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Maria Zeee With Dane Wigington – Vaccines in the Air & Relentless Poisoning of Humanity

Nanoparticles from the Sky, My Coughing, & Increasing Allergies

This post is about my own experience with persistent-coughing. For the last seven years, I lived on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. As time passed, I began to notice a change in this once rural paradise — a change for the worse.

The Olympic Peninsula had become a designated Electronic Warfare EW Zone. There was nothing any of us could do about it. I found myself living under the chemically sprayed and radiation scarred skies provided everyday by the Navy. I took hundreds of photographs to no avail. Over the seven years, how much of this stuff has made its way into my lungs?

For various reasons that I’m certain the readers here will understand, in February of this year, I made the decision to pick up and move to Florida — where it seemed some sanity still remained. At my age 76 this was a highly stressful and overwhelming decision. The packing & moving logistics were bad enough. Plus we had to drive, that meant 10 hours a day for six days on the Interstate — which is a horrific nightmare of trucks and traffic jams. Oceans of cars…

A few days into the drive, I began to cough. It wasn’t so bad at first — but increased in severity. My immune system compromised, by the time we got to Florida, I was very ill. Coughing continually for the past 5 months, completely exhausted, in despair. I am still coughing. I have lost 15 pounds.

Dane Wigington has reported that millions of tons of these nanoparticle size aluminum, barium, etc. are being dropped into our skies everyday. How much was already in my 76-year-old lungs when I arrived in Florida.

Because the coughing has never stopped, I began to research coughing. Did you know that our body produces mucus to protect us? We cough to get rid of ‘particles’ that our body doesn’t want in our lungs.

Apparently there is an epidemic increase in allergy related symptoms, including coughing. And a epidemic of people who cannot get their levels of mucus back to normal.

There are online articles predicting the increase in sales of “mucus clearance devices” that say sales will top US$ 595.2 Mn in 2022 — and US$ 847.0 Mn by 2028.

Big business! Look at the explosion of ‘mucus relief’ products on allergy shelf in your local pharmacy. What is going on here? I realize my age makes me vulnerable. But this seems to be truly epidemic.

Is there a relationship between the tons of particles in the air we are breathing every day and excess out-of-control mucus in our lungs? We know our immune systems have been compromised by the food we eat — 65% of Americans are now obese, which usually means diabetes. And a huge percentage are on prescription drugs.

So this is my personal story. I am sharing what happened to me in the hope of expanding our knowledge regarding the ongoing dispersions in our skies. I hope none of you are suffering from this.

Long, deep and worth your time!

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