Human Hints: Key To The Invisible Prison

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Key To The Invisible Prison
Human Hints

Waking up is an extremely personal journey. Each individual is unique and every single human journey is different. There can be similarities in the overall process, however.

Here’s one possibility…

We start by realizing and waking up to the facts that the govt is not watching out for the peoples’ best interest. We put up with it until it hits us personally. That’s usually when we stop and take notice of what’s really going on in the world around us and what an incredible dis-service humanity is suffering worldwide right now.

Realizing that a few world tyrants are deeply wounding billions of people on a personal level, just for their own personal vanity, can be tough to come to terms with. I encourage you to accept your different levels of awakening and move on as quickly as you can. There’s a lot to be realized and there’s a lot to do. The more you wake up, the more powerful and effective your energy becomes, because you begin working on higher energetic realms beyond the physical, whether you know it or not.

It starts to dawn on us that they’ve imprisoned us and they’re poisoning us in every way they possibly can. Not just the food, water, air, screens, electromagnetic environment, sick-care system, education, literally every aspect of human life has been exploited to entrap and harm humans, without their knowledge. No attack vector has gone unused.

As that settles into your awareness as a fact we all must live with, the question becomes prevalent in your life, of where you will draw the line between surviving in modern society and not being a part of the system. Completely disconnecting is not an option for most people.

At some point, you realize you can’t escape. Even though you’re aware of the diabolical Trap you’re in, they’ve still got you. To be a part of society, we need the very things they’re using to trap us. Even though we know we’re empowering the prison by using it in any way, we must still use it

We must ingest poison if we want to eat or breathe. This is the world we chose for these existing lifetimes we’re in at this critical time. God would not allow Humans to fall into a Trap without the possibility of escape.

What fun is that?

Knowledge of the trap does not set you free, but it opens a big door in the direction of hard won sovereignty.

So how do we escape this all-pervasive Trap we were literally born into?

Higher Consciousness Is Our Only Refuge.

When we’re in higher consciousness, the Trap can’t touch us. We exclude our Selves from its effect. When we do see the fear prison, we naturally think, “That doesn’t apply to me.” or “That’s not for me.”

When we act, think and feel from a higher consciousness, the 3D prison doesn’t even know we exist. That’s the ultimate escape.

Our bodies still interact with the physical world, we still use elements of the prison, but since our consciousness is acting from a higher energetic level, using the prison does not imprison us.

When we exist and express our Selves on a higher energetic level than the physical realm, the physical realm can’t harm us. It seems impossible when you’re in the 3D Trap, but it’s true. It is possible to be physical creatures expressing our Selves from beyond the physical realm, through our thoughts and emotions.

You know what happens next?

When Humans raise their energy patterns, we bring the physical realm up with us, which transforms it into a place we actually want to be, not the Prison Planet we know right now. That’s one example of how Humanity can help Earth grow energetically. A Human Being is the bridge between the physical and non-physical. Our non-physical thoughts and emotions express through a physical body, raising the energy of the physical Earth, through the Human body interface, with the force of our Will.

When we act in the physical from higher energy in spite of the physical world feeding us nothing but lower energy, we bring the physical world up to our level.

It doesn’t seem like we make a difference because even powerful people are just a tiny force compared to the entire world of rampant darkness. A pebble in a vast churning ocean indeed. However, when billions of us do it, we will help raise the energetic frequency of Earth and leave the encroaching darkness far behind.

Join Us.
Human Hints

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