“We are ruled by people devoid of integrity to whom truth is an inconvenience and who are concerned solely with their control and power.” – Paul Craig Roberts / From The Hague: International Trials Day One – Crimes Against Humanity / The War on Freedom Is Not Over / Cracks In The Covid Narrative / Deaths Rise / Ensnared in the Elite’s Web / Thomas Renz / “…for the destruction of the world” / Bhagavad Gita XVI: Bound by a hundred snares of hope, and devoted to lust and anger, the demonic…

Note the wisps of toxic metallic particles falling onto the earth poisoning everything with aluminum, barium, lithium and more.

From The Hague. International Trials Day One -Crimes Against Humanity

From The Hague. International Trials Day One -Crimes Against Humanity

We Have Had a Narrow Escape from Tyranny But the War on Freedom Is Not Over
Paul Craig Roberts

On January 23 I reviewed on this website Kees Van Der Pijl’s new book, States of Emergency https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2022/01/23/the-covid-deception-is-a-power-grab/ .

Van Der Pijl answers the question so many people have of why and how a fake “deadly pandemic” was orchestrated with worldwide participation in the fraud. He shows that the event was long in the making by a global elite consisting of  philanthropists such as Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Wellcome Trust, elite organizations such as the World Economic Forum, tech companies and multi-billionaire owners, Fauci at NIH, CDC, FDA, WHO, pharmaceutical companies and lobbyists, and elite organizations and groups created for the purpose of concentrating power and advancing and protecting the global elites’ rule by using fear to condition the masses to being controlled and deprived of a voice and alternative explanations.

I had been thinking along these lines, but lacked Van Der Pijl’s detailed knowledge of the personalities, organizations and groups and the interactions and cooperation between them. He gives us the story. It was an elaborate exercise in massive deception and censorship that was able to discredit the world’s most renowned medical scientists and to elevate pure fiction to fact and public policy.
We owe it to ourselves to read States of Emergency in order to come to terms with the fact that we are ruled by people devoid of integrity to whom truth is an inconvenience and who are concerned solely with their control and power.

We need to read the book also to understand how things really work, how decisions are really made, how careers are made and ended by whether or not you serve the narrative and how well, how regulatory agencies such as FDA, NIH, CDC, WHO are in fact marketing departments for Big Pharma, how politicians’ positions are dictated by the sources of their campaign funds, why universities and the media must function as Ministries of Propaganda for the ruling elites and their narratives, how Fauci and Big Pharma control content in medical journals via grants to medical researchers. 
Van Der Pijl writes that pharmaceutical industry research grants make the industry the co-author of many articles and that more than half of all The Lancet‘s revenues come from pharmaceutical companies orders of reprints of articles supportive of their products. Van Der Pijl writes “According to the former editor of The New England Journal of Medicine, who had 20 years of experience, it is simply no longer possible to believe much of the published clinical research.”

The gullible, patriotic American who reads this book will have his eyes opened and become a new person. Van Der Pijl has written the book that can save Americans from their insouciance.

In October 2019 just prior to unleashing the “pandemic” on the world, what was about to happen was first tested in a simulation. The participants were: the Bloomberg-financed Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, the CDC, the (American trained) head of the Chinese health authority, a former deputy director of the CIA, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and so on.

The participants were primarily concerned with protecting the planned deception from being exposed. They relied on social media and the presstitutes to control the narrative and censor the truth. They considered whether to close the Internet altogether, but were assured that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google would only allow news in keeping with the narrative and flood the Internet with information  that confirms the narrative while discrediting and blocking the truth. 
Admiral Stephen Redd of the US Public Health Service thought that people on social media with “negative beliefs,” that is, those who took issue with the narrative, should be tracked down by intelligence services. Singapore’s finance minister said dissidents should be arrested and brought to justice. The head of the Chinese health authority worried that suspicion might arise that the virus originated in a laboratory. Johnson &  Johnson wondered if the deaths and injuries in the vaccine trials should be suppressed in order to prevent public suspicion of the poorly tested vaccine. 
The participants claim they were just playing a germ game, but the simulation ensured that all was in place to control the explanation prior to the release of the “pandemic.”

