E.M. Nicolay new post: The Metaphysics of Kool-Aid / “…the introduction of AI technology directly into the human genome unwittingly assists the extraterrestrial agenda that is seeking to make the human physical and biologic structure more conducive to its Soul race for future incarnations.” / A collection of previous posts on the Draco Reptilian and Zeta Reticuli Invasion Agenda for you …

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The Metaphysics of Kool-Aid

Q. I was just reading a Spiritual Newsletter that I subscribe to, and was shocked to see that it said Ascended Masters had called on everyone to get vaccinated. Until now, I have been very clear on my alignment with a higher truth that tells me not to be vaccinated, and I try to be dedicated to placing my focus on the light and raising my vibration so as to move beyond this polarizing point. But when I read something so blatant and discouraging as this, urging us to vaccinate in order to ascend, I feel brokenhearted. This is so disappointing, and these days I encounter vaccine pressure wherever I go as cities become police states, and my old friends see nothing wrong with it. Even family has turned me away and banned me from Thanksgiving. I’ve begun to question if I have lost my mind or if I’ve lost track of true guidance?

A. No, you have not lost your mind or your true inner guidance. Hold fast to your instincts and to your Truth!

Since before early 2020 we have tried to explain what is really happening here. Unfortunately, so many have now drunk the Kool-Aid that real messages of Truth are being discarded and appear impotent to those mesmerized by an incessant effort to hypnotize, convince and cajole you. Let us assure you that no true Ascended Master or Celestial Guide would ever dictate a particular choice to you, recognizing the individuality of your Soul’s journey, the sanctity of your Free Will and the fact that there is no right or wrong choice here, but only opportunities for growth that each must decide for themselves.

Like you, true light crusaders have begun to question their deep convictions and wonder if there is a right or wrong position to be had. Others recognize that the time has come to desist from trying to convince anyone of anything. As a result, real Seers have begun to go underground, sensing that it is always futile to convince someone who no longer sees clearly that they have lost contact with their inner guidance or have been subjugated to the “party-line”. Your singular and independent journey as a Human Angelic Soul is being highlighted in ways it may not have been before, and, as always, the choices you make now based on your own journey will temper the way in which your future unfolds for you.

… Understand that being shunned by your fellows is almost always an important test of your convictions and your belief structure. In this case, it is the belief about what it means to be a Human Angelic incarnated in a physical body that, until now, was taken for granted. Consider the possibility that as all this transpires, should you feel more and more isolated and alone, you are being tested in varying degrees. Given that scenario, individuals who tow the party-line via social mandates, are also providing you with important opportunities for your own Soul growth.

This will not make your isolation less maddening, constricting or difficult, but it does highlight and test your conviction to what you believe. In turn this questioning challenges you to strengthen the light you carry. Such inner testing of your beliefs and convictions has occurred at various points on the timeline, and it is particularly poignant at times when there is an exodus of older Souls, as younger Souls enter into incarnations in the Dimension.

… Now as we have informed you many times, there is an extraterrestrial group that has had technological cooperation agreements with various world governments for some time. These agreements were sanctioned in the 1950’s, and the governments involved did so based on the promise of receiving advanced technology from these extraterrestrial groups. Most of the world’s breakthrough technological, military, space and digital advances made since that time, particularly when the efforts went into overdrive in the 1980s, are based on information and technology received from these alien groups.

What these world governments did not realize however, is that these extraterrestrial Beings, who originate from the Draco Star System, have a hidden agenda. That agenda includes the colonization of Third Dimensional Earth via a bio-invasion of the Human Angelic physical body.
Their necessity in doing so is based on the fact that on a future timeline, through gross genetic and environmental manipulations effectuated within their system, an unnatural black hole was created that is slowly destroying their home planet. This has generated catastrophic results that will ultimately end their world. As a result of the disastrous changes they have wrought in their own Solar System, their Soul race is now doomed to extinction in several dimensions they occupy on their current time continuum.

… Now, as we have said many times the current virus known as Sars-Cov-2, was intentionally developed as a bio-weapon, and its planned use has been in the works for decades pending deployment. In fact, we informed you of such a program, including the extraterrestrial agenda, in our book provided to you in 2012, “The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions”. We have continued to inform you that the current global Pandemic you are experiencing comes as a result of the intentional release of a revised form of this bio-weapon.

Unknown to its Western partners, the CCP was now also working independently with a particularly hostile faction of the extraterrestrial group already named. Their efforts were focused on developing new genomic technology they had obtained through secret unilateral agreements it had concluded during the past decade with the splinter alien faction. In fact, the Chinese government has worked tirelessly from behind the scenes in conjunction with extraterrestrials in numerous ways over the past decade to perfect its plans to emerge as the global powerhouse by 2030.

