Stop 5G: “5G will result in a massive increase in inescapable, involuntary exposure to wireless radiation … the life-long irradiation of their brains and bodies from their cell phones.”


Stop 5G on Earth and in Space [excerpts]

There are 100,091 signatories from at least 187 countries as of June 7, 2019.

To the UN, WHO, EU, Council of Europeand governments of all nations
We the undersigned scientists, doctors, environmental organizations and citizens from (__) countries, urgently call for a halt to the deployment of the 5G (fifth generation) wireless network, including 5G from space satellites. 5G will massively increase exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation on top of the 2G, 3G and 4G networks for telecommunications already in place. RF radiation has been proven harmful for humans and the environment. The deployment of 5G constitutes an experiment on humanity and the environment that is defined as a crime under international law.

Alarming Decline in Millennials’ Health

Millennials — the first generation to grow up using cell phones — are experiencing an unprecedented decline in their health when they reach their late 20s. On April 24, 2019, the American health insurance association Blue Cross Blue Shield released a report titled “The Health of Millennials.” It showed not only that the health of this generation takes a sharp decline beginning at age 27, but also that the prevalence of many medical conditions rose precipitously among millennials in just three years.

The prevalence of eight of the top ten conditions among all millennials showed a double-digit increase in 2017 as compared with 2014. Major depression increased 31%. Hyperactivity increase 29%. Type II diabetes increased 22%. Hypertension increased 16%. Psychoses increased 15%. High cholesterol increased 12%. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis increased 10%. Substance use disorder increased 10%.

The decline in millennials’ health from 2014 to 2017 was not due to their being three years older. The report also compared the health of millennials who were 34-36 years old in 2017 to the health of Gen Xers who were 34-36 years old in 2014. At the same age, 34- to 36-year-olds in 2017 had 37% more hyperactivity, 19% more diabetes, 18% more major depression, 15% more Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, 12% more substance use disorder, 10% more hypertension, and 7% more high cholesterol than 34- to 36-year-olds had in 2014.

When the researchers looked at all health conditions, they found that 34- to 36-year-olds in 2017 had a 21% increase in cardiovascular conditions, a 15% increase in endocrine conditions, and an 8% increase in other physical conditions compared to 34- to 36-year-olds in 2014.The Blue Cross Blue Shield report is here:
The only reasonable explanation for the alarming decline in health of the millennial generation is the life-long irradiation of their brains and bodies from their cell phones.

5G will result in a massive increase in inescapable, involuntary exposure to wireless radiation

Ground-based 5G

In order to transmit the enormous amounts of data required for the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G technology, when fully deployed, will use millimetre waves, which are poorly transmitted through solid material. This will require every carrier to install base stations every 100 metres[1] in every urban area in the world. Unlike previous generations of wireless technology, in which a single antenna broadcasts over a wide area, 5G base stations and 5G devices will have multiple antennas arranged in “phased arrays” [2],[3] that work together to emit focused, steerable, laser-like beams that track each other.

Each 5G phone will contain dozens of tiny antennas, all working together to track and aim a narrowly focused beam at the nearest cell tower. The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted rules [4] permitting the effective power of those beams to be as much as 20 watts, ten times more powerful than the levels permitted for current phones.

Each 5G base station will contain hundreds or thousands of antennas aiming multiple laser-like beams simultaneously at all cell phones and user devices in its service area. This technology is called “multiple input multiple output” or MIMO. FCC rules permit the effective radiated power of a 5G base station’s beams to be as much as 30,000 watts per 100 MHz of spectrum,[2] or equivalently 300,000 watts per GHz of spectrum, tens to hundreds of times more powerful than the levels permitted for current base stations.

5G will result in a massive increase in inescapable, involuntary exposure to wireless radiation

Space-based 5G

At least five companies[5] are proposing to provide 5G from space from a combined 20,000 satellites in low- and medium-Earth orbit that will blanket the Earth with powerful, focused, steerable beams. Each satellite will emit millimetre waves with an effective radiated power of up to 5 million watts[6] from thousands of antennas arranged in a phased array.

Although the energy reaching the ground from satellites will be less than that from ground-based antennas, it will irradiate areas of the Earth not reached by other transmitters and will be additional to ground-based 5G transmissions from billions of IoT objects.

Even more importantly, the satellites will be located in the Earth’s magnetosphere, which exerts a significant influence over the electrical properties of the atmosphere. The alteration of the Earth’s electromagnetic environment may be an even greater threat to life than the radiation from ground-based antennas (see below).

Harmful effects of radio frequency radiation are already proven

Even before 5G was proposed, dozens of petitions and appeals[7] by international scientists, including the Freiburger Appeal signed by over 3,000 physicians, called for a halt to the expansion of wireless technology and a moratorium on new base stations.[8]

In 2015, 215 scientists from 41 countries communicated their alarm to the United Nations (UN) and World Health Organization (WHO).[9] They stated that “numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF [electromagnetic fields] affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines”. More than 10,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies demonstrate harm to human health from RF radiation.[10] [11]

Effects include:
• Alteration of heart rhythm[12]
• Altered gene expression[13]
• Altered metabolism[14]
• Altered stem cell development[15]
• Cancers[16]
• Cardiovascular disease[17]
• Cognitive impairment[18]
• DNA damage[19]
• Impacts on general well-being[20]
• Increased free radicals[21]
• Learning and memory deficits[22]
• Impaired sperm function and quality[23]
• Miscarriage[24]
• Neurological damage[25]
• Obesity and diabetes[26]
• Oxidative stress[27]

RF radiation has both acute and chronic effects

RF radiation has both immediate and long-term effects. Cancer and heart disease are examples of long-term effects. Alteration of heart rhythm[100] and changes in brain function (EEG)[101] are examples of immediate effects. A syndrome that was called radiowave sickness[102] in the former Soviet Union and is called electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) around the world today[103] can be either acute or chronic.

Professor Dr. Karl Hecht has published a detailed history of these syndromes, compiled from a review of more than 1,500 Russian scientific papers and the clinical histories of more than 1,000 of his own patients in Germany. Objective findings include sleep disorders, abnormal blood pressure and heart rate, digestive disorders, hair loss, tinnitus and skin rash. Subjective symptoms include dizziness, nausea, headache, memory loss, inability to concentrate, fatigue, flu-like symptoms and cardiac pain. [104]

The EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 states that EHS develops when people are “continuously exposed in their daily life” to increasing levels of EMFs, and that “reduction and prevention of EMF exposure” is necessary to restore these patients to health.[105] EHS should no longer be considered a disease, but an injury by a toxic environment that affects an increasingly large portion of the population, estimated already at 100 million people worldwide,[106][107] and that may soon affect everyone[108] if the worldwide rollout of 5G is permitted.

First Launches of 5G Satellites

On the evening of May 23, 2019, Elon Musk’s company SpaceX launched its first 60 “Starlink” satellites into low orbit around the Earth. The satellites were launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on a Falcon 9 rocket.

Musk announced his intention to carry out six more launches this year, each carrying 60 satellites, and that when the first 420 satellites are in orbit, they will be turned on and will begin providing global 5G service to SpaceX’s first customers. This could happen by the end of 2019.

SpaceX intends for its rockets to carry 120 satellites at a time into orbit beginning in 2020, and to complete its planned fleet of 12,000 satellites within a decade. SpaceX’s license from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission permits each satellite to emit an effective radiated power of up to 5 million watts.

SpaceX’s competitor, OneWeb, is not far behind. OneWeb launched the first 6 of its planned fleet of 4,540 satellites on February 27, 2019. It announced its intention to launch 36 satellites per month and to turn them on as soon as 648 satellites are in orbit. This could happen by the end of 2020.

On April 4, 2019, Amazon announced that it is planning to launch its own fleet of more than 3,000 5G satellites.

5G in Space is a planetary emergency, as outlined in the article of that title that I wrote a year ago:

It is an emergency not just because of the direct radiation from the satellites, but because of the location of the satellites in the ionosphere. The ionosphere is an integral part of the global electrical circuit that animates all living things. Even a few hundred satellites using the enormous amount of bandwidth that is available in the millimeter wave spectrum is expected to pollute the global electrical circuit — and therefore our bodies — with what building biologists call dirty electricity. This is likely to be catastrophic to all life on Earth.

I am presently involved in an effort to open up lines of communication with the principals of the satellite projects, including Elon Musk. They care about the future of this planet too, and they mistakenly think they are doing good.

Federal Lawsuit to Stop 5G

The Santa Fe Alliance for Public Health and Safety filed a lawsuit to stop 5G in U.S. District Court in New Mexico on December 21, 2018. We are asking the court to declare that city, state, and federal laws which deprive citizens of the right to protect themselves from harm, and deprive injured persons of any remedy for their injuries, are unconstitutional and void.

