Jeff Rense & Dane Wiggington – Shocking GeoEngineering Climate Roasting Of The West / and NASA Worldview: west coast North America Aug.1, 2017

West coast North America / August 1, 2017  (above)   


Jeff & Dane Wiggington – Shocking GeoEngineering Climate Roasting Of The West

Off the Washington State coast (above) / Aug.1, 2017    

California & Baja CA / Aug.1, 2017       

Guadalupe Island (the little “rabbit” upper right above)  / Aug.1, 2017                                 

Smoke from British Columbia fires over Washington State / August 1, 2017




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Harald Kautz Vella Spring 2017 Update / NASA Worldview: North America – July 30, 2017

California & Oregon coast / July 30, 2017


Harald Kautz Vella / Spring 2017 Update

Miles Johnston / Published on Apr 1, 2017
Harald was rumoured to have been arrested in March 2017… for something he said, under some really nasty German law, which doesn’t want people to have a thing called free speech. So I was able to get Harald in the middle of fixing his heating systems in Germany, which had blown up due to a power surge. 
So we had a bit of a chat and this is it.
 Naturally we mentioned black Goo, and Sentient Fluid. He wants people to know he is OK, but do keep supporting him.

[VSF: my notes, not a full transcript]

If you are so lost in darkness, that the moment you face yourself, you decide to leave because you cannot look into you own eyes.
Tells a lot about people who work in labs for weapon development.
Nobody actually knows what actually the AI that is the behind this agenda actually is. One possible way to look at it is the concept of the fallen angels.
Binary consciousness…
The human CHAKRA system is a trinary one, while the alien one is binary and quadro field. The “mantel” body is just binary. The geometry of the sexuality is binary. Mind control targets mind and sexuality.

We should open unto the Divine Sphere… You get the SRI YANTRA (below) which is the trinity system connected to the Divine Source.


















The DNA is OK with two strands, the next step will be twelve.
Change hydrogen into carbon by adding scalar potential, shift to a higher level … transmutation. … experience in the lab… go into 4D with the full electromagnetic wave sets described by Maxwell, within the 4D realm jumping from 2 to 12 is very common…a possibility that occurs when you look at geometry in 4D.
Full set of Maxwell’s equations, all solutions to the general wave equations which normal universities dropped. … longitudinal waves we can use… But it is coming back slowly. Tom Bearden is deeply into it… from Maxwell to Whitaker … notes the unified field … basically derived all the fields from the interference of scalar fields … taking the background field he calculates this is magnetism, this is electricity… this is an electromagnetic wave.. theoretical works includes time reversal. Non-linear optics. Five universities do work with time reversals.
[Talks about] Einstein … excluded the possibility that particles contain black holes… knew that could prove that a proton could contain a singularity. A basic mistake.
The ‘habit’ of two longitudinal waves merging into on scalar wave. That actually one wave is forcing the other one into time reversal. And then they act in one line, so one line is bending the direction of propagation of the other. And this is basically giving the possibility for scalar fields to fly in NOT straight lines, to form circles.

Everyone is observing that we do have toroidal fields, that we have circular structures everywhere. Everything is in vortex flow — but light is propagating in a straight direction, so we [wrongly think] that light would never form a vortex. But if you look at the human body, you see the CHAKRA system that is a vortical system, so you see that light does flow in circles. If you just observe Nature. So this ‘flying’ of light in circles is possible if you see that two longitudinal waves or two single photons can merge to one scalar structure and this scalar structure has the ability to fly in loops.

And once you have this you can understand what a particle is. A particle is LIGHT CAUGHT IN CIRCULAR MOTION. Because of this ability if you have two longitudinal waves that merge to one scalar, then the scalar field can form a circle.
Male/female…somewhere this also defines male/female… The ancient propels sensed scalar and longitudinal … They had the ability to sense with their Hearts. This is the big difference between university research and military research and the private research. The private research is fifty years ahead and has valid solutions. Because people just ask for an answer and received it on the visual plane with the Third Eye, because they are open to the Divine Sources. They get information when they ask for information. And this is what people did in former times.

When you take the entire VEDIC KNOWLEDGE, its not that they did research university style by trial and error — they just sat down in meditation and asked how does the world work. Then the world showed them how it works. They had better results that we have with science, because they just connect to the Source. While we blind ourselves completely in universities, and fumble around with closed eyes, trying to fix things together to see what works and what does not work.
And it’s stupid because it’s a free decision to blind yourself. This is “empiric” science. It’s nonsense!
Science says that only the results are valid that have been found in complete darkness. This is the stupid part. … use your inner-view and your sense for Truth. When you have a solution that looks coherent, then of course you do the empiric part to prove it…

VSF: Best wishes to Harald and thanks to Miles Johnston!


North America west coast (above) / July 30, 2017     

Like a cookie-cutter off the west coast – California / July 30, 2017      

Off the west coast – California detail … almost a perfect right angle!  / July 30, 2017

A detail of the same general area (as above) / July 30, 2017                

Hudson Bay / July 30, 2017   




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INVASION EARTH: Message to the Emissaries / WWIII / E.M. Nicolay, Geoengineering to Terraform planet Earth, and the Tyrant ETs


INVASION EARTH: Message to the Emissaries / WWIII / E.M. Nicolay, Geoengineering to Terraform planet Earth, and the Tyrant ETs

As you read this, please remember first and foremost what the Kashmir Shaivite saint and sage, Swami Lakshmanjoo has said, “This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God Consciousness.”  You are the ONE imperishable, immeasurable, ubiquitous, eternal One. Nothing ever dies. Our only Refuge is a higher consciousness. Enlightenment is not so arduous as it is purported to be. You simply have to want it more than anything else, that’s the difficulty for most. Enlightenment is like a switch, either you are in your original Source state, or you are lost in multiplicity, playing in Time & Space, veiled in your current identity self data-collecting vehicle.

That said, I must again warn those who have the capacity to hear and understand what is occurring. If you are fearful then do not read this.

Earth has long been invaded by a tyrant-based race of ETs. There is more than one faction. All of them have made contractual agreements with various Earth governments. These contractual agreements are legal, and however unfortunately, acceptable to the Inter-Galactic Council as they comply with the Law of Non-Interference — because your deluded leaders agreed, signed the contracts, which exchanged various off-planet technologies for human DNA. There has been a hybridization endeavor going on for many years, so that many of what we now see as these ‘heartless’ psychopathic elite leaders are in fact hybrid ETs. They care nothing for humankind, who they consider ‘eaters’ and disposable slaves. Robots will replace most jobs sooner than we can imagine.







500 Billion Galaxies!

There are now over 500 billion known galaxies. Do any of you who are still reading this actually believe that we are alone in the universe? The idea is absurd, and yet we have been indoctrinated brainwashed propagandized to believe this nonsense. If you think that planets cannot be invaded and taken over, then again I suggest this is part of religious propaganda and delusional. Planets get conquered all the time. Planets also get destroyed, not only in wars, but also in geoengineering operations gone wrong.

No one will save us, we must save ourselves in Consciousness.

The technologies that these ETs gave our leaders were inferior and designed to contaminate our planet, our air, land, and waters. Think how every invention has some unforeseen consequence, a toxic legacy, blow-back, in spite of the 1950s ‘jingle’ promise of “better living through chemistry”. One wonders what most chemists die of, how poisoned are their bodies from developing these technologies that promise convenience. We have been tricked, fooled, deluded — and those shortsighted, who complied with the development of these toxic products, did so out of greed and ego, without consideration of the long term consequences.

However, all such reflections are now useless, obsolete, too late. The aerosol spraying, chemtrail phenomena, geoengineering, climate engineering, (which I have endeavored to show here with innumerable screenshots from NASA Worldview, US Patents, and scientific articles), is now irreversible as these ETs knew it would be from the beginning. Please read what the researcher Harald Kautz-Vella has said:

This is alien ET technology:

There are many Harald Kautz-Vella online videos to learn from. In one he says, “I am hardcore scientist, but I really appreciate the possibilities that lie in the spiritual world and I had so many open questions to this [now deceased] whistle blower” [on ‘optimized cluster topology’ that lets RNA DNA sequences carry life-forms/ relates to smart dust] that he attended a lady who can talk to people who are dead. The man appeared immediately and talked through her saying, “This is alien technology – it is not human technology and we have been fooled. There is no deactivation code. It doesn’t exist. It is just a big scam that they offered to us to let us think we could control the system, but this is alien technology and it is not controllable anymore through us.”

Harald Kautz-Vella wants the intelligence community to know they have been fooled. They believe they are controlling this, but they are not. Apparently the deceased man speaking was suffering because of the misuse of this technology and is very concerned, admitting that the ETs had lied to them. This is exactly what I have felt and known for around 30 years now. The technology that the ETs gave our governments is a Trojan Horse designed to invade, infest, poison, and conquer our planet.

HARALD KAUTZ-VELLA: Transhumanism, AI, Chemtrails, Smart Dust, & Morgellons

When I was still living in New Zealand, Inanna came to me and told me that we had “Lost the planet!”

“We lost the planet…”

I will post this information again for you. She was inconsolable. I am still reluctant to share everything I know, because I do not want to contribute to any fear that would impair your spiritual progress. On the contrary, now more than ever our only Refuge is God Consciousness. I am urging you to go within and make an utterly unyielding, adamantine connection with the God-within you.

As I write this, Vladamir Putin has ordered 755 American diplomats to leave Russia and I sincerely believe that we will see WWIII ensue before this year ends. Therefore, prepare yourself mentally, spiritually and physically. Get out of the cities and get to higher ground if you can. The poles and Greenland will continue to melt — and the coastal cities will become inundated as the sea level rises, perhaps even more quickly than we have been told. Where will these millions of displaced people go? Who will feed them, and with what? Prepare yourself as best you can. The war will be nuclear, no doubt about that, and it will shock many into a higher consciousness as we realize how blind and deluded we had become. 