… On all sides, most of the benefactors of the Covid bio-weapon, including many of the scientists and ranking government officials involved, believed they were simply experimenting with potential defense technology. Others anticipated they were merely generating a medical scheme-for-profit in order to fund future secret programs, similar to many that had been propagated in the past.

More sinister government leaders, particularly those connected to the extraterrestrial agenda without consciously realizing it via Soul agreements, saw an opportunity to expedite advance population surveillance technologies by way of a viral antidote, waiting in the wings to be administered to the world. Such an antidote would remedy the global fear generated by the virus, but was also designed to ensure complete dominance of the populace, thereby confirming a stranglehold on ruling power for the foreseeable future. Surveillance of this nature is envisioned for use as the lynch pin of a new global economic control system intended to enhance the population’s compliance with governmental structures and mandates.

Less well known in all of this is the fact that the introduction of AI technology directly into the human genome unwittingly assists the extraterrestrial agenda that is seeking to make the human physical and biologic structure more conducive to its Soul race for future incarnations. This is because as designed, the current genomic interface found in the Covid-19 vaccine not only deadens a Human Angelic’s connection to its Soul (its divine source, if you prefer), but also reorganizes the body’s cellular structure so that new mind-control, hive-mind technologies can be deployed.

Through such a cellular alteration, stealthily employed in the form of an immune enhancing vaccine, governments and their leadership are unwittingly aiding and abetting a far more sinister extraterrestrial agenda to supersede Human Angelic Soul incarnations on Third Dimensional Earth. It deserves repeating that this agenda revolves around altering the genome of the human physical body so that the higher guidance and communication each Human Angelic enjoys with their individual Soul (and Maker) is curtailed. Once this can be effectuated, that same higher guidance can be subverted and subjugated to a prefabricated, lower consciousness communication that can be controlled and manipulated by whatever group holds the technology keys to do so. The term “Radio-Head” will become a commonly used global phrase to signify this effect not far in your future.

… In the case of the vaccine in question, within the human physical and cellular structure this effect can be accomplished through the use of advanced genomic nanotechnology coupled with elements such as Graphene Oxide or other metallic hydrofoils, which deliver the mRNA payload into the cells of your body. Once Graphene Oxide, or any similar metallic smart-particles have been introduced into the blood stream, and after that delivery system has deposited its artificial mRNA into the body’s cells, the delivery system itself has the ability to self-replicate, which it freely does.

Furthermore, those replicating nanoparticles are able to self-assemble electromagnetically, linking throughout the body into chain-like structures. As this occurs, those same nanoparticles build antenna networks throughout the body’s vascular and cellular systems. These artificial antenna systems work to essentially supersede the natural antenna that is your DNA and your own genomic structure. Assembled and in place within the body, the newly introduced electromagnetic chains are ready to receive stimulus and input, just as any antenna would be.

That input can be used, if and when desired, to “message” you via external scalar waves and high intensity microwaves. It can also be used to implant or message you with brain waves, thoughts and feelings that are not truly your own. Unfortunately, few among you will be able to distinguish these erroneous artificial implants from your own most inner thoughts and feelings.

… Each of you is faced with a choice now, and the stakes are high. As we have explained elsewhere, at this crucial time of Ascension if the fencing is pervasive enough it can have an impact to the point of preventing Universal Ascension – the natural evolution through Ascension of the current dimension and timeline. This is important because it is hoped by the extraterrestrial Soul group in question that Ascension of the current dimension can be stopped, or at a minimum waylaid, in order for that group to perfect its agenda.

This has necessitated a quickening in the current bio-invasion efforts. If necessary, they will go as far as to attempt to halt the Ascension process for the planet and all Beings within its spheres, even if it means breaking-off the current Dimension and timeline from its natural evolution. As we have explained in the past, Fallen Universes DO occur, and if you recall that this agenda is a temporary one for this Soul group, they would not hesitate to allow your Dimension to suffer such a fate if it allowed them the time they need to correct the dire situation in their home world.

Rest assured however, that ultimately their agenda will not be successful, for as we have stated many times, the planetary Being that is Earth, in conjunction with the planetary bodies in your Solar System and Earth’s higher dimensional Celestial Guardians, will prevent such occurrence by the mid 26th Century. Based on that knowledge, your personal effort should be towards ensuring your own Ascension and refuting the transhumanist agenda as best you can. Do so by bringing forth as much light into the realm via your consciousness as you are able at this time.

Be courageous and take refuge in your Truth. As an individual Human Angelic Soul, you have full authority and power over what happens to you. Because your Solar System is founded on individual Free-Will, you cannot be conquered in a metaphysical sense. But you can be held captive, cajoled, fooled, coerced, led astray and intimidated into making choices using that Free Will. Your authority extends to your body, your thoughts, your actions and every choice you make, as well as to the physical reality and events you attract to yourself through your conscious intention and integrity. In ways you cannot now understand, your power, though subtle, is omnipotent. If only you will choose to experience it as such.

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