These laws violate the First Amendment rights to free speech and to petition the government for redress of grievances. These laws violate the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments because they deprive people of life, liberty and property without due process of law, and because they are a taking of property without just compensation. Our First Amended Complaint can be seen here:

Appeal Statistics, Appeal Needs

Signatures as of June 6, 2019

These are the approximate numbers of people to date who have signed the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space:

2,000 scientists
1,400 medical doctors
4,000 engineers
2,200 nurses
2,500 psychologists
1,200 organizations
100,000 total individuals and organizations from 187 countries.

Please Circulate the Appeal

It is time to push this Appeal hard. Please send the Appeal (, and also forward this email, to everyone you know. Every person on Earth has a stake in our future. We need as many signatures from as many different kinds of people as possible.

Donations Are Needed

Also a big thank you to Antoinette Janssen and Multerland, who turned my talk in Taos, New Mexico of August 12, 2018 into a superb YouTube video:

Arthur Firstenberg, Administrator / International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space / P.O. Box 6216 Santa Fe, NM 87502USA / Tel: +1 505-471-0129Email: info@cellphonetaskforce.org

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Gayatri Mantra by Deva Premal / and “All this universe is strung on Me, like clusters of pearls on a thread.” / Immeasurable Heaven

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A Higher Consciousness is Our Only Refuge / E.M. Nicolay: “… in the world of dimensional frequency, higher can see the lower, but lower does not affect higher.”

How to protect yourself, your DNA, health, and loved ones…

V. Susan Ferguson

For those of you who have read my many posts regarding the reasons for the Invasion, you know I always conclude by saying: “A higher consciousness is our only Refuge.”

While this may sound idealistic, it is in fact grounded in metaphysical reality. This ‘apparent’ universe is just that — an electromagnetic appearance in time & space that is made of a vast spectrum of frequency waveforms. We are ‘living’ electromagnetics.

In fact, I am coming to the conclusion that in the Rig Veda, both Indra and Agni along with ‘flowing’ Soma are descriptions of electromagnetism, scalar waves in motion — forever creating, sustaining, and dissolving temporal appearances.

These temporal appearances are received as signals by our five senses and interpreted by the individual brain in synaptic paths that reflect the individual’s proclivities, the nature of their conditioned perceptions, via unique-to-each of us, our three GUNAS (Rajas, Sattva, Tamas).

Thus we all have vastly different reactions and perceptions. We are at different levels of intelligence, experience and evolution. We are at different stages on the roadway Home.

Service-to-Self & Service-to-Others

The Draco Reptilians and the Zeta Reticuli Greys are Service-to-Self Soul groups. This means that they live in a lower frequency waveform than those Soul groups that are part of a Service-to-Others way of living. This does not mean that they are ‘bad’ or evil — only they think differently than the Human Angelic Soul group. Therefore they are vibrating at a lower frequency.

E.M. Nicolay tells us that the higher frequency beings can perceive the lower, meaning the beings in the higher dimensional realms can look into the lower ones. However the lower dimensional realms cannot perceive the higher.

E.M. Nicolay: “… in the world of dimensional frequency, higher can see the lower, but lower does not affect higher.”

It is simply reasonable to understand that when we can maintain a higher consciousness, an enlightened God-Consciousness that views all of Its Creation as portions of Its own immeasurable, immutable, eternally expanding Greatness — we cannot be harmed by those pieces of the One who are Veiled in delusion and have ‘forgotten’ that they too are alive, enjoying life only because God resides within them.

An amusing version of this understanding came out in my book Inanna Returns. The character Gracie is a multidimensional self of Inanna, while Marduk is the archetypal villainous tyrant. Note that he uses some sort of ‘scanner’ to measure fear, which for him is a commodity he feeds from:

Marduk spilled his champagne. A terrible vision confronted him. On the screens of his energy-monitoring scanners, there was suddenly evidence of a large drop in productivity. In less than an Earth minute, the supply of fear had dwindled dismally. Marduk sprang up from his golden throne and stubbed his toe — well, his claw.

There must be some mistake; his vast supply of resources could not have vanished so quickly. He began to shriek at his servants and to push all sorts of electronic alarm buttons.

Marduk was freaking out, actually. His eyes were bulging and his face became contorted. He waved his arms wildly in the air and screamed at his clones. But Gracie and all the others like her were beyond him. Marduk could no longer influence or harm them, because they had mutated their genetic codes and moved out of his frequency. They were vibrating in a spectrum he could not even see, much less touch.

I never said this would be easy. Everyday we must fight for our health – and the clarity of discernment amidst an unending assault of mountains of lies. This is war, an Invasion! We are being bombarded with toxic metal oxide nano-particles in the air we breath, nano-particulate that are now so small they can easily pass through the blood-brain barrier. Our food is full of chemicals. You know all this. It has become very difficult to move away from invasive pollution in every aspect of our lives. Do what you can.

E.M. Nicolay talks about how important it is to detoxify and that meditation & prayer do have real results in terms of our “raising your energetic vibrational level, calling in frequency levels from the 10th, 11th, and even the 12th universal dimension.”

Based on my own experiences, my personal path has led me to the sacred Sanskrit texts. I sincerely recommend that your read the Bhagavad Gita and the Shiva Sutras again and again. Both are available for free on my primary website. You will always find some new revelations in their verses which will guide you in just the precise moment you need them.

I play the Gayatri Mantra, and of course recite it myself. Find sacred words you resonate with and use them to alter the frequency waveforms in your mind, Heart, and the rooms you live in. Don’t feed the demons. Lift your consciousness above fear and anxiety.

You don’t need a guru at this point. Turn to the God-within you with all your Heart, Mind and Soul — and most of all, LOVE GOD!

God is Love.
We meet in the Heart.

The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions
Chapter 10: Earth’s Ascension and The Extraterrestrial Presence
E.M. Nicolay & H.L. Jang

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Metaphysics of Invasion: “Their efforts are geared towards potentially trapping your world and the Souls that inhabit it in universal third dimensional density without the possibility of Ascension at this juncture in order to exploit your realm for their own species.” / American Elements

The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions
Chapter 10: Earth’s Ascension and The Extraterrestrial Presence
E.M. Nicolay & H.L. Jang


VSF: Sanskrit metaphysics reveals the eternal truth: TAT TVAM ASI, meaning Thou art That. We are all portions of the One ubiquitous God that has Veiled Itself as multiplicity, infinite forms in Time & Space for the purpose of enjoying Its own eternal potency — the Power of MAYA, Shiva-Shakti, Purusha-Prakriti that generates multiple universes.

In the sacred ancient Sanskrit texts, Truth has been protected, guarded, and passed down through the ages. The Rig Veda is said to have been spoken for 1000s of years and transmitted orally before ever written into Sanskrit. All the other sacred Sanskrit texts are held as expressions that were derived from the Rig Veda.

The Chandogya Upanishad and the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad are two of the oldest Upanishads. The Bhagavad Gita, the Song of God, is a small portion of the epic Mahabharata and contains many direct quotations from various Upanishads. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna speaks as an Avatar, an incarnation of and the ‘voice’ of God.

Bhagavad Gita XV.15
I dwell in the Heart of all.

God dwells in our Heart, in each of us, you and me, good and evil, angel and demon — God is in their Heart regardless. There is no-thing in this universe that is not God. All the dimensional realms are pervaded and permeated with the presence of God — Draco Reptilians and Zeta Reticuli Greys included. God is ubiquitous, imperishable, immutable, eternal – and us.

The ancient sacred Sanskrit texts do not tell us much about dimensional realms, although there are some descriptions in the Vayu Purana.

However it has been said that toward the end of a cycle of time, everything will be revealed. Over my 73 years, I have read hundreds of books on spiritual and ‘occult’ knowledge. E.M. Nicolay is to my mind the only telepathic ‘Seer’ who has been able to open the doors of knowledge to the many layers of dimensional realms. A big difference for me is that, unlike many channels or others who claim to see other realities, Nicolay is firmly grounded in traditional metaphysics, (which I term Sanskrit metaphysics — because there is no such thing as Hinduism, there are only diverse schools of interpreting the sacred texts).

Without the Wisdom-Knowledge of the sacred Truth — Satya in Sanskrit — we can find ourselves helplessly wandering in endless illusory worlds, astral planes, visions that have been projected for 1000s of years as temporal holographic illusions. The great genius and Kashmir Shaivite saint Abhinavagupta stated that he went to 118 of these worlds.

What many of us want is to go Home, as Nicolay says “to get off the time line altogether.” Certainly there are countless souls who desire to continue playing in Time & Space throughout these dimensional realms, whether they be the 5th dimension or above.

Enlightenment and Ascension are not the same.

Universes Float Like Bubbles in an Ocean…
Maya, the divine power of the Lord, reflected by him externally appears … The Lord, covering Himself with it, conceals his nature of absolute purity and divinity. … He sees everything through of viewpoint of diversity and forgets the divinity of His I-consciousness. Besides, Maya-tattva serves as the inanimate objective substance out of which all other insentient elements evolve. It is thus the substantive cause of numerous universes floating in it like bubbles in an ocean.
Excerpt from: Essence of the Exact Reality or PARAMARTHASARA of Abhinavagupta
With English translation & notes by Dr. B.N. Pandit
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers; 1991, New Delhi

Time Wave Frequencies Create the Dimensions

E.M. Nicolay: “The measure of time in your world [third dimensional Earth] is a convenient construct … based on planetary motion … but in reality is actually based on frequency waves that oscillate through the various galaxies. … not only do these time waves have alternate and parallel waves, or lines, but the wave itself defines the particular dimension in which you find yourself. Thus time is a dimensional property and your dimension is based on energetic waves that form the time you exist in.”

