Wisdom from three Sacred Sanskrit Texts: The Bhagavad Gita XII.16 – The Ribhu Gita – and Tripura Rahasya / The Bhagavad Gita: They do not tremble at the Dissolution of this world. / The Secret Covenant: An illusion it will be, so large, so vast, it will escape their perception. We will always hide the divine truth from them, that we are all One. The soft metals will cause them to lose their minds.

VSF: I have freely translated Verse 16 from my favorite Chapter XII of the Bhagavad Gita — The Yoga of Devotion, in the hope of expanding an understanding relative to our current world events. We can never go wrong when we remain in a state of Loving God.

The definitions are taken from Winthrop Sargeant’s brilliant version which provides word definitions. Keep in mind that the Bhagavad Gita is a warrior’s manual.

Even though I spent many years studying Kashmir Shaivism, I am now taking solace and refuge in the Ribhu Gita, every morning and night. I particularly like the video (below) which I have previously linked. The are many online versions of the Ribhu Gita and PDFs available.

We meet in the Heart,

Bhagavad Gita XII.16

The ones who are devoted to Me (meaning the God-within that pervades and permeates All),
Who are impartial and indifferent (to the ever changing illusions that comprise the temporal holographic matrix),
Who are pure (of heart and mind), who shine,
Who are capable, competent (and therefore are able to participate in the Divine Play — LILA — without attachment to the results of their efforts, because attachment traps us in our delusion),
Who are ‘sitting apart’ (not caught up in the tidal waves of crowds, the herd, and who are rather the observers of the of the Divine Play, as the “play” of the Creator’s unlimited Free Will) and therefore remaining unprejudiced – do not judge,
Who are free from anxiety (because when we know and understand that everything that is occurring is the projected manifestation of the Will of the Creator — and we are also THAT — fears and anxieties subside, dissolve, vanish),
Who abandon all attachment to the results of whatever undertakings we may begin.
Those who are devoted to Me are dear (priyas) to Me.

Resonate frequencies are returned and amplified! God Loves those who Love God!

anapekshas – indifferent, impartial, disinterested
shucis – pure, holy, bright
dakshas – capable, dextrous, able
udasinas – indifferent, ‘sitting apart’, unprejudiced
gatavyathas – free from anxiety, free from trembling, whose anxiety is gone
sarva – all
arambha – undertaking, beginning, commencement
parityagi – abandoning, relinquishing
yas – who
madbhaktas – devoted to Me (God, the One)
sas – he
me – of me, to me
priyas – dear, beloved

Ribhu Gita
Translated from the original Tamil Version by Dr. H. Ramamoorthy
Society of Abidance in Truth, 2000

Chapter 25, Verse 14

Be rid of the debilitating bondage of world existence,
By practicing so as to be
Unfaltering in the rock-like conviction
That nothing ever exists,
That whatever illusory appearance are there
Are all, in reality, the mass of Bliss, the Supreme,
And that I am ever that Supreme,
And thus devoid of the sense of yourself (small temporal ego current identity), abiding in your Self (ATMA), as the Supreme.

Tripura Rahasya
Translated by Swami Sri Ramannda Saraswati
1959; World Wisdom 2002


100-101. “Such is the Power called Maya, capable of accomplishing the impossible, and remaining undefiled, notwithstanding Her manifested diversity as phenomena resembling a mirror and its images. She is the eternal, single, unbroken ‘I’-ness running through all manifestations.

  1. “O Rama! Even from the very beginning there has really been no bondage or tie to the cycle of births and deaths. Only do not be deluded by identifying yourself with insentient matter but enquire: What is this bondage?
  2. “The strongest fetter is the certainty that one is bound. It is as false as the fearful hallucinations of a frightened child.
  3. “Even the best of men cannot find release by any amount of efforts unless his sense of bondage is destroyed.
  4. “What is this bondage? How can the pure uncontaminated Absolute Self be shackled by what look like images in the mirror of the Self?

127-130. “To imagine that the Self is shackled by mental projections is to imagine that the fire reflected in a mirror can burn it. There is absolutely no bondage beyond the foolish certainty that you are bound and the difference of entity created by mind. Until these two blemishes are washed away by the holy waters of investigation into the Self, neither I, nor Brahma the Creator, nor Vishnu, nor Siva, nor even Sri Tripura the Goddess of Wisdom, can help that person to be emancipated. Therefore, Rama, surmount these two hurdles and remain eternally happy.

  1. “The mind will shine as the Self if the mind be denuded of those thoughts now crowding it, and then all sense of duality will cease to exist.
  2. “Mind is nothing but sectional knowledge as this and that. Eliminate such, and then pure knowledge will alone remain. This is the Self.
  3. “As for the well-known example of the hallucination of a snake in a coil of rope the rope is real and the snake is unreal.

134-135. “Even after the true state of affairs is known and the hallucination of a snake dismissed, there is still the reality of the rope (which contains the potentiality of the recurrence of the same hallucination in the same person or in others). The danger is always there until the rope is recognised to be of and in the Self.

  1. “Then objectivity totally ceases, and pure knowledge alone remains. There is thus a complete annihilation of duality.
  2. “The sense of duality persists because there is the conviction of the purposefulness of the objective world. But such purposefulness and even durability is experienced even in dreams.
  3. 138-144. “The difference between dreams and the wakeful state lies in the fact that in the waking state the dream is determined to be false, whereas in the dream the waking state is not so determined. Therefore the waking state is universally taken to be real. But this is wrong. For do you not experience the same extent of permanency and purposefulness in dreams as in the wakeful state? “Wakeful consciousness does not intervene in dreams nor does dream-consciousness intervene in the wakeful state, while the two factors – enduring nature and purposefulness – are common to both.”Examine your past dreams and past waking experiences in the light of these facts and see for yourself.” Again, note the appearance of reality in magical phenomena and the seeming purposeful actions of magical creations. Does reality rest on the slender basis of such appearances?”The confusion is due to want of discrimination between the real and the unreal among ignorant folk. Ignorantly indeed do they say that the wakeful universe is real.

The Secret Covenant


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