbs, and much more.

Genesis 6:4 speaks of the Nephilim
In those days there were giants (Nephilim) in the earth, and also afterward, when the sons of God (the fallen angels) went in to the daughters of men, and begat children to themselves; these are the mighty who have been of old, men of name.

What does hydrogel look like?

This is composite hydrogel under an (electron) microscope, when it is exposed to an alternating magnetic field. And this is important, because our magnetosphere is collapsing and we are being exposed to many different magnetic fields, both in our environment and through this technology, which they will inject into people.

Collection of data through Smart Dust
Smart dust really collects a lot of information about you and your environment. It is important to realize that once smart dust has spread, or is ubiquitous in the environment, it is essentially impossible to recover from it. And once it’s in your body, you can’t get it out! That shows a bit how fast this technology is emerging. And it’s coming up very quickly in neuroscience!

Neurotechnology is a collection of methods and tools that enable direct communication of technical components within your nervous system. These technical components are electrodes, computers, or intelligent prostheses. Neural signals are translated into electrical inputs for Brain Computer Interface (BCIs). So this is linking you, when you use the vaccine, when you use hydrogel or Quantum Dot, with the computer. Because it connects your brain to the quantum computer!

DARPA & Neuroscience
In 2018, DARPA awarded research funding to six commercial and academic organizations as part of the Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology, or the N3 program. The project is rooted in applications for active cyber-defense of networks and controlling the drone swarms. This includes the drone swarms, which are deployed in your body with Quantum Dot, hydrogel, or Smart dust.

Old People vs New People
Why are they in a hurry? That’s because they have to get rid of all the old people—that’s people created by God! – by 2025. That’s how they’ll bring forth the new people. What is a new human?
A new human is a human that has been created in a lab, is augmented (has augmented reality), is enhanced, and is one with artificial intelligence. It has no soul and it has no spirit; it’s not coming eligible for rescue. And these new people are in process right now, as the old people are being depopulated, and the new person will become a digital native. The term digital native describes a young person, who has grown up in the digital age, in close contact with computers, the Internet and video game consoles, and later mobile phones, social media and tablets.

New People born in Tech in 2025
The Old People had to learn and adapt to this technology, while the New People will be born through and into technology.

Information Assimilators vs Information Collectors
It is important to note that these new people will be information assimilators (they will be completely absorbed in it), while the old people were information gatherers. Through AI-enabled virtual entities, the new people will carry targeted, predictive and continuous learning aids; that’s that AI assistance we were talking about. They observe, listen and process everything that is relevant to the learner, and then provide the necessary information. So it will no longer be the case that you have free play on the internet! They will have specific information for the new people. People will no longer have to ‘go out’ as we do now to get information.

NASA: What does the future look like?
It will be war against all biological life; that’s what we’re dealing with:

  • Information Warfare and Information Operations are at the top of the list
  • PSYWAR ‘big’; that’s all of us, all people worldwide
  • Anti-functional; they are going to try to figure out what it means to be human, through microwaves, chemicals, biologicals, and nanoparticles
  • Anti-Personnel MW/RF and Micro-Mechanical
    … pay attention to NASA’s second point in this slide:
    The Imprisonment and Torture of Americans ‘In Living Color’ on Primetime Television!
    NASA: What 2025 Will Look Like
  • Machines, as creative and smart as humans; actually there won’t be many people left by 2025, just a remnant. Robotics is the norm then!
  • Zero order ‘warstopper’; it will be binary bio in the nation’s agricultural and food distribution center, in every home and in every place: they will have binary bioweapons there. Those are the nano weapons.
  • It will be ubiquitous: everything will be censored and there will be weapon swarms in it.

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