In ‘While the Gods Play’, the French scholar Alain Danielou explains that the length of a moment is established by the rhythms of consciousness that perceive it:

It is energy, by producing vibratory waves having direction and length,  that will give birth to the rhythms whose perceptions will create the dimension of time, the measure of space, and at the same time the structures of matter. For man, the perception of the dimension of time is determined by his vital rhythms, his heartbeat…

In the Sanskrit tradition of metaphysics time is cyclical and each period of manifestation is called a KALPA of Brahma, equivalent to 4.32 billion human years. 
The KALPA is subdivided into 14 MANVANTARAS.
We are now in the seventh MANVANTARA of this KALPA.
Each MANVANTARA is divided into 71 MAHA-YUGAS of 4,320,000 years each. 
We are in the 28th MAHA-YUGA of this MANVANTARA.
Each MAHA-YUGA is made up of four yugas
Each Yuga is preceded by a period of a dawn and followed by a period of twilight. [Linga Purana 1.4.3-6]

VSF: Thus as Nicolay says, “time is a dimensional property” and time, dimension and consciousness are interdependent, inseparable, and interconnected.

E.M. Nicolay: “… extraterrestrial beings access your particular dimension and/or time line through technological manipulations of either specific time wave synapses or energetic dimensional portals that link the universal time waves (lines) and, in conjunction with them, link the dimensions and their specific dimensional inner sublevels as well as any potential alternate parallel time lines.”

Nicolay tells us that the Zeta Reticuli “long ago … mastered inter-dimensional travel and time line manipulation.” They have been visiting our world for approximately 13,000 years following the demise of the Atlantean world civilization. The Zetas are also highly advanced in “telepathy, mind control, thought fencing, and electromagnetic blocking techniques that now are unsurpassed.”

ET-Astral Manipulation of Third-Dimensional Planet Earth Through the Cycles of Time
What follows is my own understanding based on my many years of experiences in meditation, reading 100s of books on metaphysics, and my own inner visions. It is not intended to frighten anyone. Keep mind that everything is the One, everything is a temporal illusory hologram, and no Loka world is more real than another.
As we move through the Cycles of Time, these invisible-only-to-us beings play their part in holding us in the illusion that becomes more powerful, solid and dense as time moves through out the cycles leading up to the Twilight of the Kali Yuga – now.
The existence of these beings also explains in part the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad quote that puzzled me for so many years:
And to this day, [those] who…know the self as I am Brahman [IS-ness], become all this universe.
Even the gods [any other dimensional beings] cannot prevent his becoming this, for he has become their Self.
…if a man worships another deity thinking: He is one and I am another, he does not know.
He [who does not know] is like a sacrificial animal to the gods. As many animals serve a man, so does each man serve the gods. Even if one animal is taken away, it causes anguish to the owner; how much more so when many are taken away!
Therefore it is not pleasing to the gods that men should know this [that they are IS-ness].
Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, I.iv.10

My understanding is that there are many beings of varying states of consciousness that for literally millions of years have interacted with this planet. Some might call them gods, while others may know them as etheric beings or perhaps extraterrestrials – a word that only means not of this earth, extra-terra.
“The stars in the form of constellations are mentioned along with the planets wherein are situated the residences of the gods who have performed meritorious acts.” [VAYU PURANA 1.93]
There are seven higher worlds and seven lower worlds in Sanskrit metaphysics. These LOKA worlds reflect a wide spectrum of consciousness, as they are made up of specific frequencies of waveforms. Perhaps the demon worlds of the Sanskrit Puranic texts, the anti-gods, the Asuras and Raksasas, are reptoid or Borg-like extraterrestrials.
The VAYU Purana contains amazingly detailed descriptions of an eighth world, dazzling and bejeweled, inhabited by hybrid beings, meaning for example half-lion and half-human.
VAYA PURANA, Chapter 39
[230] Beyond Brahmaloka and beneath the upper crust of the Cosmic Egg – in between these two is the PURA (Shiva’s city), his divine abode MANOMAYA (consisting of the mind).
[238] The city shines much with scattered diamond dust.
These worlds are light from within, meaning their reality does not consist of reflected light, as does our solid five-sense material world.
[239-42] … there are divine lotuses… made of gold… their inner surfaces are very tender. The lotuses covering up the whole place seem to be so many umbrellas.
Are these gold umbrellas some sort of protective technology? Are these beings vulnerable to Cosmic Rays, Gamma and X-Rays as we are?
[260-263] Some [of the inhabitants] are… horse-faced… a few have the faces of the lord of the beasts; other have faces and bellies like those of elephants, others are elephant-faced; a few are lion-faced and tiger-faced… others can assume any form they wish.
If this had been translated before today’s science began to fool around with genetic manipulation, naturally these creatures would have been seen as ‘mythology’. The same images of human bodies with animal heads are sprinkled on the ancient Sumerian and Akkadian cuneiform tablets.
[264-266] Lord Mahesvara [the transcendent Lord Shiva] of ten arms sports therein… He is being respected and diligently worshipped by those people moving about in aerial chariots.
Evidently these gods have their own space ships!


The Phantasmal Hierarchies

My understanding is this: As the frequencies continued to fall, descending through the Cycles of Time, there emerged beings of both a higher and lower consciousness. The various entities, some who are very compassionate and others tyrannical, began to project astral-world realms out into the hologram.
I have named these [astral plane] worlds the Phantasmal Hierarchies from the word phantasm, which according to the Oxford Etymological Dictionary of the English Language, 1974, means a spectre. A phantasm-agora is a collection of spectres as shown by a magic lantern.
These hierarchies are temporal illusions.
Down though time, the elaborate rituals of the Treta and Dvapara Yuga turned into belief systems. The beings involved projected an assortment of hierarchical worlds related to the specific frequencies generated by their thoughts. Keep in mind that everything is a temporal illusory hologram and no world is any more ‘real’ than another.

Only Oneness is REAL.
With the creation of these Phantasmal Hierarchies, certain individual gods came to dominate others – and in a way, utilize their energy. Obviously these are not all beings of the highest consciousness, but they are a part of Oneness nevertheless and we have moved out of the golden era and the collective understanding and memory of our Oneness.
I suggest that many of these entities are the so-called extraterrestrials and are from lower Loka Worlds. By exploiting the use of ritual, the manipulative tyrant beings pass themselves off as gods and trick us humans into worshiping them and giving them our energy.

By these occult, a term that simply means hidden, means these entities thus generated an abundant energy source that has been used to build the so-called astral worlds and enhance the splendor of the Phantasmal Hierarchies.
Perhaps you can equate this bow-down-and-worship practice with the act of giving up your own hard earned money. When you worship another you literally give up your power, your energy, your ability to think for yourself to whatever you worship.
God is within us all. The SELF/ATMA dwells in the Heart of everyone. So even though we may respect and love many – why would we worship any other than the God-within?
Now I would suggest that the idea of BHAKTI and the term devotion, as it is used by Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, are very different from the concept of worship. To me Bhakti Yoga implies Union, the act of becoming one with that which you already are. Worship might be defined as an act limited to energy focused on external entity – not the SELF/ATMA within – to achieve certain results.
Rituals can be very beautiful and can unite us in feeling, giving us an opportunity to express our Love for the Supreme Being. But rituals are not meant to be a substitute for the experience and knowledge of Oneness. Rituals will tie you into the temporal illusory hologram, but not liberate you from it. To make way for the return of the Golden Age, the Satya/Krita Yuga, we need to remember that God lies within the Heart of every man, woman and child.
In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna very clearly disdains the practice of making sacrifices to achieve certain worldly results or to spend time in any of the heavenly realms. He says that he cannot be seen with the aid of the Vedas, austerities, gifts, and sacrifices. He can only be seen through the practice of BHAKTI [Bhagavad Gita 33.11.52-55], which to me implies UNION, the act of becoming ONE with that which you already are and have always been. To become One with the Self/ATMA that dwells in your Heart, you do not have to perform ritual sacrifices.
In the Uddhava Gita Krishna says that the wise understand that the rewards of heaven, which are promised by religious rituals are as transient as pleasures on earth. [Dialogue 14.18]
Even the higher heavenly worlds of the gods, rishis, seers, saints and angels are temporal:
…the rewards of those of little wit are ephemeral : God worshippers go to the Gods. [Bhagavad Gita 29.7.23]

E.M. Nicolay: “… there are those highly placed humans, groups and organizations that based on pre-lifetime arrangements and karmic Soul associations have invited direct participation of extraterrestrial entities and alien civilizations that do not necessarily have the best interest of Earth’s angelic Soul human populations at heart. … the most prevalent of these extraterrestrial races at the present time has their principle objective the hampering of your universal Ascension and even the permanent isolation of your world together with the Souls experiencing incarnation cycles within it.