E.M. Nicolay

By chance, I recently came across E.M. Nicolay a man who is both highly evolved, spiritual, a healer, and a remote viewer. I am recommending his work to you and include links. I basically agree with his assessments, although he uses terminology I prefer not to use because I consider it confusing. For example, I find this term ‘Ascension’ unclear and misleading as it implies movement in a spatial sense. Enlightenment is a change in the frequency of our consciousness. Where will you ascend to? You are already the One God Consciousness eternally. Nevertheless, I perceive Nicolay as sincere and he has much that is very hope filled to teach us about our possible future in a higher dimensional realm.

Link to E.M. Nicolay below:

E.M. Nicolay @40:00: “Geoengineering…there is a faction of individuals (alien in nature but in human incarnation), that are truly attempting to alter the environment, want to have the environment be hotter, with more carbon dioxide…altering the environment to be more compatible with hybrid humans…this is part of the plan, they are human, but their soul origination is not ‘human angelic’ … they are different in nature than most human angelics…the hybrids…an invasion.”

Atlantean Outposts in Antarctica Reveal New Surprises



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Earth’s Vanishing Northern Hemisphere Jet Stream / Paul Beckwith on the Jet Stream / NASA Worldview: July 28 & 29, 2017

The Aleutian Islands (above) / July 29, 2017



July 24, 2017

July 27, 2017

July 2017

VSF: I can feel what is coming. The confluence of increasing reports of extreme weather and polar meltdown appearing in the monopoly corporate media, coupled with a plethora of articles on how geoengineering will “save us” are evidence that soon these ratzoids will push to indoctrinate the public into believing that they must accept geoengineering.

Never mind the consequences of the lithium, aluminum, strontium, barium, coal fly ash, and fungi-based nanoparticles we are breathing every moment, and that are destroying our immune system. No mention that this has been on going for 50+ years.

As Thomas Ackerman [University of Washington] said in a recent article: “We’re talking about some kind of new world in terms of the ethical issues,” Ackerman said. “But for climate, we’re no longer in an era of ‘do no harm.’ We are altering the climate already. It’s now a case of ‘the lesser of two evils.’ ”

Until enough people stand up and insist these operations be halted, we will see ever increasing amounts of radiation and toxic materials being dispersed around the planet. We have been officially warned by the minions of the elite, Gates, etc.  “…we’re no longer in an era of ‘do no harm.’ ” 

However, as public awareness appears to be diminishing under a continual milky-haze blanket of lithium, chemical toxic food, radiation, ubiquitous cell towers, and endless stooge propaganda that even Edward Bernays could never have imagined, what chance does our beloved planet have? Still we must not give up, we must stand against this blatantly demonic insane evil omnicide by the corporate elite criminal cabal. No matter what happens, the effort to expose the heinous atrocities taking place in our once beautiful, now starless skies is right, true, Righteous.


Off the coast of Oregon / July 29, 2017

The Sea of Okhotsk Russia / July 28, 2017

Nunavut & Davis Strait / July 29, 2017 

Nunavut / July 28, 2017 

Spain / July 28, 2017     

Spain – sepia enhanced / July 28, 2017

West Coast USA, California, etc. / July 28, 2017    

California / July 28, 2017    


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Blatant & Inarguable Geoengineering Jet Spraying Captured On Film / NASA Worldview: Geoengineering California & the eastern Pacific Ocean

R/F microwave “ripples” east of Hokkaido (above) / July 26, 2017

Dane Wigington:
The past propensity of populations to deny the ongoing climate engineering atrocities is finally breaking down. Increasingly shocking and compelling film footage captures of jet aircraft aerosol dispersions are rapidly eroding the official false narrative that we are only seeing “condensation trails” in our skies.





California coast & eastern Pacific Ocean / July 24, 2017

California coast & eastern Pacific Ocean / July 24, 2017

California coast & eastern Pacific Ocean / July 25, 2017

California coast & eastern Pacific Ocean / July 25, 2017

Eastern Pacific Ocean / July 25, 2017

Eastern Pacific Ocean (detail above) / July 25, 2017

California coast & Bay Area (above) / July 25, 2017

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Liars paid to cover up geoengineering admit to the harm it does! “…we’re no longer in an era of ‘do no harm.’ ” / Thomas P. Ackerman Director, Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences / Geoengineer David Keith Admits to Dangers of Spraying Aluminum ( )

“We’re talking about some kind of new world in terms of the ethical issues,” Ackerman [University of Washington] said. “But for climate, we’re no longer in an era of ‘do no harm.’ We are altering the climate already. It’s now a case of ‘the lesser of two evils.’”

VSF:  These liars in academia are paid to cover up the secret massive geoengineering operations going on around the world, and hide the life threatening harm they have done to us and the biosphere of our once beautiful planet. Their mendacity is nothing short of demonic. They are trying to obfuscate what is in fact happening, the ensuing sea level rise, the consequent disruption of all life and mass migrations, starvation, riots, gang warfare, Mad Max. They are terrified. This is why the rich all have underground bunkers. They are afraid of us, the people waking up.

They have been geoengineering the climate for over fifty years now and have made things MUCH WORSE, including damaging, perhaps beyond all repair, the protective layer of Ozone! They know that when people find this out, we will go crazy. So they lie and lie, cheat us and steal from the taxpayer to fund their Orwellian insanity, becoming more corrupt as they, the elite, move to get their share of money and power as the collapse of the empire continues. 

VSF: So what is this (my photo above)? Another trail from a container “ship” just crossing over the Olympic Peninsula WA? These people are paid liars! Note that the UW News article (below) is coming from the University of Washington in Seattle, home to both Microsoft & Boeing — and the Navy that is a primary force in these worldwide operations.  More evidence (two below) via my own photos from my own home. Do ships leave square clouds – or move in circles?


The above image is from the UW News article below: Ships crossing the Pacific Ocean emit particles into the clean air that create a seed for marine clouds. Credit: NASA  [VSF: This the most ridiculous explanation of chemtrails possible, they obviously think we are not only completely stupid, but partially blind.]


“We’re talking about some kind of new world in terms of the ethical issues,” Ackerman said. “But for climate, we’re no longer in an era of ‘do no harm.’ We are altering the climate already. It’s now a case of ‘the lesser of two evils.’”

Could spraying particles into marine clouds help cool the planet?
Hannah Hickey
July 25, 2017 / UW News

The idea of geoengineering, also known as climate engineering, is very controversial. But as greenhouse gases continue to accumulate in our atmosphere, scientists are beginning to look at possible emergency measures. 

A new University of Washington [VSF: WA State is home of Microsoft, Boeing & multiple Navy bases like Whidbey Island] study looks at the idea of marine cloud brightening, which a UW group is investigating as a promising strategy to offset global warming. The strategy would spray saltwater into the air to make marine clouds reflect more incoming solar rays. Small-scale tests of marine cloud brightening would also help answer scientific questions about clouds and aerosols, two UW atmospheric scientists say in a paper published in July in the journal Earth’s Future. This dual goal for early-stage geoengineering tests would follow the U.S. National Academies of Sciences’ 2015 recommendation that any tests of geoengineering also yield a scientific benefit.

“A major, unsolved question in climate science is: How much do aerosol particles cool the planet?,” said lead author Rob Wood, a UW professor of atmospheric sciences. “A controlled test would measure the extent to which we are able to alter clouds, and test an important component of climate models.”

Other co-authors are Thomas Ackerman, a UW professor of atmospheric sciences, Philip Rasch at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Kelly Wanser at the Ocean Conservancy.

The authors are part of a group that is proposing to spray saltwater over oceans to cause a small increase in the brightness of marine clouds and boost their capacity to reflect sunlight. Doing so could be a short-term measure to offset global warming in a possible future emergency situation. In the meantime, it could also further understanding of the climate system.

One of the biggest uncertainties in climate models is the clouds, which reflect sunlight in unpredictable ways.  Water droplets can only condense on airborne particles, such as smoke, salt or human pollution [VSF: or Lithium, aluminum, barium, strontium, coal fly ash, & other fungi based nano-particles.] When the air contains more particles the same amount of moisture can form smaller droplets, which creates whiter, brighter, more reflective clouds. Climate scientists believe pollution since the Industrial Revolution has created brighter clouds that reflect more sunlight, offsetting the warming from greenhouse gases, which trap long-wave radiation. But they can’t pin down the size of the effect or predict how much it might change in the future [VSF: in spite of the fact that they have been trying for over 50+ years!] .

The proposal is now waiting on funding from government or private donors [VSF: Actually it has allegedly been funded by the Bill Gates Foundation since 2007 as reported in the UK Guardian and others!].  For several years, UW researchers have been working with a group of engineers in California’s Bay Area to develop a nozzle that turns saltwater into tiny particles that could be sprayed high into the marine cloud layer. It’s the first in a series of steps needed to implement the roughly three-year plan. The researchers propose to:

• Produce a sprayer that is able to eject trillions of aerosol particles per second
• Conduct initial lab tests of the sprayer (UW research scientist Dave Covert helped conduct wind-tunnel testing of a prototype nozzle in 2015 in the Bay Area)
• Do preliminary outdoor tests in a coastal area that is fairly flat, relatively free of air pollution and prone to marine clouds (the group is currently seeking funding for proposed coastal tests in Monterey Bay)
• Move to small-scale offshore tests If tests were successful, people might someday decide whether to use a scaled-up version to create a small increase in the reflection of sunlight over large swaths of the world’s oceans.

“We’re talking about some kind of new world in terms of the ethical issues,” Ackerman said. “But for climate, we’re no longer in an era of ‘do no harm.’ We are altering the climate already. It’s now a case of ‘the lesser of two evils.'”

