Two - Tension





Fire emerged in the watery ethers.

Fire in the water forced pulsation.

Fire pressed out against water, tension forming waves, vibration, pulsation.

The pulsating vibrations became waves.

Waves, waveforms invisible, hyperluminal.

Electric, magnetic, plasma.

Plasma amenable, compliant, impressionable, responsive, yielding, giving.

Yielding to fire, waveforms moving.

Moving outward in all directions, moving upward into sky.

Moving into manifestation, downward into earth.

Waves of energy, waves of Light,

From the Fire in the Waters.

Fire crossing water, water crossing fire,

Moving outward, in spirals, expanding Space.

Pressing downward, creating, compressing, congealing earth.

Waves perpetual from the Fire in the Watery Ethers.


We are Self-Luminous.

We are Self-Effulgent.

We are the One. We Know.





The Dome is our Hope, our refuge from the Forgetting. Its translucence shines out across our lands, and yet we know we are losing our connection to the One. Our memory is elusive now. The memory of Being One is fading in our hearts and minds, and yet we Know, for we have been here so many times before. We Know the Cycles of Time to be eternal, endlessly ending and beginning once more.


The Dome is our refuge from the Veils of Forgetting. We seek the center of the Matrix, the heart of the Womb that propels us into being, into this Illusion of Separation. We seek the Golden Egg of Watery Ethers filled with Fire, the Egg that contains our particular universe - one among millions. We seek refuge in the Womb that endlessly generates these temporal illusory waveforms we interpret as form and name. The temporal illusory waveforms have begun to trap us in webs of beauty and webs of pain - our world, our Life.


Once we all were quite alike, we looked alike, we felt the same, thought the same. But day by day we become different, our appearances altering, shifting, changing into their distinct variations. Variations on a theme, theme and variation, pulsating rhythms coalescing into form and name.


We become dissimilar, contrasting, divergent, particular, distinctive, unequal, changed. Some revel in their uniqueness, it is a grand adventure. While others know it is another symptom of our Fall into Density. Our consciousness becomes disparate, and our perspectives contrast and begin to clash. Our self-luminosity fades, weakens, and we quarrel a little. One is right now, and another wrong.


We are falling gently, imperceptibly into density, moving from our natural state of effulgence, approaching solidity; losing our Light, our luminosity - but not our Hope.





I cannot stop the War from coming. No one can - still I must try. I go from one kingdom to the next in the hope of reconciliation, the hope of pacifying the opposing factions, healing wounded egos. I travel through the skies with the slender vain hope of smoothing erupting revenge, soothing festering anger built through generations. I cling to the the hope of exposing false pride.


Anger is the source of the hatred we have come to cherish. We hold onto our anger as if it is who we are. Indeed we have become our anger, we have become the consciousness of ‘this-is-mine’ and our greed for possessions that pretend to insulate us in temporal power against death. We  have become fearful of death. We have forgotten that we are the All, the One. We feel only the Illusion of Separation now. We are trapped in a multitude of illusory fragments, in self-created concepts of territory and possession.


We have come to prize gold over wisdom. The very gold once produced from the great Cosmic Fire, the gold that symbolizes our now lost luminescence is used as armor to shield and protect us from each other. Gold that once meant Knowledge is now displayed with pride to elevate one over another, to insure superiority and inflict inferiority. This golden substance which once united us in the memory of our Self-Effulgence, now insures our separation in arrogance.


We know what is coming. As ignorance attacks the world and men covet darkness, no one with any wisdom wants to remain here on earth for the coming Cycle of Time. No one wants to remain where the strong will oppress the weak and treat them as slaves. No one wants to live in the time when kings are as thieves, and thieves become kings. I hope to leave for the celestial regions before the Age of Confusion cooks all consciousness. I dare not remain on earth as witness to these things.





The veils of confusion and greed are spreading out over my planet. Toxic winds carry seeds of destruction in ominous chemical clouds. Ignorance engulfs us at every turn.


Nothing now remains untouched by the poisons. The ice in the Arctic, the vanishing fish in the oceans, and even the song birds are inundated with our toxic legacy. Every creature is becoming contaminated. Manmade molecules that mimic estrogen in the body are found in the fat of polar bears and seagulls far north. The birds are dying from bits of plastic rubbish, the garbage we have made. All living creatures are suffocating in our waste, as we are. Our world is dying.


Our once pristine blue-green beautiful world is dying and yet, we remain oblivious. Hypnotized, mesmerized, and narcotized by dancing colors on screens, we remain oblivious, numb, unconscious, dumbed-down. We feel nothing. We move from screen to screen.


The warnings from the courageous few are ignored, rebuked, and ridiculed as  the time of the Dissolution inevitably approaches. Cities continued their cancer-like growth, ever  expanding as concrete devours woodlands and wetlands, as asphalt eats Nature herself. Dark toxic fumes replace sweet air. An acrid stench forms around us where once scents of pine and cedar, flora and fauna, caught soft breezes and floated across our golden fields and crystal streams.


Yet we remain oblivious, caught up in the nets of consumption, snared by the tiger-teeth of greed and emptiness, we are consuming, consuming things, things shiny, things that shine, when once long ago we were the ‘shining ones’, the self-effulgent and self-luminous. So it is said by a few who remember, who share glimpses of other ages in painful nostalgic visions, recollections.


Shinning glitter - that’s what we all crave. The glittering objects that promise to fulfill that sore of increasing emptiness in our hearts, but somehow never does.  These unfulfilled promises keep us moving, moving in cars, in traffic, in planes and trains, for more more more. We are in motion, ever more frantic to fill our growing Hunger, the empty perfidious promises of all that glitters.


Our cars rush us to vast structures filled with innumerable things that glitter and offer us false glamor, as glamor is always false. We have named these structures, these mazes filled with glitter, the Mall - malls of desolation and isolation. Crowded together seeking glitter, we notice the smell.


Our bodies smell strange, unpleasant, acrid, metallic. Our food is effectively laden with chemical preservatives, flavor enhancers, and our bodies smell from these toxins. This malodorous condition reflects our consciousness, the triumph of the darkside, the demonic. The owners of the Malls are well aware of the toxic stench and continually pipe artificial fragrances into the hallways, walkways, and shops so we are not reminded of our condition.


We have come to expect pre-cooked food everywhere. We remain oblivious to the unclean smell of consumption. We do not noticed our deteriorating condition. We remain oblivious. The Kali Yuga has succeeded in cooking our consciousness!


My heart is breaking ... broken.




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