The research basis of Van Der Pijl’s book is massive and the information earth-shattering. I intend to return to this book in future articles. But don’t wait on me. Buy the book and read it once, twice, three times. Civil liberty in the US cannot survive if people are too lazy to inform themselves. 

When the US government ceased meaningful regulation on the basis of Alan Greenspan’s assertion that “markets are self-regulating” and ceased to enforce its anti-trust laws, massive economic concentration resulted, producing individuals whose wealth greatly exceeded the budgets of public health agencies and even some countries. This gave single individuals enormous power over governments. Van Der Pijl writes that from 2004 onwards, just the annual health grants of the Gates Foundation alone exceeded the annual budget of the World Health Organization.

Gates Foundation directors are executives from Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Bayer Health Care Services, companies whose stocks are owned by the Gates Foundation. This is just a tiny indication of the power that wealth concentration has given a handful of individuals over government policy.

Van Der Pijl believes that the elite’s use of an orchestrated “pandemic” to solidify their control was too ambitious and has failed. What his optimism overlooks is the possibility that another more dangerous virus will be set upon us and the fear created will sap all resistance. The Covid attempt almost succeeded, especially in Australia, Canada, Austria, Italy, and Germany. In the US it was blocked by the judiciary and by governors such as Florida’s Ron DeSantis. A second run at the unorganized and uninformed peoples of the world could succeed.
Is this an indication that a more deadly coronavirus is about to be released, one for which all treatments have been banned?https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2022/01/28/how-evil-do-you-have-to-be-to-suddenly-pull-treatment-from-ailing-florida-covid-patients/

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following.


Cracks In The Covid Narrative
Paul Craig Roberts
Dear Readers,
The Covid Narrative that has been coercively imposed on distinguished medical scientists and knowledgable commentators with censorship and loss of employment, on military and medical personnel with illegal mandates, on school children by corrupt school administrators, on family members by fearful and stupid relatives, and on athletes by incompetent team owners and sports officials is falling apart in front of our eyes. But the fight is not over. Some countries, such as Austria and Australia, have been almost completely nazified. Every Western government has proven to be devoid of integrity and unworthy of trust. In today’s postings there is good news and bad news. Let the good news give you hope and the bad news give you a fighting spirit. It is imperative to understand that every institution of the establishment is our enemy. Courageous medical scientists who kept speaking the truth, Internet websites that could not be intimidated, and the Truckers’ Protest in Canada have cracked the Covid Deception wide open. Let’s make sure that, like Humpty Dumpty, it cannot be put back together again. Fauci, a mass murderer, must be held accountable. The vaccine makers must be held accountable. The politicians and school boards must be held accountable. And the sordid media that called truth “disinformation” must be held accountable. We will not be safe until we hold these despicable beings accountable. We must not forgive and forget, or they will be again at our throat.


Deaths of Vaccinated People Rise / Paul Craig Roberts
People who trusted Fauci are paying with their lives.

Stunning German Analysis Finds that COVID-19 Vaccine Death Rates Are Far Higher than Previously Reportedhttps://www.globalresearch.ca/stunning-german-analysis-finds-covid-19-vaccine-death-rates-far-higher-than-previously-reported/5769361
UK Research Group: Coronavirus Vaccine “Unsafe for Humans” Due to Adverse Eventshttps://www.globalresearch.ca/uk-research-group-coronavirus-vaccine-unsafe-humans-due-adverse-events/5749913?utm_campaign=magnet&utm_source=article_page&utm_medium=related_articles
290 Fully Vaccinated Massachusetts Residents Died of COVID-19 Over Past Weekhttps://www.globalresearch.ca/290-fully-vaccinated-massachusetts-residents-died-covid-19-over-1-week/5769329
552 Fully Vaccinated Oregon Residents Died of COVID-19, Half Received Pfizer Vaccinehttps://www.globalresearch.ca/552-fully-vaccinated-oregon-residents-died-covid-19-half-received-pfizer-vaccine/5764029?utm_campaign=magnet&utm_source=article_page&utm_medium=related_articles
Did they die from Covid or did the vaccine itself kill them? As clearly the vaccine does not protect, why take the risk?
Many people have injured their health and killed themselves by succumbing to the orchestrated campaign of fear.