Ackerman will speak July 27 in Newry, Maine, at the first Gordon Research Conference on Climate Engineering about the proposed testing plan. Another speaker is the leader of a Harvard University [David Keith!] test of an alternate proposal to spray reflective particles high in the atmosphere.

In addition to the paper on the scientific benefits of testing marine cloud brightening, a group of UW graduate students and professors published a recent paper on what specific measures might be feasible, ethical and scientifically useful for evaluating a cloud-brightening test. Authors include UW graduate students and faculty in philosophy, atmospheric science and civil engineering who were part of an interdisciplinary UW graduate course on geoengineering—among the first of its kind. [VSF: note the word “among” – there are many more.]

The class was taught last winter by Ackerman and Stephen Gardiner, a UW philosophy professor who wrote a book on the ethics of deliberately tinkering with the planet’s atmosphere. Ackerman has since written an essay about the teaching experience. He believes the interdisciplinary approach is the right way to proceed with geoengineering.

A conceptualized image (above) of an unmanned, wind-powered, remotely controlled ship that could be used to implement cloud brightening. Credit: John MacNeill



Thomas P. Ackerman
Director, Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean
Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Phone: 206-221-2767
Atmos Sci Office: 720 Atmospheric Science – Geophysics Building (ATG)
JISAO Office: 136 Wallace Hall
Fax: 206-685-9178
Current Research
• Climate Engineering – Science and Ethics
• Marine Cloud Brightening as a means of climate engineering
• Ocean-atmosphere coupling and the effects of cloud feedbacks
• Use of satellite and ground-based data to evaluate climate model cloud properties
• Understanding the maintenance and formation of thin tropical tropopause cirrus

VSF: Look into his eyes… [above]… a hybrid involved in terraforming our planet?

And here (below) is DAVID KEITH…with Dane Wigington…

Geoengineer David Keith Admits to Dangers of Spraying Aluminum                                         ( )



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Sea level fears as Greenland darkens / NASA Worldview: Greenland, the Davis Strait, Arctic, Barents Sea & the KARA SEA Russia



Sea level fears as Greenland darkens / BBC photo (above)

Scientists are “very worried” that the melting of the Greenland ice sheet could accelerate and raise sea levels more than expected. They say warmer conditions are encouraging algae to grow and darken the surface. Dark ice absorbs more solar radiation than clean white ice so warms up and melts more rapidly.

Currently the Greenland ice sheet is adding up to 1mm a year to the rise in the global average level of the oceans. It is the largest mass of ice in the northern hemisphere covering an area about seven times the size of the United Kingdom and reaching up to 3km (2 miles) in thickness.

This means that the average sea level would rise around the world by about seven metres, more than 20ft, if it all melted. That is why Greenland, though remote, is a focus of research which has direct relevance to major coastal cities as far apart as Miami, London and Shanghai and low-lying areas in Bangladesh and parts of Britain.

Algae were first observed on the Greenland ice sheet more than a century ago but until recently its potential impact was ignored. Only in the last few years have researchers started to explore how the microscopically small plants could affect future melting. A five-year UK research project known as Black and Bloom is under way to investigate the different species of algae and how they might spread, and then to use this knowledge to improve computer projections of future sea level rise.

The possibility of biologically inspired melting was not included in the estimates for sea level rise published by the UN’s climate panel, the IPCC, in its latest report in 2013.



Greenland, the Davis Strait (above) / July 24, 2017  

Davis Strait

Davis Strait (French: Détroit de Davis) is a northern arm of the Labrador Sea. It lies between mid-western Greenland and Nunavut, Canada’s Baffin Island. To the north is Baffin Bay. The strait was named for the English explorer John Davis (1550–1605), who explored the area while seeking a Northwest Passage. By the 1650s it was used for whale hunting.

Oil and gas
WIKI: Petroleum exploration in the Arctic
US Geological Survey has estimated that at least 13% of the worlds undiscovered oil deposits and 30% of the worlds undiscovered gas pockets are located in the Arctic, with the seas around Greenland potentially holding large amounts of natural gas and lesser amounts of crude oil and natural gas liquids. This has led the Greenland’s minister and provincial council to offer a large number of off-shore concessions to potential hydrocarbon (oil and gas) extraction. The largest concessions areas are located in seas west of Greenland; primarily the Davis Strait and Baffin Bay, but with several smaller concessions in the Greenland Sea in the east also.

Greenland, the Davis Strait (above) / July 24, 2017    

Greenland, the Davis Strait (above) / July 24, 2017      

North of Greenland  (above) / July 24, 2017 

East coast of Greenland (above) / July 24, 2017  

East coast of Greenland (above) / July 24, 2017  

North of Scandinavia & Russia (above) / July 24, 2017

Arctic & the Barents Sea (above) / July 24, 2017  

Arctic, Barents Sea & the KARA SEA Russia (above) / July 24, 2017          

Arctic, Barents Sea & the KARA SEA Russia (above) / July 24, 2017            


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The Arctic Sea Ice Melt / NASA Worldview: The Arctic & Antarctica

The ARCTIC / July 22, 2017         

VSF: The Arctic, Antarctica, and Greenland are melting. As this meltdown continues unabated, the jet stream will disintegrate further, allowing more warm temperature air flow into the polar regions — thus accelerating more melting, causing sea level rise on coastal cities with subsequent mass migration as a result, and exacerbating toxic methane release, which will increase global warming. The transfer of weight from the ice is also effecting Earth’s tectonic plates. Geoenginnering has recently been increased exponentially worldwide in a futile effort to mitigate the terrible consequences we all face very soon.

The following report is from Seemorerocks.  Do go to this link and read the excellent full articles.

Monday, 24 July 2017
More on the Arctic sea ice melt

A cross-section of what is happening in the Arctic. 

My guess (as an untrained but interested eye) is that all that stands between us and a (near) Blue Ocean Event is the weather.

And that doesn’t look too flash at the moment.

Arctic sea ice: “It looks very ugly what is unfolding”,1834.3050.html

The Typhoon autogun in the Pacific and the effects on the Beaufort gyre dynamics have been giving me a very sick feeling in my gut the last 24hrs. It looks very ugly indeed what is unfolding.

… the Gulfstream water that has been surfacing at 15-16C around, Svalbard and FJL, and just loves to hug the right by the Right Hand Rule of mr Coriolis North.

Should it not meet Pacific, and surface stuff head on at Severnaya Zemlya thats Westbound as traditional in a high pressure dominated Eastern Basin. Keen to take it by the hand and ride it out off the shelf into the deeper basin…

Perhaps Gulf Snake will be fresh and warm enough to climb on top, or even socialise a little with Pacific eel. Assisted by big late snow-melts and an open Russian coast, and a slide beneath a few thousand km of fresh melt pool south of Norway.

With a largely Low pressure dominated east with a reversing Gyre, and Cooler inbound stuff from a full or partial anticlockwise deep salty racetrack that it can team up with and python coil the heart of the Ocean.

Then instead of a big reserve of low density fresh pycnocline pushed down in the middle of the eastern Basin…..

That which is there will all be flinging itself out through the CAA and down both coasts of Greenland , as the Turbo Pump from both Oceans swirls all around squeezing it out from below.

I’m deeply worried that this is starting already

23.07.2017. Tongue of Atlantic Warm Water Heading North Beneath Sea Ice (above)

The disintegrating jet stream above…

NASA Worldview:

Iceland (above) / July 22, 2017           

Northeast of Iceland (above) / July 22, 2017    

East of Iceland (above) & sepia enhanced for structure. Note more “subtle” microwave, some “cross-hatching”.                   

North of the Aleutian Islands (above) / July 20, 2017 

North of the Aleutian Islands (above) / July 20, 2017  

North of the Aleutian Islands (above) / July 20, 2017 

North of the Aleutian Islands (above)/ July 20, 2017   

North of the Aleutian Islands (above) / July 20, 2017   

ANTARCTICA beneath Australia (above) / July 20, 2017

ANTARCTICA beneath Australia (above) / July 20, 2017

ANTARCTICA beneath Australia (above) / July 20, 2017




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Government Think Tanks Admit U.S. Empire Is Collapsing – Their Solution Is More War And Tyranny /NASA Worldview: July 22, 2017 / Sea level rise is accelerating as Greenland ice melt increases

Lion Warrior / north of Kuril Islands / July 19, 2017


Government Think Tanks Admit U.S. Empire Is Collapsing – Their Solution Is More War And Tyranny
Daniel Lang
July 20th, 2017

The average person doesn’t realize how close the American empire is to collapsing under its own weight. Hell, the average person’s mind is thoroughly riddled with propaganda and entertainment, that they don’t even realize that their country is an empire.

They think it’s normal to live under an all powerful government that has hundreds of military bases all over the world, and is constantly at war.

But there’s no doubt that this state of affairs cannot continue. In fact, even the high ranking officials in our government know that their empire is on the ropes, and challenged on all fronts by nations that are no longer willing to bow down to Washington.

Recently the US Army War College published a report titled, At Our Own Peril: DoD Risk Assessment in a Post-Primacy World. The report, which was written by high level officials from the Pentagon and multiple think tanks, essentially spells out where the American empire is going. In fact, it tacitly admits that the US government is indeed an empire.

The order and its constituent parts, first emerged from the World War II, were transformed to a unipolar system with the collapse of the Soviet Union, and have by-and-large been dominated by the United States and its major Western and Asian allies since. Status quo forces collectively are comfortable with their dominant role in dictating the terms of international security outcome and resist the emergence of rival centers of power and authority.

The report goes on to admit what almost everyone in the alternative media has been saying for over a decade. This empire is rapidly crumbling. But this report goes a step further, by suggesting that the nation state model of governance is falling apart across the board, and not just in America.

In brief, the sta­tus quo that was hatched and nurtured by U.S. strategists after World War II and has for decades been the principal ‘beat’ for DoD is not merely fraying but may, in fact, be collapsing…

…All states and traditional political authority structures are under increasing pressure from endogenous and exogenous forces… The fracturing of the post-Cold War global system is accompanied by the in­ternal fraying in the political, social, and economic fabric of practically all states.