“Their efforts are geared towards potentially trapping your world and the Souls that inhabit it in universal third dimensional density without the possibility of Ascension at this juncture in order to exploit your realm for their own species.”

VSF: The Draco-Zeta Agenda is busy altering the DNA in our human bodies into a magnetic form that will resonate with their own soul group — and not ours. The current human DNA is uncomfortable for them, not a good ‘fit’ for their soul groups and thus all the push we notice towards DNA collection and experimentation is part of their search to modify our DNA so they may utilize it in the hybrid programs. Think of all the ‘free’ DNA collection services that have been offered. Look at this recent horror story about DARPA:

One of the most dangerous experiments that mankind has ever embarked upon is DARPA’s desire for gene drive technology. Scientists now have the knowledge and the tools they need to create and deliver “Doomsday genes” which can selectively target and exterminate an entire species. … the United States highly-secretive and advanced military research body DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) announced that it will invest tens of millions of dollars into genetic extinction research.

… Emails released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), suggest that the U.S.’s uber-secretive military body, DARPA, has become the world’s largest funder of this “gene drive” research.

VSF: The question arises … When the Human Angelic Souls that do not Ascend are ‘locked-out’ of human bodies because the genes that were once naturally intended for us are no longer resonant with our soul group, where do we go? One can only imagine realms, holographic prisons, where such unfortunate souls are kept by the Draco/Zeta Agenda until our planet Earth shakes them off in the year 2569. We cannot understand the Invasion and loss of Third Dimensional planet Earth to the Invaders without some knowledge of metaphysics. Consider the metaphysics of the following …

Heavens & Hells are Illusions Mind-Created in Time 
Heavens and hells are nothing more than temporal ILLUSIONS in the astral planes, created by the mind of man throughout the Four Cycles of Time. Just as the worlds (LOKAS) of the gods (DEVAS) and extra-terrestrials are locked in their own durations of time, and have a Beginning and an End, these heaven and hell holographic matrices are temporal and not eternal.
The wise must understand that the rewards of heaven
…are as transient as pleasures on earth.

The Uddhava Gita, Dialogue 14.18
The gods, or cosmic deities, also belong to the phenomenal world… the attainment of oneness with them… cannot destroy the miseries of SAMSARA [the illusory holographic matrix]. 
… the aspirant, seeking liberation from phenomenal suffering, should realize the Supreme Brahman [IS-ness] as his own self and the self of all beings.
Swami Nikhilananda
The Upanishads Vol. 3, AITAREYA UPANISHAD, Chapter II

VSF: The most important task you now face is to form a solid-gold relationship with your own Soul, a relationship you can count on to carry you through whatever may come. The Razors Edge is the proverbial reality for the individual seeker who prays for the single-minded focus back into the God-within, that piece of ONE-ness that you are, your own Soul – the ATMA, your Divine SELF.
When you leave your body, unless you have already achieved UNION with the God-within you, the ONE, you will encounter a realm that precisely reflects your own consciousness. Your conscious and unconscious thoughts do generate and manifest your holographic reality.
There may be many entities – and there are millions of them – who will be inviting you to go with them, to join them, to play, to hang out with them, to come under their ‘influence’. These entities may even be your loved-ones or may in fact be ‘hungry ghosts’ only masquerading as your loved-ones. In effect, they will be aggressively ADVERTISING their particular realm within the Phantasmal Hierarchies as seductively as any late-night car dealer!

Buyer, beware!
When you leave your body IGNORE ANY and EVERYONE! Even those you love.
First and foremost from your Heart chakra, call forth your OWN Soul, the God-within, as distinct from your current small identity-ego-self, which is generated by the GUNAS. Do not become distracted by these Myriad Worlds – however splendid, alluring, and comfortable.
Only your own Soul, the God-within you, knows ANYTHING relevant to your recent disembodiment and your posthumous state. Once your subtle body has made the conscious ‘re-connection’ with your Soul, you will KNOW your Path.
Trust ONLY the God-within you!

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The Invasion revealed by Inanna: Planetary take-overs happen frequently in a universe with 500 billion galaxies. Earth is no exception and is being infiltrated by Draco incarnates and Zeta hybrids.

VSF: Hopefully my ‘missing’ image problems have been solved by my most brilliant webmaster who has been rescuing me for over 20 years! Thank you!

I am here posting a few images along with older posts regarding the Invasion. Our Refuge is a ‘higher consciousness’ – meaning a state of consciousness as frequency waveforms that cannot be accessed by the lower consciousness entities. Know that God dwells within your own Heart.

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The Zeta Agenda: The Zetas don’t just want our planet — they want our bodies to incarnate in, but our present DNA does not resonate with their Soul group.

The Systems Lords and the Twelve Dimensions
Chapter 10: Earth’s Ascension and The Extraterrestrial Presence

E.M. Nicolay & H.L. Jang
Forethought Publishing, 2012

E.M. Nicolay: “There are more of the Zeta Reticuli Grey race and their cloned progeny present on Earth today than at any time prior.”

VSF: Using the amazing prescient work of E.M. Nicolay, the result of over ten years of telepathic work and remote viewing, I hope to clearly explain to you in my own words, why our planet has been invaded, how their Invasion Agenda effects us as humans, and the relationship of the Zeta Reticuli Greys to the Draco Reptilians. Even though I have written extensively, quoting E.M. Nicolay, I am approaching the Invasion with a fresh understanding so that the truth will be revealed.

This is a ‘Spiritual’ War!
The real Invasion Agenda is to block our Human Angelic Soul Group from human bodies, convert the human DNA into a modified version that resonates with the Zeta Reticuli and the Draco Reptilian Soul groups.

The obstacles to this truth are a complete lack of knowledge regarding universal metaphysics — along with the absurd idea that in a universe with billions of galaxies, we are alone, God’s sole and only creation. We have been indoctrinated, brainwashed with unrelenting propaganda to fear the unseen beyond limited five-sense perception, the occult (hidden) is said to be evil, yet occult only means what has been strategically hidden from us to keep us ignorant, vulnerable, stupid. This ignorance is intentional on the part of our jailers who have kept us in a virtual psychic prison for the past 6000 years (the present Kali Yuga).

Nicolay tells us that the Zeta Greys are literally in a race against “time” because in their own Solar System experiments, that they did not understand, manipulating time-space resulted in a “punched hole in the fabric of time and space.” This hole exhibited the properties of a black hole and began to grow “at an alarming rate to the point where it began pulling into it the very substance of the Solar System they call home.”

In their own Solar System, the Zetas were relentlessly experimenting “with electromagnetic particle acceleration and resulting time-space folding manipulation.” Perhaps something like the particle accelerators at CERN? Here on planet Earth in covert black-operations, the humans who consider themselves to be an elite (Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, American Elements, etc.) are using off-world technologies they have acquired through contractual agreements with the Draco Reptilians and their minions the Zetas. Under the black-ops of geoengineering, they are charging and changing the Ionosphere – using literally tons of metal oxide nanoparticles (aluminum, strontium, barium, lithium, etc.), which they are everyday dispersing into Earth’s atmosphere all around the planet.

The creation of this punched rip ‘black hole’ in the Zeta Reticuli Solar System generated a Civil War that resulted in massive radiation contamination and their genetic degeneration. The Zetas can no longer reproduce through their own bodies. This is one of the reasons why they have created their hybrid race here on our planet — beginning around the 1970s when abduction reports began to increase and be documented. Do read the work of Dr. David Jacobs, “Walking Among Us” or watch his many online videos.

The Zetas discovered that the rip in time-space they had created, the black hole had catastrophic consequences. In their Solar System matter was beginning to show evidence of deterioration: “It is for this reason that not only have they become a doomed civilization, but as a consequence their physical bodies have begun to deteriorate as well and cannot endure much longer as a viable species in their own Solar System.”

We learn that there are dire consequences for pushing the Laws of God too far. A race may in fact cause their own extinction by sheer arrogance, selfishness and stupidity. In metaphysical terms, in their “inevitable descent into the destructive pull of the rip in time and space” the Zetas may themselves “become trapped and unable to extradite the energy chords that connect them to the physical bodies of the being incarnated in their physical world.”

E.M. Nicolay says that the Zeta Greys risk being returned to dust and ultimately lost forever. In a desperate attempt to save themselves, the Zetas searched existing timelines and found our planet’s Ascension period (1900-2250) suitable to allow them to “amend their situation easily from within Earth’s current time line by returning to their past … to go back and definitively seal the rip in space-time they had created in their system.” Thus the Zeta evacuation plan to Earth was soon initiated — and the Invasion of our planet Earth began.

