The Eternal Expanse of Consciousness – Ribhu Gita / The Myriad Worlds / Die Off! / Camps / Cosmology in Kashmir Shaivism – by Anonymous / “…a different perspective on teachings that for thousands of years have accepted the premise that, ‘we are not alone in this multifarious universe’.”

“Consciousness shines in various external and internal forms.
There is no existence of objects apart from consciousness.
Therefore the world is simply a form of consciousness.

— Kalikakrama, as quoted in the Shiva Sutras translated by Jaideva Singh

The Song of Ribhu
Translated from the Original Tamil Version by Dr. H. Ramamoorthy & Nome; Society for the Abidance of Truth, 2000.
Chapter 36

The Eternal Expanse of Consciousness

In the universe-less nature of the pure expanse of Consciousness,
There is never a universe. …

The illusory appearance on Consciousness — thought —
Will appear also as the expanse of the universe. …

Though the part-less, Supreme Brahman
Alone is the Supreme Truth,
Because the power of MAYA (delusion, illusion),
Supporting all such endless powers,
Is retained in the mind,
This nature has ‘thought’ as a superimposition,
And this perplexed thought is what appears as
The false endless, myriad worlds and such.

… The Supreme Brahman which is one,
By the power inherent in it,
Becomes like thought
And appears in the changing state of interactions
As the forms of all the world, the individuals (jiva-s), and the Supreme.

Colony Earth – Part X: The Myriad Worlds 

Buddhist cosmology speaks of the existence of the Myriad Worlds. A fascinating translation of the work of a nineteenth-century Tibetan scholar reveals an enlightening perspective on the vast number of the Myriad Worlds.

“These worlds suffuse the ten directions; millions of worlds interpenetrate one another, and each world contains billions of others. Billions more are contained within each atom of each world.” [Quotes are from the Introduction by the translators, The Treasury of Knowledge, Book One: Myriad Worlds, Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Taye.]

Awareness of the sheer scope and number of the Myriad Worlds is said to be suitable knowledge for those who have reached a certain spiritual maturity, and who are ready for the higher understanding of a larger system of cosmology.
“As a result, the mind breaks out of the cage of fixed concepts of definite space and existence and enters the open space of myriad worlds without beginning or end…”

Waiting for us to evolve
Therefore this affirms for me that the other beings in our galaxy are indeed waiting for us Earthlings to mature out of our fear of anything and anyone ‘different’ — and expand our consciousness to embrace a much larger view of the universe.

In Buddhism, the Bodhisattvas are those who are enlightened, who have Remembered that they are the eternal One, and have taken the vow to enlighten and liberate others. According to one Tibetan Buddhist school theory all beings contribute to the creation of worlds, which are the result of “the collective force of the evolutionary action of sentient beings.” The unenlightened cling to the false idea of a separate self and thus project realms that appear as prisons. While the enlightened Bodhisattvas contribute to the creation of the worlds through energies known as ‘winds’ [energy-winds] which have “special potencies that are capable of shaping new worlds.”

Another theory says that new planets, stars, etc. are formed when “scattered particles of matter remaining in space after a previous world-system has been destroyed” and are compared to ‘galactic seeds’ coalescing.

In the Buddhist text ‘The Holy teachings of Vimalakirti’ (translated by Robert Thurman), “the Buddha states that the buddha-fields in which the bodhisattvas practice are fields of living beings. In Buddhist terminology, the ultimate realm in which everything exists is called ‘the sphere of reality’ (dharmadhatu).

Buddhism and Kashmir Shaivism would agree that at the highest ultimate reality nothing is ever created and nothing ever destroyed. “Nevertheless …infinite world-systems arise as phantom appearances based on interdependent connections…”

The bodies we inhabit here on planet Earth are made of earth. The food we eat is grown in the earth’s soil and without that food, we would not grow. Our bodies would die. Beings who dwell on other planets, in other dimensional realms may not have earth-based bodies because they may not have anything like earth soil. Their bodies may be composed of something less dense. So why do we assume or even imagine their bodies would look like ours?

In fact even in our solar system there are planets that do not have magnetic fields. It is highly unlikely that our earth-based physics applies to planets that do not have a magnetic field. There must be many other contributing factors we are not aware of involved in a multitude of civilizations in a universe of 300+ billion galaxies. Yet we continue to define everything in terms of our experience, we are earth-centric, egocentric, heliocentric, humanoid-centric! Ridiculous!

Are there now enough of us who are sufficiently spiritually evolved to expand our understanding and embrace the idea that the universe contains Myriad Worlds.

We Are About To See One Of The Greatest Human Die Offs Of All Time

We Are About To See One Of The Greatest Human Die Offs Of All Time

“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”   – Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras

U.S. Tyrants Push Covid Internment Camps

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