In short, our government knows that its empire is crumbling. It’s collapsing internally, and externally there are a growing number of nations and non-state actors (insurgencies and terrorists) who are challenging America’s global hegemony. However, their solution to this problem is pretty much what you’d expect from an empire. Rather than recognizing the problem, and suggesting that America steers toward a more sustainable course, they’re suggesting more of the same.

Nevertheless, the report involved consultation with key agencies across the DoD and the Armed Forces and encouraged the U.S. government to invest more heavily in surveillance, better propaganda through “strategic manipulation” of public opinion, and a “wider and more flexible” U.S. military. The report states:

“While as a rule, U.S. leaders of both political parties have consistently committed to the maintenance of U.S. military superiority over all potential state rivals, the post-primacy reality demands a wider and more flexible military force that can generate ad­vantage and options across the broadest possible range of military demands. To U.S. political leadership, maintenance of military advantage preserves maximum freedom of action…

Finally, it allows U.S. decision-makers the opportunity to dictate or hold significant sway over outcomes in international disputes in the shadow of significant U.S. military capability and the implied promise of unac­ceptable consequences in the event that capability is unleashed.”

So in other words, we can expect more military adventurism, more propaganda, and more loss of privacy. If this report truly represents the typical opinion of the people who run our government, then we can expect things to get a lot worse before they get better. Our empire, like virtually all empires in the past, is not going to be reformed. It’s going to keep making the same mistakes over and over, until it crashes and burns.

Government Think Tanks Admit U.S. Empire Is Collapsing – Their Solution Is More War And Tyranny



California Coast (above) / July 22, 2017   

off the California coast (above) / July 22, 2017

Guadalupe Island off Baja CA (above) / July 22, 2017

“Coils” and more off Baja CA (above) / July 22, 2017

Sepia enhanced detail “coils” off Baja CA (above) / July 22, 2017



Sea level rise is accelerating as Greenland ice melt increases
By Andrew Freedman / Jun 26, 2017

Global sea level rise is accelerating as the Greenland Ice Sheet sheds more of its ice, scientists have found. Given this quickening pace, it’s possible that by the end of this century, sea level rise could threaten coastal communities around the world, from Miami to Mumbai.

A new study, published Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change, is one of a few recent  works to confirm an acceleration in sea level rise during the past few decades. There had been greater uncertainty about this before, with climate deniers latching onto that and arguing that such an acceleration has not, in fact, been occurring.

The significance of the new study is that it resolves lingering uncertainties about mismatches between what scientists know about contributors to sea level rise, and measured rates from satellites. This study, along with other recent work, shows the two match up closely, and it nails down the sea level rise acceleration.

Also, the new research shows that coastal communities that are already struggling with increased flooding on an annual basis, such as Miami Beach, will have to cope with a rapidly worsening situation in coming decades.

For every millimeter that the local sea level rises, the easier it becomes for the ocean to hit previously unheard of flood levels. Storm surges ride on top of background sea levels, and like a basketball player playing on a court with a steadily rising floor, even weaker storms are becoming more likely to score a slam dunk.

Greenland (above) / July 22, 2017

Greenland (above) / July 22, 2017  [chemical ice nucleated water]

Greenland (above) / July 22, 2017  [chemical ice nucleated water]  

Greenland (above) / July 22, 2017

Greenland (above) / July 22, 2017

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Geoengineering Condemned By Canadian Government Official / NASA Worldview: Greenland, Newfoundland, Labrador Sea

Greenland (above) / July 19, 2017


Geoengineering Condemned By Canadian Government Official: Bill Vander Zalm, the former Canadian Premier for British Columbia

Dane Wigington /

Though the halls of governments are filled with elected officials who have long since sold their honor, there are outstanding exceptions. Bill Vander Zalm, the former Canadian Premier for British Columbia, is one such exception. Vander Zalm recently visited Redding, California, where we met and discussed the subject of global climate intervention programs. In the interview below the former Canadian Premier speaks candidly about global climate engineering and his efforts to uncover information from the Canadian government about it.

Our once thriving biosphere is imploding, converging catastrophes are closing in from every direction, and even now the majority of the masses are completely unaware. Does this fact mean the efforts to sound the alarm are futile? Absolutely not. Denial of reality will not be an option for much longer, and in the meantime, it is essential for us all to do everything in our power to pass on critical and verifiable information.



Greenland (above) / July 19, 2017

Greenland (above) / July 19, 2017        

Greenland west coast (above) / July 19, 2017

Geoengineering The Polar Regions: The Chemical Ice Nucleation Factor

Dane Wigington

Greenland (above) / July 18, 2017

Greenland east coast / Labrador Sea / July 18, 2017

Greenland east coast / Labrador Sea / July 18, 2017

Greenland east coast / Labrador Sea / July 18, 2017

Unidentified Island / July 18, 2017                     

Greenland (above) / July 17, 2017                     

Greenland (above) sepia enhanced / July 17, 2017

Greenland (above)  / July 17, 2017  

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Geoengineering: Toxic Skies on the Olympic Peninsula July 19, 2017 / Nanoparticles in the Atmosphere / Method for producing metallic nanoparticles / Aerodynamic nozzle for aerosol particle beam formation / On the formation and growth of Atmospheric Nanoparticles

VSF: Photographs taken by me from my home on the Olympic Peninsula, July 19, 2017 showing the aerosol spraying and dispersion of ‘alleged’ toxic nanoparticles: aluminum, lithium, strontium, barium, etc. said to be based in fungi. The ribbed-ripples are the result of the transmitters belonging to the US Navy that are filling the air with radio-frequencies and microwaves. All of the above are said to damage the immune system, contribute to dementia, respiratory illnesses, chronic digestive issues, and more. Some of the photos are enhanced to reveal the structural components of the totally unnatural sprayed cloud formations with the small versions of HAARP-like r/f transmitters.

The above photo is enhanced by me…

This is how it started…


Restricted access
Nanoparticles in the Atmosphere
Peter R. Buseck, Kouji Adachi
DOI: 10.2113/gselements.4.6.389 Published on December 2008, First Published on January 22, 2009  • © 2008 by the Mineralogical Society of America
The most continuous and intimate contact the average person has with nanoparticles is almost surely through the air, which is replete with them. Nanoparticles are being generated continuously and in large numbers by vehicles and industries in urban areas and by vegetation and sea spray in rural areas. Volcanoes are sporadic sources of huge numbers. Nanoparticles have large surface area to volume ratios and react rapidly in the atmosphere, commonly growing into particles large enough to interact with radiation and to have serious consequences for visibility and local, regional, and global climate. They also have potentially significant health effects.


VSF: I sincerely wish that I did not have to post these images. However, I have this ‘perfect’ view of what the US Navy is doing to the Olympic Peninsula and the people who live here, most of them who are not aware that they are being slowly poisoned with toxic nanoparticles of metals that have been proven to attack the immune system.

VSF: I am neither trained as a scientist, nor an engineer of any kind. However for most of my life I have been a landscape painter, as artist who was trained to “look” at light and form. I attended Parsons School of Design in New York City. I have studied and know a great deal about art history, and have been in most of the major museums, even in Europe. I have NEVER seen any clouds in any of the important landscape paintings that resemble these new and very bizarre shapes that I am finding not only on NASA Worldview, but also in the sky above me and my home.

We are helpless as our own governments apparently have decided that their scientific experiments and secret operations, which involve plasma physics, damaging radiation, and heterodyne interferometry, are more important than the lives of American citizens. This essentially is warfare on your own people, the people the military is paid to protect with taxpayer dollars.

Method for producing metallic nanoparticles
US PATENT 6689192 B1
Method for producing metallic nanoparticles. The method includes generating an aerosol of solid metallic microparticles, generating non-oxidizing plasma with a plasma hot zone at a temperature sufficiently high to vaporize the microparticles into metal vapor, and directing the aerosol into the hot zone of the plasma. The microparticles vaporize in the hot zone to metal vapor. The metal vapor is directed away from the hot zone and to the plasma afterglow where it cools and condenses to form solid metallic nanoparticles.

This invention was made with government support under Contract No. W-5 7405-ENG-36 awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy. The government has certain rights in the invention.

The present invention relates generally to metallic nanoparticles and, more particularly, to a plasma-based method of producing uniform, spherical, metallic nanoparticles.

Metallic nanoparticles, and in particular uniform, spherical, metallic nanoparticles having a diameter of about 1-100 nanometers (nm) (see, for example, C. G. Grandqvist and R. A. Buhrman in “Ultrafine Metal Particles”, J. Appl. Phys. Vol. 47, no. 5, pp. 2200-2219, 1976) are important materials for applications that include semiconductor technology, magnetic storage, electronics fabrication, and catalysis.

Metallic nanoparticles have been produced by gas evaporation (see K. Kimoto et al. in J. Appl. Phys. Vol. 2, p. 702, 1963; and W. Gong et al., J. Appl. Phys., vol. 69, no. 8, pp. 5119-5121); by evaporation in a flowing gas stream (see S. Iwama et al., Nanostructured Materials, vol 1, pp 113-118, 1992; and S. Panda et al., Nanostructured Materials, vol. 5, nos. 7/8, pp. 755-767, 1995); by mechanical attrition (see H. J. Fecht et al., Nanostructured Materials, vol. 1, pp. 125-130, 1992); by sputtering (see V. Haas et al., Nanostructured Materials, vol. 1, pp. 491-504, 1002); by electron beam 25 evaporation (see J. A. Eastman et al., Nanostructured Materials, vol. 2, pp. 377-382, 1993); by electron beam induced atomization of binary metal azides (see P. J. Herley et al., Nanostructured Materials, vol. 2, pp. 553-562, 1993); by expansion of metal vapor in a supersonic free jet (see K. Recknagle et al., Nanostructured Materials, vol. 4, pp. 103-111, 1994); by inverse micelle techniques (see J. P. Chen et al., Physical Review B, vol. 51, no. 17, pp. 527-532); by laser ablation (see T. Yamamoto et al., Nanostructured Materials, vol. 7, no. 3, pp. 305-312, 1996); by laser-induced breakdown of organometallic compounds (see T. Majima et al., Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., vol. 33, pp. 4759-4763, 1994); by pyrolysis of organometallic compounds (see Y. Sawada et al., Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., vol 31, pp. 3858, 1992); by microwave plasma decomposition of. organometallic compounds (see C. Chou et. al, J. Mat. Res., vol. 7, no. 8, pp. 2107-2113, 1992; and J. R. Brenner et al., Nanostructured Materials, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 1-17, 1997, and by other methods.
Preferred methods provide a pure metallic nanoparticle product, and are to continuous, i.e. production is not halted to replenish the supply of reactants after depletion.