In order to succeed and save them from final annihilation, “the Zetas need to have a genetic Earth race into which its Soul matrices can incarnate.” You can understand why it is so easy for the Invaders to hide their true Agenda. Most human beings have no understanding of what happens to us when we die, leave our physical body, and how Souls (the spirit body – Sharira in Sanskrit) are magnetically pulled (by the GUNAS) into lifetime after lifetime.

The Zetas don’t just want our planet — they want our bodies to incarnate in, but our present DNA does not resonate with their Soul group. Therefore our human DNA is being altered irrevocably by the ongoing inundation of thousands of poisonous chemicals into our food, water, air, medicines, and the massive amounts of toxic metal oxides used in geoengineering the planet, all to suit the requirements of the Zetas and the Dracos.


Nicolay says that the critical Ascension period here on our planet is now: 2012-2025. This is the reason that the Invasion Agenda is recently rapidly speeding up and there are thousands of Zeta Hybrids already in positions of power and authority who are very much aligned with the Zeta Agenda, consciously or unconsciously. They like being ‘Borg-ed’.

There are now also many in human bodies who have ‘soul agreements’ with the Zetas or the Dracos and have the same ruthless characteristics of Service to Self. They have no compassion, loath individualism, and have become accustomed to the group mind way of thinking. Almost every self-help article online these days tells the young how to be a better corporate slave-worker.

The Draco Reptilians have been here since before Atlantis and Nicolay tells us that they played a big part in the destruction of Atlantis. Do read his books. There are thousands of the Draco Soul group now incarnated in human bodies. Perhaps you may recognize many of them by their familiar traits of selfish power-hungry greed — both male and female.

It is only through the permission of the Dracos that the Zetas have been allowed to implement their invasion. The higher dimensional Draco Reptilians “agreed not to hinder the Greys intrusion on Earth … in exchange for assurances that Draco Reptilian Soul matrices currently incarnated in human physical bodies would be guaranteed further Earth incarnations…” In my words, the Zetas have been instructed to leave intact the portion of the hybrid-human DNA that resonates with the Draco Soul group.

The Dracos are said to be a very successful race throughout the universe with many colonized and conquered planets. It is my own intuition that the Dracos have some surprises in store for the Zetas. The Dracos want our planet for themselves and are using the Zetas to invade and exterminate us, the Human Angelic Soul group (Nicolay’s term).

My sincere gratitude to E.M. Nicolay.
All quotations are his.

V. Susan Ferguson

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The Invasion is succeeding and the hybrids have infiltrated every aspect of our world!

E.M. Nicolay & H.L. Jang
Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension
The Future of Third Dimensional Earth and Fifth Dimensional Terra
Chapter 8: The Weaponization of Nature Leading to Catastrophic Earth Changes and Occurences
Forethought Publishing, 2015

“… it became exceedingly clear by approximately 2025 that governments had in fact reengineered [geoengineered] Earth’s atmosphere, its oceans and the planet’s electromagnetic grid to facilitate the use of scalar and sonic technology in such a way that was harmful and in some cases detrimental globally. …

“Frankly it was naive of world residents not to believe or to discount reports that their governments were experimenting with the weaponization of the atmosphere, including tampering with weather and all manner of natural Earth events. By the late 2010’s, one needed only to look up at the increasingly greying, hazy [milky haze] and unnatural streaking of usually blue skies, hear about the extraordinary natural occurrences, experience extreme weather patterns, see mass disorientation and beachings of Cetaceans [death by sonar], or witness the unprecedented extermination of bird and animal species to know that something profound and unusual was taking place.”

VSF: I understand how difficult this information is for those who have never seen a UFO and have no five-sense experienced data to ground their possible acceptance in. I have struggled with this all my life.

However it has been the remote-viewing abilities of E.M. Nicolay — who unlike most other remote-viewers, has a profound understanding of Sanskrit metaphysics — Nicolay confirmed my own visions and conclusions over the many years.

We have been invaded by an ET force and they are systematically taking over every aspect of life on our planet.

When you read the news, what there is of it that has even a germ of real — put yourself in the mindset of the Draco Reptilians and their minions the Zeta Reticuli. Every piece of news, every event that sounds like bewildering madness, will become very clear.

For example ….

Who would inundate and flood the American breadbasket states (Nebraska, Ohio, Missouri, etc.) so that Spring planting cannot take place? Does this not insure a major shortfall in the world food supply? Why would the American leaders allow the use of this technology to destroy the ‘heartland’ fields or drought parts of the planet? Long term, does this not mean that we will be forced to eat their genetically modified foods — GMOs.

Are we quickly accelerating into a Soylent Green scenario? And who benefits? The Zeta hybrids will thrive on GMOs, while the Human Angelic Soul group will continue to die off leaving the planet free for the Zeta hybrids and the eventual take-over of the Dracos.

Why has the western world become plagued with an opioid crisis — the pharmaceutical corporatocracy is making vast fortunes pushing its “side effects include” poisonous pills on the unsuspecting ill and in pain who do not realize that their medical insurance often only pays a fraction of the cost. Millions of Americans [70 million] are now in perpetual debt because they cannot pay medical and hospital bills. Debt is slavery, a kind of mental and emotional disability that leaves individuals in depression, fear, living in a permanent sense of failure in a culture that only respects money, the rich and the powerful.

Whose values are respect, admiration, and adulation for the heartless, ruthless and successful [the elite CEOs, the power hungry, military leaders] that have subsumed and crushed all ideals of compassion, kindness and sacrifice for the greater good?

These are the values of the Draco Reptilians. For those of you who know the character of the Rakshasas in the Mahabharata and the Ramayana — you have to look no further to get an idea of how ‘Service to Self’ and not ‘Service to Others’ plays out in actions — or as I say ‘My will be done’ never ‘Thy will be done.’

I am having some difficulty, which I hope will be fixed, posting the NASA Worldview images that clearly show the toxic poisoning of our atmosphere, the weaponization of the Ionosphere, and the destruction of our oceans with tons of metal oxides being dispersed – along with the radiation that is still pouring from Fukushima constantly.

E.M. Nicolay: “Geoengineering … there is a faction of individuals (alien in nature but in human incarnation), that are truly attempting to alter the environment, want to have the environment be hotter, with more carbon dioxide … altering the environment to be more compatible with hybrid humans … this is part of the plan, they are human, but their soul origination is not ‘human angelic’ … they are different in nature than most human angelics…the hybrids…an invasion.”

Universal Electromagnetic Sciences

The genetic engineering that was achieved by the Zetas had the consequence of moving their consciousness towards a group mind, away from individual free will. ‘The group mind led them to advances in telepathy, mind control, thought fencing, and electromagnetic blocking techniques that are now unsurpassed…’

Nicolay says that it is a serious mistake to underestimate these beings and their intention to take our planet for their own Soul Group. The Zetas possess technological proficiency in time and space-shaping physics, and the ability to use universal electromagnetic sciences. They are indeed a service-to-self species to be reckoned with.

As a highly intelligent technologically advanced race, the Zeta Greys are said to be ‘extremely aggressive and ambitious.’ Because of their group mind, they have little or no capacity for empathy, for understanding individual emotions, or processing the idea of individual freedoms. In other words, they have complete contempt for the Angelic Human Soul group with its spectrum of emotions and love of individual freedom.

Nicolay says that the Zetas have particular contempt for Earth’s human angelic Souls that are of Lyran decent, which according to him is the ‘origination system of the Earth human Founder and Guardian races.’  This deep contempt inclines the Zetas to justify ‘the use of any and all means at their disposal’ — anything is acceptable to complete their Invasion of our planet and our genome.

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Love, the Invasion, War & the Spiritual

The secret of life is love. Love is beyond words and description, but the elixir that gives and gives to illuminate each who have arrived at letting go of all negative barriers. Empty the mind,  and breath in the life force to fill your heart with love of the divine Giver. Let love be your religion! Take a new direction of devotion into deep self love.

Arahata Osho

VSF: When will the young men & women of this now collapsing American Empire come to realize that the military running our country is NOT concerned with protecting the American people. It’s real purpose is to serve the interests of a rich and powerful elite — as Major General Smedley Bulter said: War Is a Racket by Smedley BUTLER (1881 – 1940) Army Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler’s expose of American Corporate Imperialism. Butler said, “I served in all commissioned ranks from second lieutenant to Major General. And during that period I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street, and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism. I suspected I was just part of the racket all the time. Now I am sure of it.”

The armed services do not consider the well-being of their own men & women to be of any value unless they can be used. The soldiers are disposable, dispensable. Harm that comes to innocent civilians is considered collateral damage. As Chris Hedges says, “War is organized murder.”  When will planet Earth wake-up? We are in a prison of our own making, bound in the chains of propaganda, techno-fraud that only exists for the elite.

The US Army Asked Twitter How Service Has Impacted People. The Answers Were Gut-Wrenching

Caitlin Johnstone

… posting a video of a young recruit talking to the camera about how service allows him to better himself “as a man and a warrior”, the US Army tweeted, “How has serving impacted you?”

As of this writing, the post has over 5,300 responses. Most of them are heartbreaking.