We Are All Ensnared in the Elite’s Web
Paul Craig Roberts / February 4, 2022

Yes, there is a conspiracy. It is a conspiracy of the elite against the rest of us. It has been in operation for years. You can learn much about it from Kees Van Der Pijl’s just published book by Clarity Press, States of Emergency.
The elites are a mere handful, but they control all the power. They control the print, TV, and social media, universities, think tanks, governments, finance, large scale production, bar associations, health care, most celebrities, and have their own organizations that comprise interlocking directorates such as Bilderberg, Atlantic Council, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, the G30 group of former central bank presidents, World Economic Forum, the World Bank, the IMF. The same people comprise corporate boards and the top executive ranks of large corporations.
The gathering of power went through many steps. For example, during the Clinton regime in the US the diverse and independent media was concentrated in 6 hands. Six mega-companies were permitted to buy up 90% of the US media. The concentration of the media went against all American tradition. Regulation of industries was abandoned on the basis of Alan Greenspan’s edict that “markets are self-regulating,” and regulatory agencies became marketing agents for formerly regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals. The Sherman Anti-trust Act became a dead letter law on the basis of the assertion that in the global economy only the very large could compete. Thus, monopoly control replaced the market economy.

Van Der Pijl explains how the various elite networks–transnational, financial, governmental, etc.–work toward a common agenda. Meanwhile, the elite use their control over ideas, communication, and entertainment to keep us peons fighting among ourselves: Republicans vs. Democrats, Liberals vs. Conservatives, racism, women’s rights, transgender rights, abortion rights, and distracted with Russian Threat, Chinese Threat, Terrorist Threat. The real threat goes undisclosed and unremarked.
Deceit of the people is the priority task for all Western governments, supported by intelligence agencies, IT corporations and media.
Van Der Pijl names names. For example, the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Conference reflects the ruling power bloc: Eric Schmidt (Google), IT companies (Palantir) and entrepreneurs (Peter Thiel), Belgian banker and media magnate Thomas Leysen, directors and executives of financial institutions (Lazard, Deutsche Bank, the Wallenberg investor group in Sweden), Henry Kravis of the Kohlberg-Kravis-Roberts hedge fund. Leysen is a member of the Trilateral Commission, Friends of Europe, and the Bilderberg Group.
This group connects to other groups, such as the Cercle de Lorraine. Among the members is Christian Van Thillo who owns practically the entire Belgian and Dutch newspaper market. Van Thillo also is a director the the German publishing group, Bertelsmann. Another member, Count Maurice Lippens links to Friends of Europe, a group that includes in its membership former Belgian prime minister Guy Verhofstadt and former European Commissioner Neelie Kroes.
The French, US, and UK media are also concentrated. All of the owners are brought together via elite organizations.

Think tanks are funded by the military/security complex and corporations. The purpose of think tanks is to provide studies that further the interests of their donors– Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, the Pentagon, the Air Force, the Army, the Department of Homeland Security, the State Department.

The largest beneficiary is the RAND Corporation which received more than a billion dollars. Other beneficiaries of military/security largess are the Center for a New American Security whose CEO was Victoria Nuland, the current Undersecretary of State, the Atlantic Council, the German Marshall Fund, the Center for Strategic and International Studies where I held the William Simon Chair in Political Economy for a dozen years, and my colleagues were Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski. I let pass the opportunity to be a well-rewarded intellectual servant for the ruling elite. I fought them and had to leave the chair. Not long afterwards I was kicked out of my media positions for the same reason. It has become impossible for dissidents from the official narratives to have a career in the Western world.
Van Der Pijl’s book is a short one, 287 pages, but it is chock full of information which readers can tell from the fact that this is my third article about the book. Not every page will hold your attention and his overall view will not please all, but the evidence he provides shows how the elite gathered and use power.
The elite rule us all.
They subsidize conservatives whose patriotism supports “America First” and wars against orchestrated enemies. They subsidize the leftwing whose accusations foment distraction from the secret agenda. They subsidize liberals whose ideas serve to deconstruct and weaken the society and make it easier for the elite to conquer.
The vast bulk of Americans and Europeans are left in the dark and have no understanding that day by day their lives come under more control in order to clear the way for agendas of which they are unaware. Reading Van Der Pijl’s book will help the unaware grasp what is afoot.




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