Note the wispy threads dropping down from the main ‘trail’. The image (below) is enhanced to show the structural properties and the dispersion of materials.

VSF: Although not trained as an engineer or scientist, as an artist I have noticed that over the last two years the sprays have become more fine, wispy, and appear to disperse more quickly. I can only assume that this increase in dispersion rates is directly related to the fact that they are said to be using nano-sized particles. Based on the “white dust” that I find all over my house, which I am of course breathing in, I have concluded that they are continuously reducing the size of these nanoparticulants, the metalized plasma, and that this contributes to greater efficiency in terms of dispersion rates, also the amount of air-time they can get out of the aerosols floating, hanging, remaining up in the atmosphere, where they can utilize natural wind currents, or direct them as they choose using their radio-frequency and microwave transmitters.

Aerodynamic nozzle for aerosol particle beam formation into a vacuum
US PATENT 5565677 A
An aerodynamic nozzle for aerosol particle beam formation into a vacuum comprises a tubular column having a first stage section with a plurality of spaced aerodynamic lenses therein so that an aerosol entering the inlet end of the first stage section is formed into a beam of generally aligned particles. The beam exits the first stage section through an outlet orifice into a second stage section also having a plurality of spaced aerodynamic lenses to maintain the aerosol in its beam form. The beam then exists through a nozzle to an orifice at the discharge end of the second stage section into an evacuated region. The pressure decreases from the first stage (which is preferably at atmospheric pressure) to the second stage to the evacuated region.

The U.S. Government has a paid-up license in this invention and the right in limited circumstances to require the patent owner to license others on reasonable terms as provided for by the terms of ATM-9122291 awarded by NSF.
There is an interest in detecting and analyzing aerosol particles. For example, evidence indicates that there is a correlation between acid aerosol inhalation and lung impairment. A number of instruments have recently been developed in the United States and other countries attempting to detect and analyze the aerosol particles. These applications span conductor processing to air pollution research. There are, however, currently no available methods for taking a particle–gas mixture (an aerosol), forming a particle beam where all the particles are aligned, and then introducing the beam into a vacuum. The introduction into a vacuum is desired because a vacuum is convenient for counting the particles or assessing their chemical composition.
An object of this invention is to provide a nozzle which accomplishes the above needs.
A further object of this invention is to provide such a nozzle which performs its task with 100% transmission efficiency wherein essentially all of the particles that enter the nozzle exit into the vacuum in a particle beam.
In accordance with this invention, an aerodynamic nozzle is provided for aerosol particle beam formation into a vacuum. The nozzle comprises a tubular column having a first stage section with an aerosol inlet end and an orifice at its outlet end. A plurality of spaced aerodynamic lenses is provided in the first stage section to cause the flow of aerosol to form a beam of generally aligned particles. The outlet orifice of the first stage section is in flow communication with a second stage section also having a plurality of spaced aerodynamic lenses to maintain the aerosol in its beam form so that the aerosol exits through the orifice of the second stage section in beam form into an evacuated region. Preferably the first stage section is under atmospheric pressure, while the second stage section is under a lower pressure greater than the pressure in the evacuated region.


On the formation and growth of Atmospheric Nanoparticles
Department of Physical Sciences, Division of Atmospheric Sciences, P.O. Box 64, FI-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland
Finnish Meteorological Institute, Research and Development, Erik Palmenin aukio 1, P.O. Box 503, FI-00101, Helsinki, Finland
In this paper we summarize recent experimental, theoretical and observational results on the formation and growth of atmospheric nanoparticles. During the last years significant progress has occurred to explain atmospheric nucleation and initial steps of the growth. Due to climatic and health effects of fine and ultrafine particles the formation and growth of new aerosol particles is of growing interest.

The question “How and under which conditions does the formation of new atmospheric aerosol particles take place?” has exercised the minds of scientists since the time of John Aitken, who in the late 1880s built the first apparatus to measure the number of dust and fog particles. However, only during the last 15–20 years has the measurement technology developed to such a level that size distributions of nanometer-size particles and concentrations of gases participating in particle formation can be measured in the atmosphere. Also from a theoretical point of view atmospheric nucleation mechanisms have not been resolved: several mechanisms such as ion-induced (or ion mediated) nucleation, ternary and kinetic (barrier-less) nucleation have been suggested. In the most recent theory, the activation of existing neutral and/or ion clusters has been suggested.


Heterodyne Interferometry creating ‘rippled’ lines / EOSDIS Worldview
Posted on August 24, 2016 by Susan Ferguson


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PART I: Photos of the Radiation produced by the US Navy, July 17, 2017 on the Olympic Peninsula / War Games Planned for East Coast and Local Waters / Paul Craig Roberts / Charles Hugh Smith: How would extraterrestrial anthropologists characterize Earth’s dominant socio-economic system? 

This is how the Navy began to cover our skies today….perhaps delivered by a railgun?

Phase two… CHEM-BLOBS…?

Phase three… dispersing chem-blobs…


War Games Planned for East Coast and Local Waters
July 05, 2017
By TIM FAULKNER/ecoRI News staff

The Navy intends to fire missiles, rockets, lasers, grenades and torpedoes, detonate mines and explosive buoys, and use all types of sonar in a series of live war exercises in inland and offshore waters along the East Coast.

In New England, the areas where the weapons and sonar may be deployed encompass the entire coastline, as well as Navy pier-side locations, port transit channels, civilian ports, bays, harbors, airports and inland waterways.

“The Navy must train the way we fight,” according to a promotional video for what is called “Atlantic Fleet Training and Testing Phase III.”

An environmental impact study of the war games was released June 30. Public comment is open until Aug. 29. A public hearing is scheduled for July 19 from 4-8 p.m. at Hotel Providence. Comments can be submitted online and in writing, or through a voice recorder at the hearing.

The dates and exact locations of the live weapon and sonar exercises haven’t yet been released. In all, 2.6 million square miles of land and sea along the Atlantic Coast and Gulf of Mexico will be part of the aerial and underwater weapons firing.

The Navy describes the weapons exercise as a “major action.” The live ammunition training includes the use of long-range gunnery, mine training, air warfare, amphibious warfare, and anti-submarine warfare. The Navy says weapons use near civilian locations is consistent with training that has been done for decades.

The Navy, in conjunction with the National Marine Fisheries Service, will announce one of three options for the battle exercises by fall 2018. One of the options is a “no-action alternative.”

The Office of the Secretary of the Navy has full authority to approve or deny the live war games. President Trump, however, has had difficulties finding a new Navy secretary. Venture capitalist Richard V. Spencer is expected to face a Senate confirmation hearing this month. Previous nominee Philip Bilden withdrew from consideration in February over financial disclosure requirements.

The Navy says an environmental review for the excises was conducted between 2009 and 2011. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) also prepared an Environmental Impact Statement/Overseas Environmental Impact Statement to analyze the potential environmental effects associated with the use of active sonar technology and the improved extended echo ranging system during Atlantic Fleet training exercises.

The live war games would deploy passive and active sonar systems. The Navy said it will use mid-frequency active acoustic sonar systems to track mines and torpedoes. Air guns, pile driving, transducers, explosive boxes and towed explosive devises may be used offshore and inland.

Risks to sea life include entanglements, vessel strikes, ingesting of harmful materials, hearing loss, physiological stress, and changes in behavior.

The Navy says it is using acoustic modeling done by NOAA to minimize impacts to marine mammals such as whales and porpoises. NOAA, however, isn’t involved with efforts to mitigate environmental impacts during the war games. Spotters on naval vessels will search for mammals during the exercises. The Navy said it will partner with the scientific community to lessen impacts on birds, whales, turtles, fish and reefs.

While some sea life is expected to be harmed by the explosives and sonar, the Navy says it doesn’t expect to threaten an entire population of a species.


Note the weird unnatural blobs on the horizon…

Progressed ….

Further …


“It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to propagandize and teach the American people to hate, so we will let the Establishment spend any amount of money on arms.”   [John Stockwell, former CIA]

Paul Craig Roberts: June 12, 2016

There is no sign that American leadership in any area is actually capable of thought. …

Neither Wall Street nor corporate boards and CEOs were smart enough to understand that moving jobs offshore also moved US consumer incomes and purchasing power offshore. … the financial and business leadership were too stupid to comprehend that without the incomes from high value-added, high productivity US jobs, the American consumer would not have the discretionary income to continue in his role as the economy’s driver. …

A country whose financial and business leadership is too stupid to understand that a population increasingly employed in part-time minimum wage jobs is not a big spending population, is a country whose leadership has failed. …

… capitalism has reached the point in its descent that it cannot exist without public subsidies for the people dispossessed by capitalism. … cost shifting has now reached the level of inducing Armageddon.

There is an effort to impeach Trump and put the warmonger VP Pence in the presidency. As Trump campaigned on restoring normal relations with Russia, a defeat of the attempt to reduce tensions would reinforce the recent conclusion of the Russian military high command that Washington is planning a first strike nuclear attack on Russia.