“My daughter was raped while in the army,” said one responder. “They took her to the hospital where an all male staff tried to convince her to give the guy a break because it would ruin his life. She persisted. Wouldn’t back down. Did a tour in Iraq. Now suffers from PTSD.”

“I’ve had the same nightmare almost every night for the past 15 years,” said another.

Tweet after tweet after tweet, people used the opportunity that the Army had inadvertently given them to describe how they or their loved one had been chewed up and spit out by a war machine that never cared about them. This article exists solely to document a few of the things that have been posted in that space, partly to help spread public awareness and partly in case the thread gets deleted in the interests of “national security”. Here’s a sampling in no particular order:

“My dad was drafted into war and was exposed to agent orange. I was born w multiple physical/neurological disabilities that are linked back to that chemical. And my dad became an alcoholic with ptsd and a side of bipolar disorder.”

“Many of my friends served. All are on heavy antidepressant/anxiety meds, can’t make it through 4th of July or NYE, and have all dealt with heavy substance abuse problems before and after discharge. And that’s on top of one crippled left hand, crushed vertebra, and GSWs.”

“Left my talented and young brother a broken and disabled man who barely leaves the house. Left my mother hyper-vigilant & terrified due to the amount of sexual assault & rape covered up and looked over by COs. Friend joined right out if HS, bullet left him paralyzed neck down.”

“It’s given me a fractured spine, TBI, combat PTSD, burn pit exposure, and a broken body with no hope of getting better. Not even medically retired for a fractured spine. WTF.”

“Y’all killed my father by failing to provide proper treatments after multiple tours.”

“Hmmm. Let’s see. I lost friends, have 38 inches of scars, PTSD and a janky arm and hand that don’t work.”

“Well, my father got deployed to Iraq and came back a completely different person. Couldn’t even work the same job he had been working 20 years before that because of his anxiety and PTSD. He had nightmares, got easily violent and has terrible depression. But the army just handed him pills, now he is 100% disabled and is on a shit ton of medication. He has nightmares every night, paces the house barely sleeping, checking every room just to make sure everyone’s safe. He’s had multiple friends commit suicide.”

“Father’s a disabled Vietnam veteran who came home with severe PTSD and raging alcoholism. VA has continuously ignored him throughout the years and his medical needs and he receives very little compensation for all he’s gone through. Thanks so much!!”

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LED lights in your house can cause irreversible damage to the eyes and lead to a vision-robbing condition …

LED lights in your house can cause irreversible damage to the eyes and lead to a vision-robbing condition, French health authority warns
• ANSES urged officials to revise the maximum limit for exposure to LED lights
• In a 400-page report, the body warned powerful LED lights are ‘photo-toxic’ 
• LED phone, tablet and laptop screens do not pose a risk of eye damage, it said
• But it urged car manufacturers to ‘limit the luminous intensity of headlights’

LED lights can permanently damage the retina and disturb natural sleep rhythms, France’s government-run health watchdog has said. The French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES) warned powerful LED lights are ‘photo-toxic’.  In a 400-page report, the body cautioned it can cause an irreversible loss of retinal cells and lead to a common cause of blindness.

ANSES urged officials to revise the maximum limit for exposure to LED lights, which emit ‘blue light’ at much higher quantities. LED phone, tablet and laptop screens do not pose a risk of eye damage – but the intense bulbs used in car headlights may. French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES) warned exposure to an intense and powerful LED light is ‘photo-toxic’

The report distinguished between acute exposure of high-intensity LED light, and ‘chronic exposure’ to lower intensity sources. While less dangerous, even chronic exposure can ‘accelerate the ageing of retinal tissue’ and contribute to poor vision, the agency said. 

Long-lasting, energy efficient and inexpensive, LED technology has gobbled up half of the general lighting market in a decade. And industry experts predict its share will continue to rise, topping 60 per cent by the end of next year.

Long-lasting, energy efficient and inexpensive, LED technology has gobbled up half of the general lighting market in a decade.
And industry experts predict its share will continue to rise, topping 60 per cent by the end of next year.
However, LED lights emit much higher quantities of blue light than standard incandescent bulbs of comparable brightness. 
Blue light, which has one of the shortest wavelengths, is also emitted by flat screens, smartphones and tablets. 
It has long been suspected to be the reason that night shift workers, exposed to artificial light for longer, have a greater risk of cancer.
The light cuts the body’s production of melatonin, which plays a key role in regulating the body clock. 
This may disrupt other hormones. Both prostate and breast cancer are known to be hormone-related.
And researchers at the University of Toledo last year warned blue light may damage vision and speed up the onset of blindness. 
They found prolonged exposure triggers the death of light-sensitive cells in the eye — which can lead to macular degeneration.
Blue light can penetrate the deeper layer of skin, making skin thinner and more fragile, dermatologists also claim.

The “blue light” in LED lighting can damage the eye’s retina and disturb natural sleep rhythms, France’s government-run health watchdog said this week. From a report: New findings confirm earlier concerns that “exposure to an intense and powerful [LED] light is ‘photo-toxic’ and can lead to irreversible loss of retinal cells and diminished sharpness of vision,” the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) warned in a statement. The agency recommended in a 400-page report that the maximum limit for acute exposure be revised, even if such levels are rarely met in home or work environments.

The report distinguished between acute exposure of high-intensity LED light, and “chronic exposure” to lower intensity sources. While less dangerous, even chronic exposure can “accelerate the ageing of retinal tissue, contributing to a decline in visual acuity and certain degenerative diseases such as age-related macular degeneration,” the agency concluded. Long-lasting, energy efficient and inexpensive, light-emitting diode (LED) technology has gobbled up half of the general lighting market in a decade, and will top 60 percent by the end of next year, according to industry projections.

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We never left Home part 2: Love will be your fuel in this battle, the Force that guides you Home.

VSF: Part Two of transmissions from the God-within me in 2016. Even three years ago I was being told to remain in a state of Love. These are very violent hard times on our planet and the insanity will increase exponentially. Protect yourself and your loved ones by holding a high consciousness, with an adamantine Will move to ‘higher ground’ where the demons have no access. God is waiting for each one of us always.

April 2016

There is nothing you have ever done or been that is not and was not ME [the God-within]. With this understanding in Wisdom and for this reason,
you are released from any and all ‘attachment’ — that which binds you in the temporal illusory holographic matrix. You are liberated from ‘attachment’ to your acts upon Realization that ALL is Me [the God-within all].

Love conquers anger & fear

Anger is easily come by in these days. Anger and fear are the two sides of the same coin.

Finding sacred Love in this desolation requires a greater Self-Mastery and is far more powerful — because Love is the greatest Force, the ultimate Source of Real and lasting power in this and all worlds.

God is Love.

Therefore in whatever ways you can do so, seek to remain in a state of Love. Allow that Love flow from you. Find Love in your heart for who and whatever you are able — Love for your family, children, your beloved, your home, pets, Love for the Earth, her forests, the animals, oceans, stars and endless galaxies.

Even your science now tells you that billions of galaxies exist. In such an unlimited infinite universe, surely in humble reverence there is much to Love, to hold sacred within your Hearts.

Love and Truth

Hate comes easily. Hate is the product of Fear. Hate and fear weaken you and lower your consciousness. Yes, this is a terrible moment on your planet Earth — a time of looking deeply into your very Being, a time of a cleansing purification both externally and within. Know beyond all doubt that Truth, goodness, mercy, compassion and integrity will return to the third dimensional earth-plane — and inevitably vanquish the Dark, as Truth always does. Love and Truth.

Reach into your Heart and find Love. Be That. Emanate That.

Love will be your fuel in this battle, the Force that guides you Home.

God is Love.

The tyrant ETs are literally short circuiting the brain waves of the entire planet. The entire atmosphere of your planet is now saturated with their toxic radiation. They are covering the planet with a “net” [Space Fence] of rf radio frequency/microwave/scalar wave frequencies that alter the human brain and its capacity to receive and process information coming through five sense perception and from the higher realms.

If the ‘demonic’ entities could experience God-Consciousness, true Enlightenment, and in this understanding Realize they too are a part of the One God — they would not waste their lives and time seeking worldly powers and obscene wealth.

God is Love.
Polarity Universes produce Ecstasy for their Creators.

Whatever is created, manifested also is existing as ‘destroyed’ in the un-manifest. Therefore whatever is created will become destroyed, dissolved, returned to its latent state to be recreated again. This mechanism of creation and destruction are inseparable.

The uncreated or dissolved-destroyed is inherent, existing within the created manifest. Just as the created manifest is inherently existing in the uncreated dissolved—PRALYAYA—destroyed. Always. This is the metaphysical structure of a Polarity Universe. Death is contained in birth, as birth is in death.

Think of yourself as part of the volunteers for special projects in the United Confederation of InterGalactic Space Warriors.

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We never left Home …

VSF: Sometime ago the God-within me sent these words. Perhaps they may be of use to you.

The Dissolution — PRALAYA
We never left Home. Use this most auspicious opportunity in the Illusion of Time — as Time is speeding up, moving towards the Dissolution [of this Kali Yuga cycle]. Now you can move further into your Enlightenment, even if you never thought of doing this before.

