Jayashri: Song of the Soul

Mike Adams: Dr. Francis Boyle issues URGENT WARNING

This is what I saw in NZ…

“We lost the planet…”

… years ago when I was still living in New Zealand waves of sadness began to sweep over my being. I had made no effort to communicate with Inanna for many years and in fact intentionally blocked those energies, which I felt-knew would be infiltrated by astral entities attempting to confuse me, astral trolls if you like. I kept my course straight ahead in the Sanskrit texts and their purifying wisdom, the Razor’s Edge.

As the waves of sadness increased I began to identify their source. I was not unhappy. I was living in beautiful New Zealand with a wonderful man … So where did these heart wrenching lamentations come from? It was as if everything had been lost, as if the world and everything beautiful in it were being lost.

One day standing over the sink washing a few dishes, in the ‘Eye of my Mind’ for the first time in so many years, I saw Inanna and she was weeping. Dejected, bent over in sorrow and anguish, Inanna wept. As the tears streamed down her lovely face, she said to me, “We have lost the planet.” I cannot communicate the bewildered shock I felt, at once terrible and simultaneously incomprehensible. Again and again she said, “We lost the planet.”

It has taken me three years and returning to the USA to understand her full meaning. In New Zealand, to some extent I was sheltered from what is now occurring on planet Earth. Yes, I knew about chemtrails for many years, but I had no idea how the aerosol spraying had been increased, intensified to the point of making thousands of people very ill. I still did not realize that my own chronic illnesses were caused by the chemtrails in the Charlottesville VA air and water, where I had lived before moving to New Zealand. The sky over Albemarle County in Virginia often looked like plowed snow even back in 2004. A neighbor moved after being diagnosed with barium poisoning.

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