This is the risk that the entire world faces due to the dependence of the power and profit of the US military/security complex on war and enemies.
 In other words, there is only one remaining rationale for the existence of the United States of America — the interests of the military/security complex — and these interests require a powerful enemy whether real or orchestrated. …

Globalism, that is, labor arbitrage across national boundaries, and financialization, the diversion of consumers’ incomes into interest and fees to banks, have wrecked the US economy. … The high concentration of income and wealth has negated democracy. The government is only accountable to the rich.

Vladimir Putin: The Most Powerful Person In The World

Close up of dispersion…


More ….


Charles Hugh Smith: Humanity appears to default to magical thinking when faced with untenable situations that demand systemic change.

How would extraterrestrial anthropologists characterize Earth’s dominant socio-economic system? It’s not difficult to imagine their dismaying report:

“Earth’s economy glorifies waste. Its economists rejoice when a product is disposed as waste and replaced with a new product. This waste is perversely labeled ‘growth.’

Aimless wandering that consumes fossil fuels is likewise rejoiced as ‘growth.’

The stripping of the planet’s oceans for a few favored species of edible fish is also considered ‘growth’ as the process of destroying the ocean ecosystem generates sales of the desired seafood.

Even more perversely, the resulting shortages are also causes of rejoicing by the planet’s elites, as their ability to purchase the now-scarce resources boosts their social status and grandiose sense of self-worth.

This glorification of waste is the same dynamic that destroyed the civilization on Zork.

Earth’s economy also glorifies exploitation, as this maximizes profits, which appears to be the planetary equivalent of a secular religion that everyone believes as a Natural Law.

Thus slavery and monopoly are highly valued as the most reliable sources of profits. If ethical concerns limit the actual ownership of humans, Earth’s economy incentivizes feudal arrangements that share characteristics of servitude and bondage. In the current era, the favored mechanisms are over-indebtedness (debt-serfdom) and taxation by the state, which extracts approximately 40% of all labor via threat of imprisonment.

Earth’s elites exhibit a pathological preference for micro-managing the commoners via criminalizing much of everyday life and imposing extremely harsh punishments for any dissent or resistance to elite domination.

This is the same dynamic that doomed planetary civilizations in the Blug system.

Earth’s economy is currently dependent on depleting fossil fuels and borrowing from the future to fund consumption in the present, i.e. debt. Rather than face the reality that this is not sustainable and pursue other arrangements, Earth’s elites have chosen expediency, responding to the inevitable crises caused by depletion and dependence on debt with expedient but ultimately destructive policies that paper over the crises but at the cost of generating greater crises in the next iteration.


The Olympic Peninsula & the Strait of Juan of Fuca

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PART II: 5G Radiation Dangers – 11 Reasons To Be Concerned
 / Photos of the Radiation produced by the US Navy, July 17, 2017 on the Olympic Peninsula.

These photos were taken by me from my home on the Olympic Peninsula, July 17, 2017


VSF: 5G explains the plethora of artificial “trees” popping up in front of local fast-food, etc. And we must consider how these smaller 5G towers can be utilized for crowd control — like the electromagnetic weapons produced by DARPA that, as Craig Hulet has stated, when used as a weapon can “change your thinking, confusion, short term memory loss, feel ill all the time. Disrupt your life, change & alter your behaviors to what the military desires in the Field Manuals. … ‘acoustic denial system’ …it’s a weapon system …FIRE. It can fry the water under your skin until you are screaming in pain.”

5G Radiation Dangers – 11 Reasons To Be Concerned
 / Lloyd Burrell on May 12, 2017

Like it or not we’re rapidly moving into the world of 5G, or 5th generation cellular telecommunications. Because the frequency bandwidths used currently by cell phones and similar technologies are becoming saturated. … According to 5G will support at least 100 billion devices and will be 10 to 100 times faster than current 4G technology.(4G was already about 10 times faster than 3G). … 5G will utilize smaller cell stations (and the technology of beamforming) that’ll scramble/unscramble and redirect packets of data on a no-interference path back to us.

This could mean wireless antennas on every lamp post, utility pole, home and business throughout entire neighborhoods, towns and cities. … the new, smaller 5G cell towers (or bases) will be MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) and carry about a hundred ports.

These towers will probably be about 4 feet tall as opposed to the usual 90 feet towers currently erected around us. …

Thousands of studies link low-level wireless radio frequency radiation exposures to a long list of adverse biological effects, including:

•    DNA single and double strand breaks

•    oxidative damage

•    disruption of cell metabolism

•    increased blood brain barrier permeability

•    melatonin reduction

•    disruption to brain glucose metabolism

•    generation of stress proteins
#5 – Immune System Effects

A 2002 Russian study examined the effects of 42HGz microwave radiation exposure on the blood of healthy mice. It was concluded that “the whole-body exposure of healthy mice to low-intensity EHF EMR has a profound effect on the indices of nonspecific immunity”.

#8 – Effects on Plant Health
One of the features of 5G is that the MMW is particularly susceptible to being absorbed by plants and rain. Humans and animals alike consume plants as a food source. The effects MMW has on plants could leave us with food that’s not safe to consume. Think GMOs on steroids. The water that falls from the sky onto these plants will also be irradiated.

A 2010 study on aspen seedlings showed that the exposure to radiofrequencies led to the leaves showing necrosis symptoms.

5G Radiation Dangers – 11 Reasons To Be Concerned


Most of these photos were not enhanced, a few were to show the structural properties of the effects of the radiation, meaning radio-frequencies and microwave that is being sent by the Navy’s transmitters into our once peace natural skies.

Surely there is no one reading here that would consider these “effects” as natural!

I understand that the Navy is anxious to practice electronic warfare and that the Olympic Peninsula is convenient for them, close to Whidbey Island. However I consider frying the sky with dangerous transmitter produced radiation as criminal.

The Olympic Peninsula is a place of peace, where most of us have come to escape the horrors of Empire. Many are elderly and our immune systems are compromised by these emissions.

After living with this for two years and endeavoring to learn what I could, since the technology is considered secret, I have realized that even if everyone here on the Olympic Peninsula were to drop dead, the US Navy would not stop these operations.

I just happen to have an excellent view of their misdeeds.

Notice the wispy dispersion patterns of aluminum, barium, lithium, and nano-sized particles based in fungi.

Ribbed ripples indicating microwaves / sepia & contrast enhanced

Contrast enhanced

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 / Photos of the Radiation produced by the US Navy, July 17, 2017 on the Olympic Peninsula.

Anomalous weather worldwide, a “scalar potential interferometer” & Tom Bearden / The Sea of Okhotsk on NASA Worldview

The Sea of Okhotsk, Sakhalin & Hokkaido (above) / July 13, 2017  


Anomalous weather worldwide
Tom Bearden / May 26, 1998 

The anomalous weather worldwide is not accidental. In superpotential theory, which was initiated by a paper by E.T. Whittaker in 1904, it is possible to produce EM force fields and force field energy at a distance. Whittaker 1904 showed that all EM fields and waves can be decomposed into two scalar potential functions. It follows that, by assembling two such scalar potential functions in beams, one can produce a “scalar potential interferometer” where the potential beams intersect at a distance. In that interference zone, ordinary transverse EM fields and energy appear.

A scalar potential is also just a harmonic assembly of bidirectional longitudinal EM wavepairs, as shown in a paper by E.T. Whittaker the year before, 1903. So one can produce the necessary longitudinal waves, in arrays, to “assemble” a scalar potential with any desired interior LW composition. Thus by using longitudinal EM waves (LWs), one can produce potentials, fields, and waves to order.

It turns out that a longitudinal EM wave, since it cannot vary transversely a priori, cannot vary its 3-spatial energy density. Instead, it must vary in the time domain. What results is that one has created an oscillation of the curvature of spacetime, when one makes a longitutinal EM wave.

Now one can engineer clusters of ST curvatures, by proper assembly of LWs. This is a very powerful general relativity, because the strong EM force is being used as the agent of ST curvature. This particular EM GR does not appear in the textbooks, but has been utilized by the Russian KGB in clandestine weapon development since the 1950s.

Here’s how the weather engineering is usually accomplished: First, take two scalar potential beam transmitters, separated on the necessary baseline to form a beam interferometer. Let them interfere at a distance. Now in that distant interference zone (IZ), there is an ambient vacuum potential (spacetime potential, or spacetime stress). If the electrical circuit grounds of the interferometer transmitters are biased ABOVE the ambient potential in the IZ, then scattering EM energy (heating) emerges in the IZ. This is the exothermic mode of operation. If the electrical circuit grounds of the interferometer are biased negatively below the ambient potential in the IZ, then convergent EM energy (cooling) emerges in the IZ. This is the endothermic mode of operation.

So by merely biasing the electrical grounds of a scalar potential interferometer, one can produce heating or cooling in the distant IZ (interference zone).  If one just “radiates,” one produces distant steady heating or steady cooling. If one sharply pulses the interferometer, one produces a distant hot explosion or a distant cold explosion.

One can also, of course, form various forms of energy at a distance, including particularly hemispheric shells of energy and spherical shells of energy. Hundreds of these have been observed worldwide, from testing by the KGB weapons in Russia.

There is one other characteristic that one needs to be aware of. Pure longitudinal EM waves have infinite speed and infinite velocity (see the summary papers by Rodrigues et al. on the Los Alamos National Laboratory website). In practice one makes a pseudo-longitudinal wave, so its energy is finite and its speed is finite, but it may have a velocity v>>c.

A “scalar” potential is not a scalar entity at all. Instead, it’s a bundle of bidirectional longitudinal waves, as shown by Whittaker 1903.

Mass is composed mostly of empty space filled with potentials and fields, with a particle here and there, widely separated.