The God-within will spontaneously awaken you in the most unexpected charming loving ways. God loves surprise — the unknown, unexpected.

God is Love.

March 9, 2016

Yes, your planet Earth is being poisoned by demonic forces, who want most of Earth’s people to slowly perish. This is the inevitable consequence of the consciousness that has pervaded this planet for 6000 years — increasing ‘density’ to the point of planetary suicide. Omnicide.

Just as pain purifies the individual, so will Earth’s suffering lead to a planetary purification. Eventually the consequences of these terrible acts [the poisoning of air, water & earth] will lead to the Great Purification and the Earth will restore Herself.

Galactic Time Cycles can extend into millions of years.

God is Love.

The prevailing consciousness [of power & greed] has brought the inevitable consequences. The demonic are attracted by these low density frequencies and thus the terrestrial inhabitants of planet Earth have brought this to themselves.

God is Love.

The Refuge of Infinite Love, Joy and Peace is residing eternally within each man, woman and child.

God is Love.

God is everywhere — ubiquitous, in everything and everything is interconnected.

The Woven Universe.

God is Love — and so are we all.
TAT TVAM ASI — Thou are That.

Use this auspicious time to come Home. You never left Home.

The demonic ‘evil’ ones who are bringing this Dissolution will be destroyed by their own acts. They will implode, collapse, dissolve themselves. Forgive them. They are you and they are acting out the corrupt thinking of the entire species.

Become a ‘Beacon of Light’ for others. Let the Light of God Consciousness shine from you. The pain you have suffered serves to purify you to make room for God-Consciousness.

Let your body become a Home for the God-within you. Nothing but this will bring you Joy and happiness now. With God Realization, everything brings Joy and Bliss because God is in everything — God is residing in all ‘appearances.’ Ubiquitous.

Come Home, Beloved.
You ARE Me! You never left Home. I have always been inside you, inside your Heart and Mind, waiting patiently for you to turn completely to Me and Dissolve in our Embrace.
I am HERE always!
I am.

Doubt Free Knowledge is God Realization! Live within God always 24/7. Remain in Peace! Thought free. Thoughts come around and about objects. Remain indifferent. Let thoughts come and go. Remain indifferent in the outer world. Remain indifferent — or suffer in polarity, in judgement.

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Evidence: ‘Effects of the Ionosphere Heating by Powerful HF Transmitters’ the text provides evidence of the cooperation of the United States, Norway and Russia in experiments using powerful ground-based HF (3-30 MHz) transmitters to heat the lower ionosphere by electromagnetic radiation.

Novaya Zemlya & Kara Sea (on right)
contrast etc. enhanced

The Atmosphere & Ionosphere: Dynamics, Processes & Monitoring
Edited by Vladimir L. Bychkov, Gennady V. Golubkov, Anatoly I. Nikitin
Published by Springer 2010

From July 7-12, 2008 the 1st International conference “Atmosphere, Ionosphere, Safety (AIS-2008)” was held in Zelenogradsk Russia — described as a cosy resort on the bank of the Baltic Sea near Kalingrad in Russia. Organizers of the conference were a Russian university, a Russian institute of chemical physics, the Pushkin Institute of terrestrial magnetism and radio-wave propagation, and the Russian Committee on Ball Lightning. Financial support was made by the Russian Fund of Fundamental Research Project N. 08-03-06041 and a European Office of Aerospace Research & Development Grant award.

The conference was devoted to (1) the analysis of the atmosphere-ionosphere response on natural and man-made processes, the reasons of occurrence of the various accompanying geophysical phenomena, and an estimation of possible consequences of their influence on the person and technological systems; (2) the study of the monitoring possibility and search of the ways for the risk level decrease. The editors admit that “questions of safety took only a rather modest place.”

The descriptions in Chapter 3, Atmosphere—Ionosphere Electrodynamic Coupling, by V.M. Sorokin and V.M. Chmyrev are particularly riveting. In section 3.2.2 entitled ‘Effects of the Ionosphere Heating by Powerful HF Transmitters’ the text provides evidence of the cooperation of the United States, Norway and Russia in experiments using powerful ground-based HF (3-30 MHz) transmitters to heat the lower ionosphere by electromagnetic radiation.

The transmitters were said to be located for example in Fairbanks Alaska, Oahu Hawaii, Fort Yukon Alaska, Platteville Colorado, Annapolis Maryland 21.4kHz NSS transmitter (in 1992) registered at Gander Newfoundland, Tromso Norway, Aldra Norway, Helgeland Norway, Arecibo Puerto Rico, in 1987 the Arkhangelsk region in Russia (which includes the archipelagos of Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya in the Arkhangelsk Oblast) , and SURA (commonly known as the Russian HAARP).

We are constantly warned that Russia and the USA will soon be at war. However from the extensive information in this 2010 Springer text, we can assume that at least initially, there has been cooperation between the United States, Russia, Norway, and others regarding ongoing global operations using ground-based transmitters that [according to the text] heat the Ionosphere, form plasma density inhomogeneities, excite gamma ray bursts and atmospheric emissions of different spectral bands, generate ULF/ELF/VLF electromagnetic waves and plasma turbulence in the atmosphere, stimulate radiation belt electron precipitations and the acceleration of ions in the upper atmosphere.

Sakhalin Island in the Sea of Okhotsk Russia

A selection of intriguing statements from Chapter 3:

“The lower atmosphere modification is produced by the injection and turbulent transfer of charged aerosols and radioactive substances, which lead to the formation of an external electric current in the atmosphere, changes in the Earth-Ionosphere electric circuit, an enhancement of DC electric field in the lower ionosphere, and related development of acoustic-gravity wave instability responsible for the generation of the plasma density and electric conductivity inhomogeneities.”

Arkhangelsk VLF Transmitter: “The VLF transmitter … started to work several hours before the satellite arrival in the transmitter zone, and there was enough time for pumping the accelerated particles into a wide range of geomagnetic tubes.” [Many of the Russian experiments are said to take place onboard the Russian COSMOS-1809 satellite.]

“The enhanced injection of radon and metallic aerosols in the epicenter region [of thermal anomalies in seismic zones] and its influence on the Ionosphere …” [Radon and metallic aerosols emanations before strong earthquakes and their role in atmosphere and Ionosphere modification; S.A. Pulinets, V.A, et al; 1997]

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E.M. Nicolay & Antarctica

This post contains a wonderful talk by E.M. Nicolay about Antarctica, and also reveals his prescient metaphysical remote-view visions of our future and the reason for the Invasion.

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For the Emissaries: The Refuge and Jivan Mukti

For the Emissaries: The Refuge and Jivan Mukti

VSF: This post is for those of you who have long understood that our planet Earth has indeed been invaded, as E.M. Nicolay puts it a ‘bio-invasion’ that has been intentionally covered up and kept secret by the invaders — the Draco Reptilians and their deceiving ruthless deviant minion-partners the Zeta Reticuli. As I have previously shared I received this tragic news while I was still living in New Zealand, when Inanna revealed to me the terrible truth – “We lost the planet.”

Upon returning to the United States in 2014 my life has been an unfolding series of events that have provided me with hard evidence of the Invasion. Living as I do in an electronic warfare EW zone, every day I am observing and photographing the bizarre completely abnormal patterns of cloud formations being generated by the Navy here on the Olympic Peninsula.

These electri-fried plasma clouds are not only a basic element of electronic warfare that the military does admit to, they are also in integral component of the geoengineering that is not admitted. Geoengineering is in fact emphatically denied even though technologies to geoengineer the planet have been patented and increasingly refined for some 70 years now — my lifetime.

No off-planet race of extraterrestrial beings would colonize a planet without knowledge of geoengineering. It would be foolish to invade a planet without the ability to alter its atmosphere, geology, water sources, etc. — to move mountains, redirect rivers, manipulate the jet stream and the ocean currents.

As researcher Dr. David Jacobs has said, this kind of bio-invasion has been done many times before. It has been proven successful on other planets and is succeeding here and now on Earth.

The implementation of 5G is already underway. Nothing will stop this, just as nothing will stop the geoengineering of the planet by multinational corporations like Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, American Elements to name a few. These corporations wield enormous power, they are making vast fortunes, and through contractual agreements are under the control of the Invaders.

5G will essentially allow, enhance and empower the complete Invasion of our human bodies, which have now been inundated saturated with a plethora of metal oxides — aluminum (dementia), lithium (makes you passive, tired), barium (a poison that remains in the digestive tract), strontium, and a multitude of nano-particles that are based in fungi. It has become impossible to get samples analyzed as laboratories with (very expensive) equipment, which could reveal the precise content of the ‘grey dust’ that accumulates in our homes, refuse to do so.

