One - Beginnings





In the Beginning, there is no beginning,

Only the Solitude - the One.

The One Being, Emptiness, the Void,

Space filled with Ether.


An eternal Hunger resides in the Silence of Space.

Hunger moves, growing, longing to be filled,

Tension becoming agitation, vibration.


Water forms in Ether,

Fire emerges within Water.

All is vibration - pulsation,

Waveforms born from Hunger in the Solitude, the One.


We are the One enjoying the appearance of Separation.





We are beginning the Forgetting. Our perceptions are now altering, falling down in frequency, our bodies becoming less luminous, solidifying into the density that will inevitably be flesh and blood. The Fall is subtle. Some are not even aware of the shift.


We begin to quarrel. We are hungry and for the first time in Time, we must work with Nature’s elements to provide for ourselves and our children. We women now come into our season once each year. The wise ones say that soon we will be tied to the cycles of our Moon, and thus there will be more and more children to love, to feed.


The task of preserving the eternal Knowledge that is Wisdom must not be lost, must continue somehow. Our lives still revolve around the perennial Wisdom - the basis for this universe. All over this planet are the superb domes, translucent and bright, where we gather to Remember. We communicate as before, mind to mind.

We require no writing, only a few encoded supernal symbols that please us.





I am sage and Seer, born in the ancient lineages of the Sacred Warrior - and the war is coming. We all are keenly aware of its presence. We can feel war beginning, impinging on our world. We smell the demons who have come to destroy our race. The Sacred Warriors must all vanish - and yet even knowing our fate, we will fight to win to the last man.


Time eats everything. Time cooks consciousness. Time is irresistible, inevitable, inexorable, ineluctable, overwhelming all.





I am suffocating. I am born, I live and die again and again. Lost in time, tossed about by my own compulsions, I no longer Remember Truth. There is no Love, only need and temporal possession. There is no Love, only wars. Cities and civilizations rise up, and fall again in endless repetition.


Our world is beginning to die. We are trapped in the webs of our self-created Illusions. The fabric of our own dark consciousness has encased us in the sheaths of Forgetting. We know not who and what we are. I am suffocating.




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