On its own scale, a “mass” looks more like a giant solar system or the external universe. Mostly space, with fields and potentials.

Well, since fields and potentials are nothing but just LWs anyway (W-1903 and 1904), then the stress potential of space is a superhighway for LWs. What this means is that “pretty good” LWs (i.e., sufficiently clean pseudo longitudinal waves) will pass right through the earth and ocean, with little attenuation and little interaction.

Now we are ready to see into weather engineering. Focus the interference zone (IZ) on the other side of the earth (beam right through the earth and ocean) to a given desired area in the atmosphere. Bias your transmitters positively. You produce atmospheric heating in the air in the IZ, so that the air expands and you have produced a “low” pressure zone.

Now use a second interferometer biased negatively, and place it at a distant IZ desired. In that IZ, you cool the air so that it shrinks and becomes denser, and you have created a “high” pressure area.

Now place several such IZs, with the desired highs and lows, near a jet stream. The jet stream will be deviated toward a low and away from a high. By varying the transmitted energy and the iz location (just move it gradually along), you can entrain and steer the jet streams, and therefore effectively “steer” the resulting weather.

Want to spawn tornadoes? Just make several sharp bends in the jet streams, and also speed them up a bit. The additional angular momentum imparted to the air masses will spawn off littler rotations (tornadoes). By focusing the IZ underneath the ocean, one can heat or cool the water in a selected area, over a period of time. So you can aggravate or ease El Nino, e.g. By proper steering and coordination around the earth, the KGB is able to create a great deal of rain in an area, a drought in an area, storms and tornadoes, a powerful El Nino, etc.

Want to really mess with the troops? Just focus the IZ in a large fault zone — say such as the San Andreas fault in California. Use the exothermic interferometry mode. You deposit energy slowly in that fault zone. The stress increases. Eventually the plate edges shift, and you have an earthquake. If you want a very powerful quake, put the energy in gradually, so that a sort of “overpotential” or “overpressure” builds up, past where the rocks would normally slip. Then when they let go, you’ve got a real nice big one. You can see what might happen if one also toys around with a sleeping volcano.

On July 4, 1976 the KGB began its massive and continuing weather engineering over North America. It continues to this day. As an example, on Nov. 19, 1997 I (Tom Bearden) drove from Huntsville, Alabama to Louisville, Kentucky to give a graduate seminar on Nov. 20. As I left Nashville on the interstate, I spotted a “giant radial cloud” in the sky, to my left. A giant radial is a cloud with long radial fingers (spokes) radiating out from it, perhaps several miles in length.

These are signatures of artificial weather engineering. On Interstate 65, I was averaging about 65 mph. So was the giant radial, and it was traveling along off to the left of I-65. In other words, the distant operators were just using a map with I-65 as a trace guide line, for moving an interferometer array’s IZ. That cloud moved right along with me, at 65 mph, for 111 miles by my odometer. Then it started to fade as the distant operator cut power. At that time, I could see its “twin” off to the right, which had been cut power a little before. This was therefore one of the infamous “twin giant radials” that I photographed so much back in the early 80s. I challenge any scientist to show me a NATURALLY occurring twin giant radial, that motors along astride Interstate 65, at 65 miles per hour, for almost two hours! That’s pushing statistical chance to the point of absurdity. Also, of course, this sort of thing has happened dozens and dozens of times around the country.

So the anomalous weather everyone is worrying about, is going to STAY anomalous. In fact, it’s going to get a bit worse.

There’s a whole war going on out there.

It might surprise you, e.g., that electrodynamics actually has nothing at all to say about the form of its EM entities in space, where there is no mass. Maxwell assumed a material ether, and all his EM entities are mass-containing. The force fields are rigorously defined only in the presence of mass, and only as the INTERACTION of the spacetime disturbance with an intercepting charged mass. So Maxwell’s EM still contains a material ether, even though the Michelson-Morley experiments destroyed a material space medium in the 1880s (after Maxwell was already dead). Not a single Maxwellian equation has been changed!

Rigorously, Maxwellian EM is a set of matter-to-matter transforms. Actually infolded inside its transforms are a missing two: (1) matter-to-spacetime transform, which is really what is invoked when one launches a “signal” from a transmitter; one launches a spacetime curvature oscillation, not a force field oscillation, because no force fields exist in space in the absence of mass (Feynman, Wheeler, Aharonov, Bohm, Lindsay, Margenau, etc.) Then the ST [spacetime] perturbation propagates through space to the waiting receiving antenna. There it interacts with the Drude electrons, producing the well-known transverse EM oscillations. Since the electrons are constrained longitudinally down the wire and are spinning, they act as gyros. So they precess laterally, which is actually what we measure with our instruments — the gyroprecession of the charges. So hidden inside the matter-to-matter EM they erroneously teach us, is an infolded general relativity (a matter-to-spacetime transform, followed by a spacetime-to-matter transform in serial order).

This is the “magical” unified field theory everyone has been seeking. The electrodynamics we teach is a piece of tripe, and the Russians just secretly corrected it back in the early 50s. And then they weaponized the daylights out of it.

Today at least three [ed. Bearden now says 15 nations] other nations besides the KGB rogue group in Russia have scalar potential interferometer weapons. The weather engineering is just one of the EARLY capabilities. The most powerful weapons on earth are not nuclear. They are quantum potential in nature, using a modified Whittaker EM to implement David Bohm’s hidden variable theory of quantum mechanics. Meanwhile, since our own electrical physicists have rather thoroughly failed us, and just keep teaching the horribly flawed old electrodynamics, we will continue to watch as the weather is hostilely engineered, as even earthquakes are engineered from time to time, Anyway, that’s what is really happening to the weather. Understand, not every tornado is artificial! But a lot of them are spawned artificially. And the weather is being “steered,” by steering the jetstreams.

Didn’t know whether such things would even interest you, but thought I’d expose them anyway. Most scientists are very uncomfortable with even the notion that something substantial is wrong with our physics texts. But such is true. Until we do the necessary foundations overhaul, we will continue to teach and use a highly inferior science. And we will continue to see more and more anomalous weather.

Incidentally, the KGB weapon scientists call the infolded LWs (curvatures of ST) inside electrodyamics, the information content of the field. Our guys just think they are referring to spectral analysis. The Russians call the entire science energetics.

You can see the earlier version of the Rodrigues paper in Foundations of Physics, 27(3), 1997, p. 435-508.

Whittaker’s papers are: (1) “On an expression of the Electromagnetic Field Due to Electrons by Means of Two Scalar Potential Functions,” Proc. Lond. Math. Soc., Series 2, Vol. 1, 1904, p. 367-372; (2) “On the Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics,” Math. Ann., Vol. 57, 1903, p. 333-355. A summary of superpotential theory is given by Melba Phillips, “Classical Electrodynamics,” Vol IV of Principles of Electrodynamics and Relativity, Ed. by S. Flugge, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1962, p. 1-108. Other scientists such as Debye, Nisbet, Bromwich, and McCrea contributed to the foundations of superpotential theory.

An excellent and eye-opening paper is Patrick Cornille, “Inhomogeneous Waves and Maxwell’s Equations,” Chap. 4 in Essays on the Formal Aspects of Electromagnetic Theory, World Scientific, Singapore, 1992, p. 6-86. Highly recommended is T.W. Barrett and D.M. Grimes, Eds., Advanced Electromagnetism: Foundations, Theory, & Applications, World Scientific, New Jersey, 1995.

For a test of a superweapon, see Walker et al, “Kaitoku Seamount and the Mystery Cloud of 9 April 1984,” Science, Vol. 227, Feb. 8, 1985, p. 607-6111. See also Daniel L. McKenna and Daniel Walker, “Mystery Cloud: Additional Observations,” Science, Vol. 234, Oct. 24, 1986, p. 412-413.

That incident on April 9, 1984 off the coast of Japan and near the Kuriles, was a huge test of (1) a cold explosion just over the surface of the ocean, which suddenly shrank the air so that surrounding air rushed in, meeting and surging upwards into the sky, entraining lots of water as a mist and dense cloud with it. Then a second test was conducted: a glowing sphere of light appeared in the top of the large mushroom cloud from the cold explosion. Then that spherical globe expanded, until it reached some 380 miles in diameter. The center of the globe at that time was about 200 miles altitude. That is written up in two fine articles in the respected journal Science. This is the scale the KGB has been operating on, with these interferometry weapons. There are hundreds more such incidents or similar. Anyhow, thanks for sending me the updates on the actual weather occurrences. They do help from time to time.

Sakhalin & Hokkaido (above) / July 13, 2017          


Sakhalin & Hokkaido / July 13, 2017 (above)

Ostroy Moneron Island Russia, Rebun and Rishiri Japan

Ostrov Moneron is an island within Sakhalin Oblast and is southeast of Gora Staritsnogo, southwest of Krasnyy and west of Vodolniy. Ostrov Moneron has an elevation of 402 meters.

Rishiri and Rebun are volcanic islands in the Sea of Japan a few miles west of the northwestern coast of Hokkaidō, the northernmost of the four main islands of Japan.The two islands are very scenic and have become popular vacation destinations. Administratively, they are governed as separate districts of Sōya subprefecture, which also includes the Wakkanai area of the mainland of Hokkaidō.
In Japanese, the word for a lighthouse is tōdai or toudai (灯台). The words saki and misaki are for capes and headlands, shima (also spelled sima or jima) is an island, wan is a bay, and kō is a harbor. Lighthouses in Japan are operated and maintained by the Japanese Coast Guard’s Maritime Safety Agency. Rishiri and Rebun lighthouses are the responsibility of the Wakkanai Coast Guard Office.
A note on the Sea of Japan/East Sea controversy: The Directory takes no side in any international dispute; it makes use of the terminology, names, and spellings as they currently exist in each area covered. The sea between Japan and Korea is called the Sea of Japan on the pages for Japan and the East Sea on the pages for Korea.
ARLHS numbers are from the ARLHS World List of Lights. JCG numbers are the Japanese Coast Guard’s light list numbers. Admiralty numbers are from volume M of the Admiralty List of Lights & Fog Signals. U.S. NGA List numbers are from Publication 112.