5G frequency waveforms will not only continue to invade our brains with thoughts we do not even recognize as being our own — it will also begin to alter our DNA. The Draco Reptilian and Zeta Reticuli races are ‘service to self’ and the Human Angelic is ‘service to others.’ As E.M. Nicolay has said, the Draco & Zeta Agenda is to rid this planet of the Human Angelic Soul group to leave the planet clear for their own Soul groups. Total conquest. This process includes cutting us off from the Higher Guidance, which during this Ascension time period is naturally coming to us from our Galactic Core

SCALAR Technology

E.M. Nicolay often uses the term ‘scalar’ to describe the technologies being used by the invaders. He states that blasts of sound energy and “manipulated scalar frequencies” being used in our oceans are highly disruptive to ocean mammals and individual Soul beings like us. These blasts of sonar sound also cut off communications with the Higher Selves of these beings, their Souls, and in doing so mankind [the Navy unknowingly in league with the Invaders] is comitting one of the gravest sins known in the universe — “interference with a sentient being’s access to it higher consciousness, its guides and its Soul.”

E.M. Nicolay / The Systems Lords and the Twelve Dimensions: “Scalar frequencies and waves are now being haphazardly used in your skies and under the Earth as well, and what you do not understand is that this is also having a profound effect on limiting your own connection to your Soul and your own higher guidance. What is more concerning is that this is not being done accidentally, but intentionally in order to block much of your ability to connect to the higher energetic waves emanating from the galactic center at this time.”

The invaders have manipulated our military and the power elite to believe that these heinous to-all-life technologies will give them superior military force to dominate enemy nations and adversaries around the planet. However because the military has no knowledge of metaphysical realities, they do not understand the real purpose of what is being termed the ‘Space Fence’ — the ionization of the atmosphere by countless transmitters using interferometry now located in strategic positions globally.

The real core goal is to cut off the Human Angelic Soul group from the current Ascension energies and usher souls that are in a miasma of amnesia, confusion and somnolent into various astral planes, where they will be sequestered, imprisoned, used as slaves energetically.

E.M. Nicolay: “You are not able to reach the higher realms in the astral state and in essence you are being blocked by the array of electromagnetic rays being propagated for telecommunication [wifi, 5G, cell towers, Nexrad, etc.] … you are being assaulted with electromagnetic pollution.”

Our only Refuge is a Higher Consciousness.

We are in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga. As the days quickly pass, I am more and more convinced that the only Refuge in these ever darkening times is a Higher Consciousness, Jivan Mukti. I respect the fact that all of you have by now have found and are continuing to find ways to uplift your consciousness — to stand on what I call ‘higher ground’ that cannot be reached by the Invaders, who do not have to ability to resonate with the frequency waveforms that sing out the Wisdom Knowledge filled with the understanding of Creation as the ONE.

Unite your consciousness into the God-within you and thus become a beacon of Light for others.

I do recommend to you the sacred Sanskrit texts which are offered freely on my primary website. Personally I have found my humble efforts of teaching myself Sanskrit to be very purifying and expanding. I realize the Sanskrit path is not for everyone. However, the sacred texts are now available and there are some splendid translations by the Kashmir Shaivite saint & scholar Swami Lakshmanjoo, the enlightened master & scholar Swami Muni Narayana Prasad, and Swami Krishnananda (free). The Gayatri Mantra is also excellent.

For a complete understanding of the Draco Reptilian and Zeta Reticuli Invasion, do read E.M. Nicolay. His prescience is flawless. And remember — especially for those of us who are weary of ‘playing’ in this time/space dimension — that as Nicolay says, this time is a wonderful opportunity “for growth to be participated in by all Souls, particularly those cycling off the time line forever.”

We meet in the Heart,


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Wars of the Empire: Waiting for the ‘Rapture’ … “the Evangelical hard right which somehow believes that Jesus will only return to earth after Israel expands its border and mankind is destroyed.” / Venezuela with Chris Hedges

Trump’s Crusaders March to War on Iran
Eric Margolis / April 29, 2019
Washington plans to use its naval forces massed around Iran to interdict Tehran’s oil exports. Two US aircraft carriers are now on station within striking range of Iran.
… a huge crisis was building up of which the world has so far taken insufficient notice: renewed tensions in the oil-producing Gulf. This is the latest attempt by the United States to crush Iran’s independent-minded government and return it to American tutelage.

The Trump administration has demanded that the principal importers of 1.2 billion barrels of Iranian oil halt purchases almost immediately. This imperial diktat includes China, South Korea, Turkey, India and Japan. The comprehensive embargo is very close to an all-out act of war. In 1941, America’s cut-off of oil to Japan provoked the attack on Pearl Harbor.
The oil embargo not only violates international law, it sets the US on a collision course with some of its most important allies and vassal states. Brazen threats against Iran by Trump’s two main enforcers, National Security advisor John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, have reinforced America’s unfortunate image as an imperial power that threatens war against disobedient satraps and independent-minded nations.
Iran, a proud, ancient nation of 80 million, has become, with Turkey, the most effective opposition to America’s imperial domination of the Mideast and a key supporter of Palestinian rights and statehood. This has put Iran on a collision course with Israel and its influential American supporters, notably the Evangelical hard right which somehow believes that Jesus will only return to earth after Israel expands its border and mankind is destroyed.

Meanwhile, the Trump Administration, which has now become indistinguishable from Israel’s hard-line far right ruling coalition, has declared virtual war against Iran.
This has put Iran on a collision course with Israel and its influential American supporters, notably the Evangelical hard right which somehow believes that Jesus will only return to earth after Israel expands its border and mankind is destroyed.
Meanwhile, the Trump Administration, which has now become indistinguishable from Israel’s hard-line far right ruling coalition, has declared virtual war against Iran.
To benefit Israel, the White House cancelled a $20 billion order from Iran for Boeing aircraft, embargoed trade with Iran, reneged on the internationally backed nuclear deal with Tehran, cut off all aid to Palestinians, and keeps sustaining the savage Saudi/Emirati war against Yemen that has caused mass starvation and epidemics.
Trump has just unilaterally approved Israel’s illegal seizure of Syria’s Golan Heights, an act worthy of the 1916 Sykes-Picot treaty dividing up the Ottoman Mideast between Britain and France. US threats against Venezuela and Cuba grow louder.
Washington plans to use its naval forces massed around Iran to interdict Tehran’s oil exports. Two US aircraft carriers are now on station within striking range of Iran. I went to sea on one, the ‘Abraham Lincoln.’
China faces dire trade punishments for dealing with Iran. Welcome back to 19th century gunboat diplomacy. Even Washington’s European allies may be scourged for buying Iranian oil.

Bolton gets his way…
The Strategic Culture Foundation / April 29, 2019

With the US decision to end the eight waivers issued in respect to the import of oil and gas from Iran on 2 May, the Trump Administration effectively is taking its first steps along the path of undeclared war on Iran: An attempt to break the morale of the Iranian people (by pushing a greater proportion of the population towards absolute poverty), and to acquiesce to terms (Pompeo’s 12 conditions), which would amount to abject (and improbable) Iranian capitulation.It is a narrow path, bordered on all sides by lurking unforeseen, unforeseeable disasters – thorny thickets, in which Bolton and Pompeo may well find themselves painfully entangled. Will these steps then inevitably lead to grave escalation? They might; but also, Iran knows that if it can wriggle around these formidable impediments, and still remain standing, then Iran will stand victorious. To survive is to win. To survive will turn from Iran’s to America’s hurt.

… But this is not what US Iran policy is about. It may be true that Washington is disappointed that its pressures on Iran, so far, have achieved no results – in terms of changing the Iranian polity. But this waiver declaration is more about attending to Trump’s Evangelical base.  It is a particularly loyal base which wholly concurs with the Israeli Right that Revolutionary Iran stands as an impediment to the coming into being of the prophesied ‘Greater Israel’ – and concomitantly, with the return of the Messiah.

This ‘base’ (25% of Americans profess Evangelism), has turned a collective blind eye to all Trump’s moral failings, and totally disdained the Russiagate allegations. Unmoved by either, they just have come to believe that Trump is the amoral, secular, flawed – yet somehow ‘chosen’ – instrument who can lead Christians in the Cosmic war of good versus evil – with Iran cast as the cosmic evil.

And, behind in the shadows, lies ring-master, Sheldon Adelson and his billions, fusing together the (non-Evangelical) Bolton to Netanyahu’s Greater Israel project with the whole sitting atop Trump’s extraordinary loyal Evangelical base on which his continuance in office beyond 2020 may one day hang. The point here, is that this base is pressing for progress towards Rapture; the Bolton neoconservative base is pressing to settle old scores with Revolutionary Iran; the Israeli Right is pressing to take advantage of the ‘serendipidity’ of the Trump Presidency – and Trump wants to project his political muscularity as a campaign platform.

The most dense thicket into which the hikers may stumble is that by ending waivers for the major current importers of some one million barrels per day of Iranian oil – with China taking some half million, and India and Turkey most of the balance – the US is setting itself up for very troubled bilateral relations with key states: states with whom the US already has tense and finely balanced relations. India may cave to US pressure; but will China and Turkey? Iran says that it has other buyers waiting in the wings as well.

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