Sea of Okhotsk / July

Kamchatka Krai Russia / July 12, 2017  (above) 

Kuril Islands, Kamchatka Krai Russia / July 12, 2017  (above)

The Sea of Okhotsk (Russian: Охо́тское мо́ре, tr. Okhotskoye More; IPA: [ɐˈxotskəɪ ˈmorʲɪ]; Japanese: オホーツク海, translit. Ohōtsuku-kai) is a marginal sea of the western Pacific Ocean,[1] lying between the Kamchatka Peninsula on the east, the Kuril Islands on the southeast, the island of Hokkaido to the south, the island of Sakhalin along the west, and a long stretch of eastern Siberian coast (the Shantar Sea) along the west and north. The northeast corner is the Shelikhov Gulf. The sea is named after Okhotsk, the first Russian settlement in the Far East.

Oil and gas exploration
29 zones of possible oil and gas accumulation have been identified on the Sea of Okhotsk shelf, which runs along the coast. Total reserves are estimated at 3.5 billion tons of equivalent fuel, including 1.2 billion tons of oil and 1.5 billion cubic meters of gas.
On 18 December 2011 the Russian oil drilling rig Kolskaya capsized and sank in a storm in the Sea of Okhotsk, some 124 km from Sakhalin Island, where it was being towed from Kamchatka. Reportedly its pumps failed, causing it to take on water and sink. The platform carried 67 people, of which 14 were initially rescued by the icebreaker Magadan and the tugboat Natftogaz-55. The platform was subcontracted to a company working for the Russian energy giant Gazprom.

Sea of Okhotsk & Kuril Islands (above) / July 10, 2017

Sea of Okhotsk & Kuril Islands / July 10, 2017

Sea of Okhotsk & Kuril Islands / July 10, 2017

Sea of Okhotsk & Kuril Islands / July 10, 2017

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The Universe is a Living Consciousness / Rig Veda III.26













VSF: I am continuing to transcribe, interpret and translate the Rig Veda every morning. This process has taken me deeply into the Heart & Mind of the ancient Rishis. I am so grateful for this opportunity, which I feel is a blessing of pure Grace to me in my life now at age 71.  I have understood these verses as multi-layered, as a I like to say, the verses are like spheres containing layers of meaning, one within another like the proverbial skins of the onion.  I feel Book Nine, which is dedicated to SOMA is in fact the Rishis invoking their own Kundalini. I hope to share my work soon.

A wonderful new friend has entered my life with an amazing lifetime of assimilating a profound knowledge of electromagnetics and its subtle mathematics, along with a vast understanding of acoustics, electricity, plasma, and so many other fields. He has become very interested in the Cosmogonic principles found in the Rig Veda and is working with me to reveal even more.

That aside, I find my relationship with the Rig Veda superbly sacred, endlessly nurturing, expanding, and spiritually inspiring. The Rig Veda indeed is a Cosmic Riddle that waits for any who have the desire and patience to approach in humility and awe. May the Rishis find their way into the Hearts of those who can Hear, those who can listen to these ancient timeless voices, the great ones, those Seers, visionaries who remembered our Progenitors that came to Earth and gave us Life.


The Universe is a Living Consciousness
Rig Veda III.26

The Rishis knew that the universe and everything in it is a Living Consciousness. Their sciences accessed the latent energies within the universe and therefore included invoking various modes and aspects of That all-pervading consciousness. Their ‘technologies’ were born in, structured upon, aligned and in harmony with that immutable imperishable God-Consciousness, the One present throughout the universe in All. This interconnection with the Woven Universe is what our current modern civilization no longer understands, and why we are in peril of destroying everything. We are out of harmony with the Cosmic Laws. The Vedic god Agni is the Cosmic Fire, the pervasive principle of Ignition on multiple levels.

Cosmic Rays fly wandering around…
Cosmic rays move close to the speed of light and are influenced by the magnetic field that everywhere exists within interstellar space throughout all galaxies. Being charged particles, they travel freely along the magnetic field; but they can only spiral around it in a direction perpendicular to the field. The sources of that magnetism are therefore variable each having their own direction.  Thus there are all sorts of directions, strengths, and patterns of change within a combined galactic field.

Because of the superbly divine chaos in collective magnetic fields, cosmic ray particles fly wandering in a random manner around and through galaxies, rather than in a straight line. When they collide with interstellar atoms, cosmic rays emit light and create glowing gammas rays. Cosmic rays that penetrate Earth’s magnetic shield have energies in excess of 10,000 million times the energy of the molecules in our atmosphere. They contain the overall chemical mix of the solar system, the local universe around us, which is related to the composition of the human body, and the normal mix of elements out of which stars are made. [paraphrased from K. & I. Schrijver]



Rig Veda III.26.1
The rider of a ship moving quickly through sound like the blade of a plough that cuts into the earth heaping up, collecting a multitude, quantity mass worthy of efforts of transformation to the light. Intensely squeezing twisting through sound a low continuous ringing rattling from the Mind of Agni the Cosmic Fire, the self-known, universal omniscience, the follower of Truth reality.

We invoke Agni, our guardian, the Cosmic Fire, that bright pure arising out of the omnipresent universal, the word, wisdom that permeates the firmament by a wise man the singer, master emitter of sound reaching space, quickly flowing to the listener assistant pupil breathed by the Mother of the cosmic breath.

In every era, age after age, the perspicacious clear seeing inner vision, whose Knowledge is kindled upon birth with calling, crying out to that Universal Godhead, may it hold fast to us, giving treasure in immortal form, that lively vibrant ordered design of pervading velocity, the Cosmic Fire.

May the swift powerful flames of the Cosmic Fire [powers of ignition] move, flying rapidly along with the silent particles of sound, flashing in shining waters [of interstellar space] — together [these two] as the knowledge of harmonized sound, the omniscient vast emission outpouring gathered and separated the silent particles of sound, variegated in diversity, enlivened with changes, the quivering quaking, shivering shaking mountains of plasma clouds inviolable, invincible.

[The Rishis are describing the complexity of particle plasma physics in the heliosphere.]

We move, seeking the Maruts, those silent particles of sound, topped-covered with and dependent upon Agni, the Cosmic Fire; they are brilliant brightness, vehement fearful formidable, cultivating plowing all, the products of Rudra like sons; the Maruts are moving downward showering turbulent cosmic dust, carried born along as if they are powerful roaring, resounding Lions.

[The Maruts are traditionally said to be the ‘storm gods’, the flashing or shining ones, the sons of Rudra they are the children of heaven or of the ocean. They are armed with golden weapons, i.e. lightning, thunderbolts (all nature’s electromagnetic light phenomena). They reside in the north (the North pole?), roar like lions, riding in golden cars drawn by ruddy horses. The Maruts are the gods of the Middle Sphere (where interstellar space interacts with the heliosphere?).]

The Maruts, those silent particles of sound, in multitudes by multitudes, every troop in swarming flocks [are] dissected by the luminous wrath, the bright anger of Agni, the Cosmic Fire that cuts the solar winds of variegated velocities into constant deep, low sound [ELFs], the moving transformation. We ask the assembly of our progenitors, the men of knowledge who command wisdom, for their lasting power, favorable, undiminished and increasing.

I am Agni the Cosmic Fire, the shining glistening quantifier measurer of the firmament, the whole expanse of the heavens and the threefold layers of earth’s magnetosphere; fire rays roar in my immortal imperishable eye, perpetual heat sun-fire forever unobstructed, existing in my mouth. I am the name, the form and mode — the offering.

[The Rishi identifies with the principle of the Cosmic Fire, Agni — and Agni speaks through the Rishi. This is the direct experience of Becoming the metaphysical principles that create the universe. Rituals developed as the mimicking of technological procedures and evolved over the centuries after the progenitors had left planet earth.]

[The Soma-plasma] divided and dissolved by the means of purifying [through] the intelligent wisdom, thinking from the heart-mind [which] comprehended grasped spontaneously, naturally [and] according to the laws [of the universe] thereafter generated the uppermost treasure [the potential magneto-plasma-dynamics in fields of sky plasma, the solar wind, ionosphere, radiation belts, etc.], strengthened, magnified, moving to the brightness, to roaring rays of electromagnetic fire [Agni & the Maruts], the surrounding light of the heaven and earth was made visible, seen beyond.

Streaming hundreds, arising inexhaustibly, rattling, containing silent particles of sound trembling, vibrating, stationed by the two parents [of sound in Soma-plasma, the magnetic connection between] heaven and earth, to be uttered to the progenitor, the thinking collator — to that activated Truth, the real-sound exhilarating.

[Sanskrit word definitions here:]




RIG VEDA SAMHITA: Mandalas 1 – 10, 12 volumes, (Text in Devanagari, Translation and Notes), by R.L. Kashyap; Saksi, Published in collaboration with ASR, Melkote; Sri Aurobindo Kapali Sastry Institute of Vedic Culture, Bangalore, India, 2009.

RIG VEDA Mantra Samhita, Complete text with auxiliaries, [Sanskrit only], Editor R.L. Kashyap; Sri Aurobindo Kapali Sastry Institute of Vedic Culture, Bangalore, 2003.

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Vedic Physics, Scientific Origin of Hinduism, by Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Ph.D., foreword by Professor Subhash Kak; Golden Egg Publishing, Toronto, 1999.

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A Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy, Sanskrit Terms Defined in English, John Grimes; Indica Books, 2009.

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Living With The Stars, How the Human Body is Connected to the Life Cycles of the Earth, the Planets, and the Stars; by Karel Schrijver and Iris Schrijver; Oxford University Press, UK, 2015.


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